Third Goddess' healing hands will travel to offer different solutions


Mixing massage with energy work, Third Goddess Therapeutics offers a gentle, subtle solution to tension, pain and more, leaving clients feeling renewed and euphoric.

Using soft, soothing massage techniques and polarity and craniosacral methods, Ellen Santistevan smooths out the body's kinks as though she were uncrumpling a piece of paper, also seeking out and helping to resolve issues clients might not even be aware of.

When a health crisis forced Santistevan to take stock of her life, she decided to lay herself at the hands of a massage therapist — literally. They discovered that the root cause of Santistevan's illness was severe stress. But together, they were able to patch her up and set her on the road to wellness and self discovery.

"Many things began to change because of that (seeing a masseuse)," says Santistevan. "And at a certain point, I recognized how much change was occurring and I wanted to do that, too.

"I wanted to be that helpful person that could enable people to have that same kind of stress reduction and massive amounts of change in their lives if they needed it," she said. "Because it's profound, it goes beyond just the physical and into the mental, emotional and spiritual realms."

Santistevan is currently a licensed massage therapist and graduate of the Crystal Mountain School of Massage in Albuquerque, as well as a certified herbalist and an associate polarity and level two craniosacral practitioner.

Polarity is a practice that focuses on the flow and balance of energy in the body as a foundation for good health.

Craniosacral therapy works with maintaining the craniosacral system, which is comprised of the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord.

"When we touch somebody, there's an exchange of energy," said Santistevan. "… We communicate directly with the brain to promote relaxation, to relieve pain, to find out what's going on in the (craniosacral) system. And you can feel various layers.

"You can go from the skin down to the bone and feel the movement of these various tissues because they're all moving, they're all alive … every tissue responds to touch."

Before embarking on her path as a healer, Santistevan was a scientist, holding a master's degree in geology from New Mexico Tech, which is what brought her to the state from her native New York.

Now, she is the lady with the healing hands at Third Goddess Therapeutics who will bring her business to you, making house calls to individuals that are after a little repair and rejuvenation.

This service is especially helpful to individuals who might be home bound and have difficulty going to a massage therapist. She is also available to go to offices, special events or just about anywhere you can set up a massage table.

There are typically two reasons people get massages, she said, for relaxation or therapeutics, and primarily, she says, clients call on her for therapeutic massage to help relieve pain.

People with injuries from auto accidents, for example, might seek Santistevan's gentle approach to reduce the severity of the injury as well as the pain and recovery time associated with it.

One client, she recalled, came to her with severe neck and shoulder pain and she discovered it was connected to a broken toe from when the woman was 12.

Santistevan says her practice appeals to her scientific mind because you need an advanced understanding of anatomy and physiology to connect issues in the body. She says that people sometimes don't acknowledge the importance of massage as an adjunct to regular medical care.

"You can pay for your health care now, or you can pay for it later," said Santistevan, who believes massage is not just a luxury, but a powerful tool in preventive medicine.

But she says as in any medical practice, the client has to want to change and be better.

"Empowering the client to take charge of their own health and their own body and their own wellness is really important to me … helping them to feel powerful themselves, instead of being the victim," said Santistevan.

"I don't want people to see themselves as a collection of symptoms, I want people to be treated as a whole person and address every aspect of their lives that may be problematic for them."

For information, visit, or call Santistevan to make an appointment at 250-4483.

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