Letters to the editor


Say ‘no’ to plan to privatize Medicare
On the rear window of my truck is a sign that reads “Hands off!! Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid.”
It’s there because I want to warn others about the current attempt by the Republican Party to kill Medicare and Medicaid.
The Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) budget plan will abolish Medicare by turning it into a voucher program. It will end Medicaid by turning it into a block grant program. The expected savings will go to the wealthiest Americans in form of another tax cut.
For those Americans in New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District who voted for Rep. Steve Pearce in 2010, you need to know that he voted to end Medicare as we know it. In fact, all but four House Republicans voted to end Medicare. We will know shortly if all Senate Republicans will vote to end Medicare.
In 2008, we Americans said no to the Republican Party’s plan to privatize Social Security. In 2012, we Americans will again say no to the Republican Party’s plan to privatize Medicare. We understand that privatize means put profit before people.

Marie Foreman

Archbishop Sheehan leading church right
In response to Archbishop Michael Sheehan’s letter that was read at Mass, I am glad the Archbishop wrote this letter.
More Catholics need to know this teaching in order to repent. Some Catholics are quite upset with the Archbishop for just doing his job by leading us in the right direction. He is just teaching what the church teaches and what God teaches. 
In John 4, Jesus told the Samaritan woman to repent for she was living with a man who was not her husband. The Archbishop was not judging anyone; he was just going according to the church teachings. Just because society changes, does not mean God does. 
In regards to the sexual abuse in the church, it is not the church’s fault; people are human and have free will. People need to stop bringing that up just to cover up their own wrongdoing. They just need to face the truth and repent.
God still loves them; all he wants is for all of us to be in heaven with Him. The Archbishop is not meant to have popularity among his flock, but to get us to heaven so we can be with our Heavenly Father in paradise.
Thank you Archbishop Sheehan.

Carolyn Romero

Learn about your community through meetings
On April 13, at 5 p.m., I went to the public comments hearing of the Valencia County Commission. Since the regular commission meetings have been changed to 9:30 a.m., I haven’t been able to attend meetings.
Listening to the community members who came to petition and make comments about issues of concern that will impact their lives 24-7, listening to questions and comments of our county commissioners, and considering the impact of their eventual decisions on the issues at hand, motivates me to finally put pen to paper.
I usually read the letters to the editor in the Valencia County News-Bulletin. These letters have often been critical of elected county and state officials. However, since I have attended all sorts of meetings and legislative sessions, I have my own perceptions of our civil servants and usually it is not the negative tirade I read.
We now have several new county commissioners and the commission meeting time “to do the county’s business” has been changed to 9:30 a.m. When this change was announced, I wondered just whose business is the county’s business?
I thought to myself, well, it is, of course, the business of the residents of Valencia County. And though most other county commissions and boards meet at 6 p.m., more convenient for residents who work or who have “rural chores” to do in the mornings in our still “rural” county, our commissioners decided that only those who have free time in the morning can sit in on the deliberations of “the county’s business.”
So, that excludes me, but then, I was only an occasional meeting attendee. But, what that occasional attendance did for me was: 1. Gave me a sense of county issues and governance. 2. Gave me a sense of the individual commissioners so that as a voter I at least have some idea of who, as a decision maker, I would be voting for. 3. Give me a sense of my community, an embeddedness in the place where I live.
I like living here and I want it to remain a good place to live, or an even better place to live, so, I need to know what’s going on. Changing the time of the commission meetings diminishes that opportunity, probably for many more people than just me.
The other thing that I was reminded of at this hearing was how remarkably capable so many residents of Valencia County are. I’ve attended several incredible public petitions on zoning change issues over the years. The community of San Clemente did an absolutely awesome job defending themselves against a Texas oil giant that wanted to destroy their quality of life.
On a smaller scale, this past public hearing another zoning issue appeal was heard. And once again the residents of the community did a superb, professional job of stating their opposition to the zone variance.
I guess lots of people learn about their community and neighbors in other venues. But at this stage of my life, I enjoy being part of my community through the political process. And in our democracy, we can do that; it is our right to participate.
Of course, like everyone, I want participating to be “convenient.” And when I do attend meetings, I always find them interesting and often challenging. I can’t remember ever coming away from a commission meeting thinking, gosh, this is a no-brainer. More often than not, county business is complicated and decision making difficult.
Residents  need to be fully aware of how pervasive the influence of the commissioners is on our lives. Commissioners hire all county administrators and department heads. They also appoint all commissions and boards that in turn advise them on, for example, zoning or animal ordinance changes.
So, one might guess that “the values” of each commissioner are reflected in their appointees; a “trickle down” influence effect.  Electing a person to the county commission has serious life style consequences for everyone in the county.
So, once the county commission business meeting time is restored to an hour when more people can attend, I recommend to all of you, spend some time listening to our county business. And, stand up and share your concerns.
There is a special time dedicated for each of us to do so. We all have that precious opportunity and right here in America!

Gail Goodman
Los Chavez

Letter writer sees issues pretty clearly
My favorite News-Bulletin section is the opinion page because it’s a view into whatever is “hot ‘n what’s not” in the community.
Also, therein are updates on the continuing views twixt “regulars”; some can recall issues (and how they were presented) long-times forgotten, or maybe should have been.
This is a comment about a refreshing “read” in a mid-week issue recently. A lady wrote about folks paying attention to this country, and from where the direction should be coming. She mentioned f-a-c-t-s (my emphasis) as a kind of support for folks having opinions, and sorting those opinions until truths emerge, and eventually taking only those truths to the polls.
The lady championed study, investigation and (I would offer) to sprinkle those with a little common sense. She “fought hard with her pen” to encourage folks to be decent and civil.
Her letter suggests we tip our hats, open a door and speak a kind word as we pass one another. She wrote to engage us in being fair in our dealings and to be informed when demanding our wants from elected representatives.
Finally, and as important as any point that she made, she used the “C” card: as our future, and the recipients of this country, our children are inheritors of whatever we act upon today. Yes, she ought to write whenever she sees the issues. I think she sees them pretty clearly.

F. Guy Glover
Los Lunas

Fairness Doctrine abused by liberals
My final response to Mr. Mehaffey on the various topics of his last two letters starts and ends with the truth of God — truth against which no one can argue and win.
First, the Fairness Doctrine is anything but fair. It is simply a tool in the liberal’s political arsenal to silence conservative talk radio. Nothing more, nothing less.
It forces a radio station, a private enterprise, entitled to the provisions of the Constitution’s First Amendment clause protecting free speech, to give equal air time to viewpoints with which it does not agree. If you were the station owner, would you consider that fair?
Second, the liberal media’s effect on our culture extends far beyond the farce of the Fairness Doctrine.
The mass media, widely accepted as being bought and paid for by the liberals, including movies, magazines and particularly television, is Satan’s playground. Satan is the father of lies and king of the world.
His sole purpose is to separate us, or keep us from uniting with God. He will “steal, kill, and destroy” to accomplish his purpose.
Witness the accomplishment of Satan’s purpose in this season’s prime time lineup. The main themes underlying the popular prime-time sitcoms are the normalization of fornication, homosexuality and alcohol consumption, all in large measure. These are behaviors stated by God that will separate us from His eternal glory.
Witness the effect. Nationally, same-sex marriages are getting state-level statutory legality. Locally, Valencia County can boast its shame of having the highest percentage of adolescent alcohol consumers in the state. Can the liberal-controlled media take partial credit for that? You bet it can, and Satan laughs as we sit on our couches and buy it all, hook line and sinker.
Third, lawyers, in trial court, give opening and closing statements and ask a lot of questions. Only people who sit on the witness stand and answer those questions are required to take an oath to tell the truth.
On the rare occasion where a lawyer has to take the stand, we are not required to take the oath. Why? Because we took a permanent oath to always be truthful as part of our swearing-in ceremony when we became lawyers.
In addition, Mr. Mehaffey, you try to strengthen your argument, especially in your last paragraph, with a standard literary tool designed to leave a certain lasting impression in the reader’s mind, with the inference that I am a trial liar – oops – lawyer.
For the record, I have never been, am not, and will never be a trial lawyer. Mr. Mehaffey, when you try to sway the readership’s opinion of my integrity, please use truthful inferences.
Finally, as promised, I will leave the readership with the truth of God.
In addition to the attorney’s code of ethics I took a vow to uphold, I also try to live by a higher code, and I encourage others to do the same.  It’s No. 9 of God’s Top Ten: Do Not Give False Testimony.

J. Reid Mowrer
Los Lunas

Thanks for helping keep proms safe
On behalf of the village of Los Lunas/Valencia County DWI Program and Youth Development Inc. Valencia, we would like to thank all the generous sponsors that helped make our local underage drinking prevention pre- and post-prom sober celebrations such huge successes.
With three local high schools to support, our programs wouldn’t be able to provide our teens with such wonderful incentive prizes along with post-prom sober celebrations without support from our community. 
We would like to thank the following sponsors and people for support of time, funding, services and/or donations, which assist in our efforts to prevent underage drinking and support our local teens: Adobe Flowers, Belen city council, Chili’s Bar and Grill, 13th Judicial District Attorney Lemuel Martinez.
Escape Beauty Salon and Spa, Heavenly Nails, La Merced No. 2550 Loyal Order of Moose, LDWI Underage Taskforce, which includes Belen, Bosque Farms, Isleta, Los Lunas police departments, Los Lunas Schools, New Mexico State Police and Valencia County Sheriff’s Office.
Look of Elegance, Los Lunas Consumer Finance, MADD, Mane Event, Nail and Spa, Nail Time,  Romero’s Funeral Home, Storyteller Starlight Cinema, Sunshine Flowers, the village of Los Lunas mayor and village council, Valencia County and Valencia County Commission, Valencia County Deputy Association. 
We would also like to thank Mary Anderson, Pam Davis and Diane Silva (activities directors and events coordinators) for all their hard work and dedication to their students. Thanks again for helping us in our efforts to make prom a safe and memorable event in Valencia County.
If you and/or your program would like to support us in our efforts towards underage drinking prevention and pre- and post- sober prom activities for next year, please feel free to contact the village of Los Lunas/Valencia County DWI Program at 352-7723.

Ginny Adame
DWI Prevention/Enforcement Coordinator
Village of Los Lunas/Valencia County DWI Program

Foster an animal
I got this idea, and I hope it could work if there are older people who have a fenced in yard and are in need of company.
As one knows, there are a lot of animals who need to be adopted sooner or later. Many shelters have a program that offers foster care for animals to people who love animals (the best company one can have), but do not want to commit them selves of adopting.
You can contact the Siberian Husky Rescue of New Mexico at 505-264-2514, or Dogs Deserve Better at 505-974-4733.
Those mentioned above will pay for the vet bills, look after the food bill, etc., if they have the funds available.
Please consider this option. It could make the world of difference to you and the animal you would care for. We need to care for our animals.
Please do it now.
We adopted five huskies, and they make our life so much richer.
Magda Rundles
Los Chavez