Letters to the editor


No one should oppose truth in labeling
Since Robert Sanders is now considering himself to be an expert on Genetically Modified Organisms, let us see how his letter to the editor dated Aug. 14 stands up to research.
Sanders’ letter was in response to Geri Rhodes’ letter advocating the proper labeling of GMOs. My first response is why would anyone be opposed to truth in labeling?
When GMO legislation was being pushed through Congress by Monsanto, Monsanto lobbied hard for no labeling of its product because they knew that consumers do not want frankenfood and such a label would eliminate sales.
Since Monsanto lobbied hard to avoid having to test GMOs for safety, we do not fully know the effects, especially long-term effects of GMO consumption. Monsanto will not allow testing of its GMOs and will not allocate seeds for such a purpose.
No wonder there is little evidence of the ill effects of GMOs in this country. However, Europe is taking a different stand by banning GMOs altogether.
Robert Sanders says he looked for cancer effects of GMOs, yet the evidence is there. Does Mr. Sanders know how to Google cancer and GMOs? Has Mr. Sanders seen the effects they are having on lymphatic cancer or its effects on organs such as kidneys, liver, heart, adrenal glands spleen as well as the haematopoietic system and this from a molecular biologist at the Universty of Caen?
Mr. Sanders claims that GMOs are “our best hope for extending the green revolution,” yet no evidence is provided.
The funniest part is his reference to starving people in Africa. His letter said these people do not care if they eat GMOs or not. Oh vey, starving people will eat anything Mr. Sanders. Besides, starvation has little do with food, GMOs or not.

Eugene Duran

Los Lunas residents deserve better
After many years in a financial survival mode, my wife and I were finally able to retire.
We’ve lived in New Mexico for 34 years and knew we wanted to remain in this state. We love our state.
After looking at all our options, we chose to move to Los Lunas because of its size and location.
We bought a home, went into shock at the cost of property taxes, but assumed the taxes were worth it. Paved streets, trash pick up, street maintenance, etc., which we didn’t have before.
All was well until this year. The village has made no effort to:
1. Keep streets clean (visit Camelot Boulevard);
2. Cut weeds and tend to the street medians, which the village owns (again, see Camelot Boulevard);
3. Most of the median plants are dead or dying from lack of water. Even though the medians appear to have water systems, are they in operation?
I could list more disappointments, but you probably get the idea. (See Camelot Boulevard for falling down privacy fences.)
What a shabby impression this main residential thoroughfare presents.
The village is wanting a “brand” for itself to attract businesses and people. May I suggest the following:
1. “The village that doesn’t care;”
2. “The village that has lot interest;”
3. Or perhaps, “The village that turns a blind eye.”
Surely the residents of this really nice little town deserve better.

Bill Granger
Los Lunas

Republicans are only concerned with beliefs
I totally agree with Ron Salazar. His criticism of Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin was on the money.
What Ron doesn’t address is that factual information isn’t important to these folks. It just gets in the way.
The popularity of the Republican candidate isn’t hurt one iota even when they’re shown to be lying, intentionally or unintentionally. What’s important is, are they against abortion? Do they go to church? Are they tough on crime? And are they against all taxes?
If they know nothing about foreign affairs, that’s OK. Really, if they know nothing, that’s OK.
Republicans aren’t concerned about what you know, but rather, what you believe. Knowledge is for those “elitist” liberals.
They have no qualms about cutting teachers. It’s fine with them that a college education is now out of reach financially for most. They just want the federal government out of their life, unless they experience a disaster of some sort.
And you can’t “discuss” these issues with them because they’re shaking their head no before you can even speak.
Many beliefs spring from our core beliefs. It seems that liberals have a core belief that, “everyone has good in them,” while conservatives have a core belief that “anyone, given the chance, will screw me over.”

Patrick Brown
Los Lunas

N.M. 314 is riddled with police and speed traps
Why do I feel like I’m driving into a trap lately when I’m driving to work using northbound N.M. 314 through the swamp area in Isleta Pueblo?
Almost every afternoon, the police are on both sides harassing the drivers for speeding or driving too slow.
The speed limit changes three times within one mile, going from 55, 44 and 35. One is looking at the odometer more than the road, which is putting us all in harm’s way.
I have a registered vehicle, insurance and a current driver’s license. I am a law abiding citizen, but I feel very intimidated by this area.
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this is also a “double fine zone.” Are they trying to get rich on the poor people?

Lynn Dimas
Los Lunas

Perry’s statement was misused
In response to Ron Salazar’s letter to the editor: Mr. Salazar, you have the right to your opinion, but you don’t have the right to make up your own facts.
Gov. Perry did not make that statement about Texas seceding the way you presented it. I was there at the tea party rally when it was said.
Please check “fact check” before you make any more inaccurate statements about conservatives and Republicans.
Michelle and Sarah are doing exactly what we want them to do. Go after Obama. It is often said here in Texas “you can always tell a Democrat, but you can’t tell them much.”

Delbert A. Gabaldon
Grapevine, Texas