Letters to the editor (03/03/12)


We shouldn’t put all our hope in fossil fuel
The Renewable Portfolio Standard, which helps with the diversification of our state’s energy portfolio is very important as we move forward in the state.
Such diversification is a way to care for the future. Just as one does not invest their money in only one type of interest-earning account, we, as a nation, should not put all our hope in fossil fuels.
We know that someday these energy sources will run out, and we want to be prepared with other, especially renewable types of energy.
As a person of faith, and someone who has worked as a naturalist and with children, I view such forward looking policies as responsible and moral and of benefit to people, the earth and a visionary economy.
To diversify your investment portfolio is a wise move. To diversify our energy choices is not only wise, it will save our lives and our island home, planet Earth.
Thank you for caring about this subject to print this letter.

Dennis E. Prichard

Occupy movement sends wrong message
In response to Mr. Kinslman’s letter on Feb. 1, I must say the Occupy movement is a party of interruption and destruction.
If you don’t like what they say, they interrupt and destroy.
You don’t hear the whole story in the news because the mainstream media does not want to show the Occupy movement in a bad way due to the fact it is propped up by the Obama administration and the Democrat Party.
Please don’t associate the Occupy movement with the Tea Party. We don’t occupy parks and leave our trash.
Usually, the taxpayers have to pick up the tab to clean up your mess after you leave. Those “mic checks” that the “Occupiers” are so proud of is nothing but interruption of free speech.
In real time, you should call yourselves the “Envy Party.” You want Obama to take money from somebody else and give to people that don’t want to work for a living.
May I remind you that the 1 percent you hate, pay 40 percent of the nation’s taxes and 50 percent of the nation does not pay any income tax at all.
You are occupying the wrong places and protesting the wrong people. By the way, do you know anybody among your friends that was “tricked” into buying a home by the evil banks, like Obama says?
May God bless us all.

Delbert A. Gabaldon
Grapevine, Texas

School councilors deserve props
Counselors in Valencia County deserve their recognition.
The National School Counseling Week is sponsored by the American School Counselor Association, and is celebrated from Feb. 6-10. This week was to focus public attention on the contributions of school counselors.
Anyone who works in a school realizes how students are different as a result of what school counselors do.
For example, in almost any emergency, the counselor is included during the intervention. National School Counseling Week highlights the tremendous impact school counselors have in helping students achieve school success and plan for a career.
Both Los Lunas and Belen school counselors follow the standards of practice outlined by the American School Counselor Association. ASCA is a world-wide nonprofit organization.
It supports school counselors’ efforts to help students focus on academic, personal, social and career development.
Counselors help students reduce barriers to learning so students not only achieve success in school, but are prepared to lead lives as responsible members of society.
I would like to recognize and thank the counselors not only for going beyond their job descriptions, but for being good, honorable and descent examples to our schools and our community.

Margo Rivera
Bosque Farms

We are still waiting for our hospital
Where have our commissioners been since the hospital contract was killed?
What we have not seen, for more than six months since the unexplained termination of the Valencia Health Commons contract, is any indication that the commission, itself, has done a single thing to repair the damage done by that termination.
If it weren’t for this comical campaign on Belen’s part to force their chosen site upon us, there would be no prospects at all.
What has been missing here the whole time is the total lack of official hospital acts by the commission. There has been no movement to appoint a hospital planning board or a hospital advisory board, no move to develop a county-driven hospital feasibility study, no move to organize a committee to gather providers, no requests for proposals solicitations, no county-site studies, and no county hospital budget investigation.
These are things that would have happened if the commission sincerely intended to give us a hospital.
We know that the Valencia Health Commons was within days of providing us a hospital with no construction cost obligations upon the taxpayers. The three commissioners who voted to kill that effort have put upon themselves and upon the county the responsibility to find the funding.
So far, they have not honored that responsibility. Our trio apparently is leaning solely upon the Ameris/Belen charade to give the false impression that something is being done.
Belen can’t and won’t build us a hospital. All they can do is hope that one will appear on their retention pond land. Even if they present a positive feasibility report to the commission, and even if they work our a joint powers agreement, we are no closer to having a facility than we were six months ago.
The commission needs to come forward now and appoint a board who can actually get things started. Their efforts need to be widely publicized.
When we finally see a county hospital board, it should consist of people who actually have health care expertise, not politicians — especially not Valencia County politicians who would rather take our money than do the right thing the right way.

Clarke Metcalf

Salvation Army thankful for help
The Salvation Army unit at Peralta Memorial United Memorial Church would like to express sincere appreciation to Adam Bruha, manager at the Walgreen’s store located at 2500 Main St. in Los Lunas, and also to Charisse Collins, manager at Walmart in Los Lunas, for their support of the mission work of the Salvation Army.
Mr. Bruha and Ms. Collins allowed Salvation Army to “ring the bell” at their stores during the Christmas season.
And the shoppers in this community were generous in giving their donations to the “red kettles,” which are synonymous with the Salvation Army.
Through this giving, the Salvation Army unit will be able to provide the funds needed to purchase food that is distributed through the Food Pantry at Peralta Memorial UMC.
Thank you to Mr. Bruha, Ms. Collins and all the people who gave from their hearts. Please know that your kindness and generosity will benefit others in the Bosque Farms, Peralta and Los Lunas areas.
God Bless!

Wayne Sharp
Salvation Army coordinator

Commissioner made wrong choice
What part of conflict of interest doesn’t Commissioner Georgia Otero-Kirkham understand?
This question is important as it has always been when it comes to governing the county. At a recent commission meeting, Commissioner Otero-Kirkham did not recuse herself and instead forcefully asserted herself by making a motion to approve a request to build an automotive shop in Tomé.
The problem here is that she was directly involved in the business “deal” alsong with County Planning and Zoning Commissioner Scott Edeal, whom she appointed.
Otero-Kirkham stated that if she was to recuse herself because she know somebody, she would have to recuse herself every time. Well, the problem with that reasoning is that when that elected official is, in any way, related to a sale or appointment of a particular person on the P & Z Commission, that can be influenced by that official’s position makes it different and logic and common sense dictates that the elected official must recuse him or herself. That is clear.
Instead, the three commissioners who don’t even represent the area had the foresight to judge the case  on its merits and denied the request.
So, constituents beware and examine any future political aspirations that Otero-Kirkham may have.

Rita M. Padilla-Gutierrez

Good idea to help kids value money
Got any good ideas? Wanna share them? My friend, Nancy, gave an excellent idea.
She sends her grandchildren $2 bills. It doesn’t break their bank, and since $2 bills are uncommon, the kids get a kick out of it.
So, being one who has always stole — I mean used — other people’s ideas, I did it.
I also told them about their grandfather’s “lucky” $2 bill. In our lean days when only George worked, and I stayed home with five kids under 6, he had a “lucky” $2 bill, which he carefully folded, put in a secret compartment of his wallet and was happy.
It was lucky because as long as he had it, he was never broke.
One time, he ran out of gas and money and had to use it. He begged the attendant to put it way for him. George hurried home, borrowed $2 from a friend and retrieved his “lucky” $2 bill. He couldn’t get it from me. I had the five kids at home and was always broke.
Did I say only George worked?
Hope you will share your good ideas. Please.

Nancy Faust