Letters to the editor


Government was made to restore peace
Hard work, honesty, perseverance and faith is what a man lived for and raised his family by.
As time went by, laws protecting these virtues became essential. A lawless land could not prosper, for sin lies dormant inside every man. With this law, a government was established and a new form of peace began.
Trade turned to currency, currency into money, and money into the form of a plastic card. Is living this American dream reachable to all, who but dream? I believe this system created a false sense of reality and financial freedom.
With desperation and laziness, the people turned to the government, which in turn took more power. Did the government learn from the people, or create its own false sense of security?
The people are defined into financial categories. First being the rich, the second being the poor, and those not defined in either one, known as the working class. For each category, living beyond one’s means is existent all the way to those whom seek a “hand.”
In economic times, the poor will still be categorized as such, but still have more than the working class.
The rich will continue to be rich. Those that are now facing evictions from homes they worked hard to obtain, are those from the working class.
What can be done? It sounds simple, but a revival and change is what would be needed to be reconstructed. As a nation, declare the true history, that America was formed by God! The Bible states that one must work to eat and those incapable of helping themselves must be helped as a community through the church. Government was not created for this role.

Thanna Homan
Calvary Christian Academy

The country’s unions didn’t cause this mess
There is something I call the divide and conquer nation abyss (a bottomless gulf or pit for those who labor for wages).
The thing about our nation that is the most worrying is not the economic mess the nation is in, but is the fact that the nation’s people of labor have been intentionally divided into tribalism and, the most troubling of all,  the growing inability of people being able to speak to each in a common, fact restricted language. Facts do and should matter!
Reagan’s 100th birthday was just celebrated, with the growing myth of Reagan’s greatness in full swing. However, what has been almost totally missing is the evidence of the vast harm Reaganism and Reaganomics has brought upon the nation, especially with the division of wealth and power between the working class of Americans and those of great aggregated wealth (aggregating the values of human labor — call them some very wealthy millionaires and billionaires of inheritance).
How should we know? Every factual, statistical chart shows the changes — indicating the greatest shift of wealth and political power from the laboring classes to those who aggregate the value of human labor for their own interests.
Or, let me put it gently, there is only one generator of wealth (per Adam Smith), human labor. Money is only a representation of the value of human labor, and the only source of money is the printing press, which does not do labor, but which can either raise or lower the value of human labor.
Let me repeat: every factual, statistical chart screams the redistribution of the value of human labor from the many to the few.
A recent David Brook’s (conservative opinion writer and pundit) article in the New York Times carried this title, “Make Everyone Hurt.” I immediately sent Brooks an email asking him to define the words “everyone” and “hurt.”
The article dealt primarily with the public workers’ unions in the State of Wisconsin and the national public workers’ unions in general. Let me state this unequivocally — the unionized workers of America, nor those workers not unionized, did not cause the economic mess the nation is suffering.
And although working families are truly suffering across the nation, those who caused the mess are enjoying hundreds of billions worth of increased wealth, bonuses and income benefit packages annually at a growing rate, at the exact time working American’s incomes and living standards are in general decline.
I suppose the reader thinks that the incomes of Congress and top government administrators, and their taxpayer furnished benefits, in fairness, are in equal decline — are you crazy? Perhaps you believe the Koch brothers, who inherited enormous wealth, are now renting cheap apartments or going to food banks to feed their families.
The new governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker (best enforcer a billionaire Godfather can buy), in the recorded phone call when he thought he was in conversation with David Koch (he really thought he was reporting to David Koch), sounded like the enforcer mentioned above, telling him that he “would not back off” until the public unionized workers lost the “freedom” to organize for wages and benefits.
Then, in an interview with Koch Industries Vice President Richard Fink, when asked about the phone conversation, also stated that Koch Industries and the Koch brothers (worth billions), would: “We will not step back at all. We firmly believe that economic freedom has benefited the overwhelming majority of society, including workers, who earn higher wages when you have open and free markets;” but not the freedom to organize against corporate aggregators of the value of human labor.
Tell that to the millions of unemployed American families, many homeless and hungry, who’s standard of living has been destroyed by unregulated, under-regulated, and/or ignored regulations of “open and free markets” in the multinational corporations, banking, mortgage, Wall Street billionaires, etc., and their servants in government, who’s greed caused the economic mess to begin with (not labor, organized or not).
Now add that to the fact that the federal and state governments are in a huge debt crisis, also not caused by labor, but by the failure of Congress (both parties) to collect revenues to match spending (a growing problem from Reaganism and Reaganomics and huge annual deficits, 30 years in the making).
How do we know? The factual, statistical deficits and debt charts tell us so — facts should and do matter. Or, to highlight conservative sponsored illusions — “Reagan proved that deficits (debt) don’t matter” as long as it benefits the right class.
Finally, over the past years of two wars, I do not know of a single worker, unionized or not, whose taxes were not regularly withheld from pay. Yet, while our nation was going into debt and its military sacrificing in war, tens of thousands of wealthy Americans have been hiding their wealth from taxation in foreign banks, such as the recently, massively fined Swiss bank, UBS, etc., and many large corporations moved their headquarters to post office boxes in small island countries, etc.
For what? To avoid paying for the operation of our nation and the military (see the preamble to the Constitution for the “why” of our government’s existence).
Or do you really believe that those who populate the military are not the children of working class Americans, unionized or not? Is that what patriotism now means, the wealthy not paying taxes to support our nation and military?
Oh yeah, the whistle blower who turned in UBS was sentenced to prison, while those who were guilty of fraud and tax evasion never faced a jury or jail term; they merely agreed to pay penalties and taxes for one of those too big to fail, “get out of jail free cards.”
If you do not know by now that David Brook’s “Everyone Must Hurt” is actually limited mostly to the middle and lower class of workers, shame on you.
The divided nation abyss caused by 30 years of illusions and delusions is right in front of us, and too many intentionally divided working class American workers voted for it and still support the abyss.

Terry Mehaffey
Los Lunas