Letters to the editor


Las Maravillas light display was wonderful
We would like to thank Kevin Lederer and his family for the entertaining light display, which was synchronized to the radio station 92.9.
It took a lot of imagination and talent to put on such a wonderful light show. We hope that all those who took time to drive by were entertained as much as we were.
Thank you Kevin Lederer family.

Matt and Sue Carrasco
Louis and Jill Morales

Luminarias are a nice Christmas tradition
Ever since I was kid, it was a big thrill to drive around town and look at the lights on Christmas Eve.
I’ve continued this tradition even as an adult and regardless of where I lived at the time. Now that I’m back in my home state and living in my new adopted home town of Belen, last night was very special.
Thank you to everyone who took the time to put up light displays and luminarias.
Maybe without realizing it, you’re making someone else’s Christmas traditions memorable.

Doug Rietz

‘Trickle down’ isn’t what it used to mean
President Obama on the campaign trail says that “trickle down” doesn’t work.
Whether that is true depends upon your time frame, doesn’t it? For the past 10 or 20 years, the trickle seems to be a drip rather than a deluge, but if your time frame starts with your parents, it’s quite a different story.
My father’s first car was a ’28 Ford Roadster. Its brakes lasted about 15,000 miles; so did the clutch and tires.
It needed a tune up at the same time and an engine overhaul at about 50,000 miles. My current car, a ’99 Buick, does a lot better. So does yours.
My parents had a refrigerator. I put up the sign in the window saying we needed ice twice a week.
Now my refrigerator makes its own ice.
My mother had a washing machine: a scrub board and lye soap which needed someone to apply it, to fill the washer with water and empty it when you were done.
Not necessary with my washing machine today, is it?
We had a dishwasher, too. I was it most of the time. I still am the dishwasher. I load the dishes and soap and hit the start button.
We had a few rugs; now wall-to-wall carpet. I pushed the carpet sweeper; now we have a gadget called a Roomba that requires me to push the start button.
I grew up using the word “electric.”  Now my grandkids use the word “electronics.”
I flew a kite. They can fly airplanes.
Need I go on? Anyone with enough age to have some perspective must laugh at the president’s comment.
Perhaps he was making a joke or simply talking to part of his core constituency: the 20-somethings.

Robert E. Sanders
Rio Communities
Letter write might be too long winded
I see by today’s News-Bulletin that Mr. Mehaffey has taken umbrage at the letter written by Mr. Mowrer.
I tend to side with Mr. Mowrer as I find Mr. Mehaffey’s letters not only boring, but long and pointless.
If anyone listens to Mr. Mehaffey, that person will soon notice that the only voice that Mr. Mehaffey listens to is his own.
I have known Mr. Mehaffey for several years and can attest to the fact that when he asks a question he does not hear the answer. He has the inborn ability to explain any subject in 2,500 words that almost anyone can duplicate in about 25 words.
I understand that the op-ed page is for discourse and opinion, however Mr. Mehaffey rarely if ever expresses his opinion.

James Taylor
Los Lunas

Special Christmas card from a special neighbor
It’s that time of year to send and receive cards that wish you happy holidays and a prosperous new year, many with a note of past year events and maybe a family picture.
These are nice to receive and hear everyone is doing well, but have you ever been so proud of receiving a special card from a special neighbor it about makes you cry and you want to show and share it to everyone?
Well, I did.
It was from our special 4-year-old neighbor girl, Faith, her mom, Alexia, and her dad, Keith, and baby sister-to-be, Grace.
Faith is blind and attends the New Mexico School for the Blind and Visually Impaired Early Childhood Program in Albuquerque.
Our special card was written in regular words and also from Faith in Braille. How wonderful!
Thank you Faith, Alexia, Keith and baby Grace-to-come. And happy holidays to you!

Gerald and Charlene Cole
Los Lunas