Experience a healing hand


A Zen-like tranquility emanates from NancyAnn Stealey, a health consultant living in Los Lunas. She is soft spoken, and has a gentle smile.

Stealey is a whole life consultant and educator, who helps her clients find their own personal wellness lifestyle and how to support it.

“With chaos and information overload, it’s easy to feel out of sorts or numbed out,” Stealey said. “Today, the majority of people’s health challenges originate in escalating stress levels and an inability to stay energized and inspired when they are immersed in changes not of their choosing.”

People can easily over use or exhaust their energy reserves, which might compromise their immune system, but Stealey helps people discover their own unique ways to recharge and renew themselves.

When stress isn’t managed, it can become a downward spiral where people start to have multiple symptoms and multiple body complaints, but when the stresses are removed, a lot of times the symptoms disappear, she said.

“Depending on which body system got stressed, and that will be unique to each person’s body constitution, that will determine the type of physical illness or disease that manifests, but it often first starts at this level of stress where the energy gets … pulled away from one system to keep another one going.”

Stealey teaches people basic, simple things they might not know about how their body works, and helps them dissolve the roadblocks that rob them of their energies and sets them up to be susceptible to physical or mental kinds of conditions.

“Everything I do has to do with energy and stress management,” Stealey said. “I want to help people manage their energy as mindfully as they do their money — and invest it well.”

Her work is also complimentary to medical treatments a person’s doctor has prescribed for an illness.

She uses a wellness assessment form clients fill out before the consultation. The questions range from the type of work you do, the hobbies you have, to the desires you have for your life.

The questionnaire helps her connect with where clients are and helps them identify a specific focus on their health and wellness, she said.

She calls her work “Come to Your Senses,” and uses foot reflexology as part of her practice.

She said every organ in the body has a corresponding acupressure point in the foot, and her foot massage works on these points.

She also has two dogs, Precious and Mira, who are currently in training for certification as therapy dogs.

Stealey has been in the medical field for 40 years, working in Africa, Laos and on the Navajo reservation for such diverse organizations as the Peace Corps and the Tom Dooley Foundation.

As part of a medical team providing medical care for Laotian refugees in remote villages in the early 1970s, Stealey began to gain an understanding of a preventive approach to health.

“We were not only providing basic medical services,” Stealey said. “We were also doing health education.

“We realized that most of their health conditions came from repeated lifestyle things they were doing. They were totally unaware of how those things were affecting their health.”

It became natural for Stealy to see how patterns of behavior affect people. In her own field of work, she noticed that as instrumentation increased in the laboratory, her repetitive behaviors were compromising her health. When computers came along, it was further intensified, she said.

“Now I teach people to pace themselves, to be aware of accumulating tension, to include enjoyable activity in their day that relaxes their tension and prevents numbing,” she said.

Doing the things that really move you and spark your passion invigorate your health, she said. It could be scrap-booking, some type of sport, oil painting, teaching young children, tinkering with automotive engines in the garage, jewelry making, dancing, playing an instrument.

But each person has unique gifts and talents that need to be expressed, and more importantly, these activities recharge and renew us, melting away the stresses of life and invigorating our health, she said.

“Calming and relaxing activities, if they are to be retained as part of the lifestyle must be a natural interest — enjoyable,” Stealey said.

They require a small time commitment, but give a large return.   ”Knowing more about the anatomy of wellness helps people to shift away from focusing on pathological causes of disease as a strategy for health, and looking at origins of positive health that optimize and grow a sense of wellbeing and fulfillment,” Stealey said.

“This approach energizes and relaxes and lessens anxiety by giving people tools to understand and decipher messages the body sends when it is de-stressing and balancing in the direction of wellness.”

She says that reclaiming our body’s wisdom allows our personal values to resurface out of the fog of stressed out thinking, which allows defeating patterns to be acknowledged so we can release them.

“I use a unique blend of science and intuition that comes from my 40 years of experience in health care,” Stealey said. ”I personally was forced to change repeatedly as the technology in my work changed.

“I used my natural intuitive abilities to select the best choices to sustain a sense of well being and a fulfilling life, despite the inhuman levels of stress in the working environment.”

For more information, call NancyAnn Stealey at 865-9055 or send an e-mail to nancyann@cometoyoursenses.net.

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