Letters to the editor


It’s time to deregulate the auto industry
The issue of government regulation and taxation has gained media attention in recent political campaign forums.
Both topics speak volumes to a current set of circumstances that highlight corruption, malfeasance, manipulating the masses and the abuse of economic markets and government power by the people and for the people.
The petroleum and fuels industry can afford and paid for the legislation necessary to regulate the domestic and foreign car manufacturers to maintain a steady 25 miles per gallon maximum on any passenger vehicle for at least the past 30 years. To somewhat satisfy this obvious abuse of power, the year 2009 produced some cars with mileage improving into the 30 mpg mark.
Technology that increases mileage has been present a minimum of 45 years. Standardized regulation has forced the domestic and international auto industry to comply with a maximum of 25 mpg for any and all of the car models manufactured.
Other power generating engines and motors are present and ready to be applied to transportation vehicles, yet the auto industry is mandated to stay with the internal combustion gasoline engine. Government regulations mandate employing only old technology that serves petroleum fuel producers.
Popularly known are the profits earned by the petroleum industry. Petroleum exporting nations such as Saudi Arabia receive enormous profits and provide nice financial incentives and tax shelters to lure like-minded oil money earners and investors to keep their money local, such as Saudi Arabia.
A product of this is the 3,000-foot building scheduled to be completed within the next five years. This building would be three times the height of the Empire State Building in New York City.
Land and sea real estate development in the United Arab Emerites grows with leaps and bounds and funded by the oil consumption of the industrialized nations, in particularly, the United States, the world’s largest economy. U.S. consumers are forced to pay regulated prices at the pump and forced to purchase automobiles that burn a regulated amount of petroleum fuel.
Now that deregulation is on the table for discussion and campaign fodder, we, as a nation, have before us the opportunity to request that our legislators deregulate the mpg forced on auto makers and the U.S. citizenry.
To address the tax shelter, i.e. jet fuel deduction, the most wealthiest U.S. citizens qualify for and who have their political hands (lobbyists) voicing and citing Biblical scripture that all citizens “Give to Cesar what is Cesar’s.”
By not doing so, they, the wealthiest, abandon our nation, leaving our roads, cities and citizens in discouraging circumstances. So discouraging that our major exports are the dollar and military service abroad and nothing returned but that “we are free.”
Can the U.S. do better than this meager outcome? The skill and talent is here to do better, yet regulation demands we settle for the least our circumstances offers. It’s time to prove our freedom. Deregulate the auto and transportation industry from the petroleum regulation strangle hold.

Michael Melendez
Los Lunas

Volunteers made a great impact in LL
On behalf of the village of Los Lunas, I would like to thank all those volunteers who showed up to participate in the “Toss No Mas Event,” also known as “Trek for Trash Event,” sponsored by New Mexico Clean & Beautiful program held at village hall on Sept. 24.   
Thanks also go to the following businesses who were so generous in sending in donations of water, soft drinks, gift cards and money:  
Grandin Testing Lab, Inc., Weck’s Restaurant, Bosque Auto Body, Days Inn, Raks Building Supply, Inc., Pepsi Cola Bottling Co., Dion’s Pizza, Walmart, Ortega’s Plumbing & Heating, Inc., Western Skies Inn & Suites, Tai’s Chinese Restaurant, Nail’s Spa, Smith’s Food & Drug Store, Fox Electric, Jer’s Magic Carpets, Coffee Shop Los Lunas and Benny’s II.
There were about 59 people who showed up and 14 workers who assisted in the event for a total of 73. There were also four or five people that showed up, but never signed in; they just joined the rest of the groups at the locations.  
Twenty people from the Church of Latter Day Saints also conducted a pre-trek cleanup on Sept. 15, which totaled 79 for the September Toss No Mas event.
The groups represented were Huning Ranch subdivision, Girls and Boys Scout groups, El Ranchito del los Ninos, San Clemente Confirmation students, Church of Latter Day Saints and Municipal Court Community Service people.
Tickets were given to all participants and prizes were given out as well. T-shirts and small car bags were also handed out.  
Issac Jaramillo (DJ) also provided music at the event. Lunch was provided for the volunteers, but there were other events taking place within the village so many left following the cleanup. It was also the last day of State Fair.  

Marie Marquez
Village of Los Lunas