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Journeyman plumber Antonio Jaramillo began his journey toward master plumber status many years ago in the city of Socorro.


Ungelbah Daniel-Davila-News-Bulletin photo: Master Journeyman Plumber Antonio Jaramillo says safety is his first priority at Antonio’s Plumbing, Heating and Cooling.

He was 13 and the youngest of nine children and in the employment of his older brother at Jaramillo’s Plumbing.

“I hated every minute of it,” Jaramillo remembers with a smile. “I’d quit him once a week, and he’d be there the next day, bright and early, banging on the door, ‘get in the truck!’ He was always there for me.”

It was there, with his brother’s Socorro business, that Jaramillo began learning the trade that he would use as a “fall back in case anything went wrong with another job” for much of his life.

Jaramillo, holds at least six different journeyman licenses and four master mechanical licenses, a certification that is ranked above journeyman.

He recalled that while working for his brother, other workers saw that he had a talent for the work and advised him to go get his journeyman license. He told them that he would go when his brother told him he was ready.

A few days later, his brother told him he was ready, and off he went to achieve his first in a long line of journeyman license. He was 23 then, and from there he just kept going until he earned them all.

After earning one license, Jaramillo would be unsatisfied with stopping there and quickly begin working toward the next. Obtaining a journeyman license is no easy feat.

“Some of them are pretty difficult,” Jaramillo said.

A person must get an affidavit from someone who can vouch for the person and then conduct an apprenticeship and pass a test. However, having these types of license under your tool belt is always worth the while since such individuals have a reputation for top-notch work.

The No. 1 aspect of being a journeyman, said Jaramillo, is safety.

“If you go somewhere and see something that is not to code, you are obligated to tell them to shut it down,” he said.

Earlier this year, Jaramillo made the decision to start doing Antonio’s Plumbing, Heating and Cooling full time.

“I would do Antonio’s Plumbing on the side — then,” he said. “When the economy hit rock bottom, the other jobs weren’t able to sustain me.”

He decided if he was going to do something with his licenses, now was the time. His services include all aspects of plumbing, heating and cooling, including heat startup and shutdown, furnace and refrigerated air, and sewer and drains.

Jaramillo understands that there are some people who can’t afford his services and he does what he can to accommodate those people as well, sometimes helping elderly or disadvantaged individuals turn on their heat, check for carbon monoxide, and always making sure they are safe in their homes.

“I try to help the people that are in need of help,” he said. “I know what it’s like. Belen has been good to me.”

He said one thing he sees often on the job is work done by people who might not be professionals that have created unsafe situations. Jaramillo said he was called to a lady’s home to look at her furnace and found that it had been rigged to make it work.

“Ethically, I looked at it and thought I should shut it down,” he said. “But it was getting cold and I just happened to have the safety switches I needed to make it safe.”

So he fixed it for her pro bono, telling her “Merry Christmas.” She was so grateful, promising to pray for him, that her appreciation struck Jaramillo.

“For what she said … it was worth it.”

For information about Antonio’s Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, call Antonio Jaramillo at 804-2586.


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