Shanti Yoga is good for body, soul


Shanti Yoga is not just for physical fitness, say owners Joell Torres and Jessica Montano, it’s for mental and spiritual fitness as well.


The yoga studio, which opened its doors in Los Lunas in May, is a simple, intimate place that offers an instant sense of serenity to anyone that enters. It is a single room space located at 367 Main St. with smooth, hardwood floors, ample windows to let in the relaxing autumn light and a half wall of mirrors against one of its otherwise sage green walls.

Most of all, it’s a place where individuals can go to take an hour out of their busy lives that is just for themselves. It is a place of renewal, where people at all level of yoga experience can enjoy this ancient practice of aligning body and mind through breath, or “prana.”

The key to yoga is your breath, says Torres.

“Yoga really teaches you ways to calm yourself through breath,” she says. “Without breath there is no life.”

Yoga, she says, allows you to become conscious of your breath, whether for strength, energy or calming, and use it in your everyday life.

The word “yoga” comes from the Sanskrit word “yoke,” meaning to unite, and the ultimate goal is for the person practicing to attain tranquility, spiritual insight or enlightenment.

“You grow with yoga,” says Montano. “It’s bigger than physical by far.”

She said people go to the class for the fitness value and find a deeper connection. She said there are a lot of different options expanded for people who are new and people who have been practicing a long time.

Anyone can practice yoga, regardless of age, gender or body type, and that acceptance, non-judgement and allowing everyone to be in their own place are key components of yoga.

Poses can always be modified to accommodate a person’s unique needs. A common phrase heard during one of Montano’s classes is, “Honor your body.” No body is expected to do every pose perfectly the first time or maybe ever, in fact, both instructors consider themselves perpetual students of yoga and say they are always learning.

“I think its a non-intimidating environment,” says Torres.

There are several different classes students can choose from, including the rock’n hot class in which heaters are used to warm the room to between 92 and 95 degrees, as well as a vinyasa class that focuses more on breath, a hatha class that is slower paced, and a yin class, which is a restorative class that works on holding poses.

After a person’s first class, Torres said students can expect to be a little sore, but might notice more how good they feel afterwards because yoga is actually healing the body.

She said for people with back pain or knee issues, yoga will help strengthen and restore the body, which is how people into their 70s are able to practice. Yoga is also beneficial for many other ailments, from anxiety to insomnia to depression and thyroid problems.

Class prices at Shanti Yoga are among the most affordable in the yoga world. Drop-in classes are $5; a 10-class punch card (with no expiration) is $40; a one-month unlimited class punch card is $60; and a three month unlimited class punch card is $150.

A back-to-school special until the end of September, for returning members, is a one month unlimited class punch card for $40.

If you sign up for your first class, you are eligible for a $30 for 30-days special offer.

Classes are offered seven days a week, mornings and evenings Monday through Thursday, 4:30 p.m. on Friday and mornings Saturday and Sunday.

For information on class schedules and prices, visit Shanti Yoga’s website at


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