Letters to the editor (04/04/12)


LL safety director sorry
for offending Belen
I would like to take this opportunity to clarify some information that was reported in last Wednesday’s story regarding the vandalism of the Los Lunas High School football field.
The reporter asked me if I thought the offenders were from a rival school.  I was quoted as saying, “It could have been anyone,” Garcia said. “I wish we could say its kids from Belen, that would be easy. But right now, we don’t have a clue.”
I had no intentions of blaming Belen or any other rival school. My intent was to state that if we knew who it was or where to look it would be easy to solve the crime. I clearly stated to the reporter that we had no information at this time.
I want apologize if I offended anybody from the Belen Schools or the community of Belen. I work very closely with the staff there and we have an outstanding working relationship especially the security staff at Belen Schools.
At no time did I believe Belen or any other rival school was to blame for the incident. The statement that I made was taken out of context. We currently have no leads in this horrible act of vandalism.
The Los Lunas School District is offering a reward for information leading to an arrest of the person(s) responsible for the vandalism and or return of the missing turf.
Please call me at 866-8282 if you have any information.

Desi Garcia
Director of Safety and Security
Los Lunas Schools

Republican Party want
to dictate your lives
Democracy is under attack in this country.
The Republican Party is assaulting the most fundamental right of all Americans: the right to vote.
They are taking advantage of their supremacy in most of the state Legislatures, governorships and U.S.  House of Representatives to launch an offensive aimed at disenfranchising millions of working class, poor, elderly, young and minority voters, by introducing laws that require photo ID, restrict absentee and early voting, voting times, and restrict students from voting, just to name a few of the atrocious measures that have passed or are pending.
All justified by whipping up a phony paranoia over the virtually nonexistant issue of “voter fraud.”
This is not about preventing vote fraud. This is about preventing people (likely Democrats) from voting. The Brennan Center for Justice states that these measures could adversely affect more than 5,000,000 Democratic voters.
I suppose they think they can get away with this simply because they are in power, and if they succeed, then they can exploit their ill-gotten numerical superiority to hold on to power indefinitely.
Add to this the right wing activist Supreme Court decision Citizens United vs. FEC, which allows unlimited corporate and union donations to “superpacs” (corporations traditionally outspend unions about 20 to 1) and has distorted our electoral system beyond all reason, and their 2012 strategy is easy to divine.
That is: Use the law to crush the opposition and spend unlimited money to spread all the lies and innuendo you want through the unaccountable and shadowy superpacs.
And look at their agenda. They haven’t made a single useful or constructive suggestion to bring good jobs and/or good pay back to our country.
All they preach is lower taxes for the rich (the real cause of the huge national debt we now hold) the right to hoard weapons and ammo, the right of religious organizations to dictate our morals, eradication of all social programs and safety nets, destroying worker’s rights and the war on women’s rights, on women’s health and on health care in general.
The Republicans want to control everyone’s life and dictate how you will live yours. If you want this to happen, do nothing.
If you want a chance at real democracy, make sure you are registered and vote.

TD Hollinsworth

United States is No. 27
in health care coverage
I’ve read a number of John Lopez’s letters to the editor over the years, but his Feb. 25, “Pelosi care will have impact on everyone,” while an interesting history of Nancy Pelosi, doesn’t really address today’s health care problems.
So let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of the issue.
The United States spends twice as much per individual on health care as do the other developed nations in the world, which all have universal health care or socialized health care in one form or another.
Since we spend twice as much, we should have the best health care in the world, right? Well, yes and no.
If you’ve got the money to pay for our first class health care, well, maybe yes, but over all we’re down there at No. 27 or so when compared to other countries with their socialized health care.
Whether you’re a conservative or a liberal, spending twice as much for our current privately insured health care system, but rating No. 27, to me sends up a big red flag that our current way of providing health care in the U.S. is not working.
Not only is our private insurance health care system feeding the top 1 percent, it’s the only system that allows you, if you or someone in your family becomes critically sick, to lose your home.
One in four home foreclosures, even though they have health insurance, lost their home because of their inability to pay incurred medical bills.  So while you have taken the responsibility to pay these monthly health care premiums, you can still lose your home.
Overall, half of home foreclosures are due to someone in the family getting sick. In none of the other developed countries, do you have to choose between keeping a loved one alive and having a foreclosure notice placed on your “home sweet home?”  And remember we’re paying twice as much for this private health care “privilege”!
Two months ago, my brother-in-law, who is British, had an unexpected double heart bypass operation in England.  He’s on the mend and they are very pleased with the excellent care that Robin has received.  Their cost, zero.
While we constantly hear about how Americans are living so much longer than 30 or 40 years ago, that’s only true for the top half of U.S. wage earners.
They’re happily living 10 to 15 years longer on average.  However, the bottom 50 percent of American’s life expectancy has been only extended by three short years.
So, yes, our current method of providing health care to U.S. citizens is wonderful, if you’ve got the money and are happy to pay double the cost for it.
The latest issue of The Week magazine had a small article, “Most Massachusetts Residents like “Romney care — the health care law passed in 2006.
According to a WBUR poll,  “62 percent say they’re happy with the overhaul compared with 32 percent who aren’t.”
That’s two to one in favor of reforming our health care currently broken system.
The really unfortunate result of the Affordable Health Care (ObamaCare) Act is because of guys like you, John, we did not have a national discussion of a single payer health care system, which would basically extend Medicare for everyone.
That systemic approach is the basis of all other developed nations’ health care programs, which, by the way Nancy Pelosi supported because it works.  Nope.
Instead we’ve still got a private health care insurance system feeding the CEO’s, the 1 percent.

Ward B. McCartney III

Financial capitalism
is common practice
The term, “the redistribution of wealth,” is most often associated with government taxation and spending.
Yet, in many ways, that form is minor as a part of the whole economy.
For instance, consider the vast increases at the gas pump in the price per gallon of gasoline, etc.
From the most recent figures of refined fuel on hand in this nation, there is not any shortage of fuel stocks. Therefore, the price increases have nothing to do with supply nor do the price increases produce a single gallon more fuel availability (or improve infrastructure).
And regardless of the many reasons for the speculations (fears) suggested by investors that do drive up the price, means coming soon, not just fuel price inflation, but also groceries and other life necessities (history repeated inflation) — the fact remains that since Jan. 1, about 30 billion dollars of working American’s wages has been “redistributed” from the pockets and budgets of the working class to the pockets (estates) of the Wall Street investor class.
Therefore, regardless of any person’s world view, it would help if such views were adjusted to recognize a simple truth, that the forces of financial capitalism not only have the power to redistribute wealth from the many to the few, practically at will, it is also common practice.
Personally, I do not think it will get any better until, hopefully, after considerable more pain and financial crucifixion.
There is not a single, general population stupid-maker greater than the ideological divisions (divergent world views) and dividers intentionally rendering our nation — some will profit though. History says so!
And a horde of non-slave owners will, remarkably, still support and fight/die for slavery — yep, strangely enough, it is related.

Terry Mehaffey
Los Lunas
Judge Pope is a
‘great professor’
I am responding to a news report on Judge Pope and your article.
Action 7 News interviewed someone who had gone before Judge Pope. This person was trashing him and saying “who knows if he was drunk when he heard my case.”
In my opinion, there was bias. All this person knew him from was court and they were just upset because maybe they were convicted of the crime.
They could have picked someone who truly knows what kind of person he is. I am one of his students at UNM-Valencia Campus, and all I can say is great things about him.
I have gotten to know him and he had proven to be a great professor who has a lot of important knowledge, and who has inspired me in many ways.
He is a good man he just has issues he needs to deal with.
I would like to thank the News-Bulletin for posting nothing but good things about Judge Pope. They truly described the man he is. I wish him the best of luck in all his future endeavors.

Carolyn Romero