Comments sought on bigger Bosque Farms school marquee


Bosque Farms residents are worried that the new marquee for the elementary school will be too big and too bright for the small rural town.

Los Lunas Schools Board President Maria Marez thought the contract for the sign was being presented at the regular meeting July 20 as a change order, but it was actually being presented for board approval.

"Is it the right fit for the community of Bosque Farms?" asked Marez. "Being a representative of that area and living in the area, I've received a lot of feedback, and I'm already getting some feedback on the style of (the new Bosque Farms school) building being a two-story in a rural, agricultural area."

The electronic digital sign being considered for purchase is 11-feet tall and more than 8-feet wide with 24 inches of LED for video streaming.

"This is a very large marquee. It's larger than the one you see at Los Lunas Middle School," said Vicki Parker director of purchasing. "It's capable of being shut off at night, it's capable of dimming if it's too bright, but we do have residents around that area."

Parker said it's was a beautiful sign.

The marquee could promote the Students of the Year, FFA events, sports, rodeos, dances and other student activities. The larger video stream would be easier to see and is four-color and animated, but the district can purchase a smaller sign if residents prefer, said Parker.

The smaller signs will not have four-color video stream capability where rodeo footage could be played, for example, and the smaller signs only scroll short video streams. None of the marquees have sound.

Superintendent Bernard Saiz said he wanted to be sure it is something the community would be happy with.

"We did have an incident this last year with a smaller one that lights up, at Sundance Elementary," said Saiz.

"I know that I've been told by former Bosque Farms Principal Ron Hendricks this type of sign was selected by the PTO and the teachers, and that's fine with me; I just want to make sure that it's going to be okay with that area," he said.

When Sundance first got a sign, it was preset to turn on as the sun went down. Now, it is turned on and off manually.

Marez asked Parker if she would get a picture of the marquee and its dimensions with other marquee options and sizes to put on the school website ( so the community could get a better visual idea.

"If it comes out that's exactly what they want, I don't have a problem with it. I just want to make sure it's not going to be something that is going to be an eyesore," Marez said.

Saiz said a smaller marquee would be like those at LLLMS, Katherine Gallegos or Sundance Elementary.

He encourages residents to call Central Office with their comments at 865-9636.

The board expressed a unanimous desire for further community input and tabled the purchase.

The new Bosque Farms school isn't expected to be completed until late this year. To have a sign in place when the students move back will require ordering it about 12 weeks in advance, Parker said.

Marez invites the community to visit her booth at the Bosque Farms Fair Aug. 6 through 8 for pictures and comparisons of the marquees as well as to place their vote for the sign of their choice.

In other business, the board:

• Approved the superintendent's goals for school year 2010-11.

• Approved the Los Lunas High School Photovoltaic Solar Systems grant and construction contract with Consolidated Solar Technologies.

• Approved the Internet Safety Policy.

• Approved the Finance Committee recommendations.

• Approved general contracts for school year services.

• Approved finance items received after the Finance Committee meeting.

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