Letters to the editor (05/19/12)


Conversation nuts, no more wasting time
I want to let the readers take a short trip into a worldview (opinion) of a twisted, out-of-context non-reality — Dana Davis’ letter of April 28, and why I previously stated the wasted conversation was best described as nuts.
So, let us visit the letter and the strange reality of Mr. Davis.
Note the quote wherein Mr. Davis crops a phrase from my previous letter, and how he misuses the quote, versus the original  meanings, repeatedly riding that broomstick further into witchcraft (note the phrase, “…meaning of this statement….”:
‘”In his letter of Feb. 1, he (Mehaffey) made the statement that supporting the United States government was ‘worth every penny.’ I merely pointed out that the meaning of this statement was that it would be acceptable for the United States government, in recognition of its munificence, to confiscate everything.’”
Now, if sanely possible, try to assign that cropped phrase to its original use and meaning: However, I believe the ability to pay taxes for the privilege of living in the United States, a great secular nation with a separation between government and the historical insanity of religious labeling, killings, inquisitions and oppressions, at least for the most part, is worth every penny.
Try once more to follow Mr. Davis’ twisted logic and reasoning, revisiting his previous letter’s statement versus the original: “I hope to use my estate to work towards ending the type of plundering Mr. Mehaffey espouses. And, if we can keep Mr. Mehaffey’s aged, informed (or infirmed) hands out of my pockets once I’m dead….”
Again, if sanely possible, find some intelligent brain path from my words below to Davis’ twisting, ludicrous statement above: I hope Mowrer finds peace, but I also hope he finds someone else to persecute him, and I hope he stops the false quotes/witness and putting his imagination/words into my mouth and brain — it is simply too painful to carry around due my advancing age and, with the associated infirmities and pains already heartily present, I can do without the burden of the paranormal spells associated with Mowrer’s language witchcraft.
Next, Mr. Davis insists: “Mr. Mehaffey chastises me for presuming to “think” and “speak” for him. I did no such thing.”
But in fact, besides the totally out-of-context quotes, he wrote these words: “Well, that is until Mr. Mehaffey gets his way and the government just confiscates everything.”
There is more, but I have never spoke or thought those words — which are purely a creation of Mr. Davis’ witchcraft fantasy.
This could go on for pages, but I have never suggested or said that all successful people are crooks or liars, etc., but referred to the extraordinary number who currently meet that criteria, both individual and corporate (plus individuals in government): another example comes instantly to mind — the investigation (reality) of the possible 42,500 wealthy Americans hiding their wealth (estates) from legal taxation in one Swiss Bank, UBS (the bank finally agreed to release 10 percent of the secret accounts).
I want the readers to remember that UBS is only one foreign bank out of thousands around the world, offering hundreds of thousands of wealthy Americans that same tax avoidance service, hiding countless billions of dollars — for a fee.
Oh, the banks do it for criminal organizations and drug lords as well (money and institutional greed).
Also remember, our government offered these tax criminals amnesty, provided they bring the wealth back to the U.S. and pay taxes and penalties (many takers did so quickly, and none have faced a peer jury or jail time).
Also remember, these same tax avoidance criminals have committed these crimes consistently while our nation goes over the cliff of national debt, and while this nation’s military have been fighting and dying to protect these (I suppose they might call themselves) flag pin wearing, loyal American patriots.
Oh, and while some of the lower ranked military members feed their families from food banks, etc.
As I said, I could go on, but why waste time on conversation best described as nuts.
Yet, one more statement offered about estates.
Any estate that has any wealth accumulation not taxed (tax cheats — any amount) cannot be described as totally honorable, deserved and just — and even those honest estates (and there are some) must consider the words of Warren Buffet, highlighting the fact that Buffet claims he (and others) owes his/their vast wealth and success to the whole reckoning of what this nation, with all its services and protections, have provided, and whose value should be honored through the reclaiming power of the estate tax — returned to nationally recycle the creation of even more general population opportunities (more Warren Buffets, etc.) for success and wealth creation (Adam Smith touched upon the subject).
As I no longer possess what is known as a worldview (opinion based reality), and seek only that that is, in reality — no more time wasting conversations best described as nuts!

Terry Mehaffey
Los Lunas

Legislation will keep elderly, children safe
On behalf of a Child and Elderly Missing Alert Program, I am writing this letter to request support for HR.4305 to fund a Child and Elderly Missing Alert Program, www.achildismissing.com.
This legislation would authorize grants, under the Community Oriented Policing Services Program, to assist federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies in the rapid recovery of missing children, elderly, disabled individuals and human trafficking victims through the use of rapid telephone and cellular alert calls.
The Los Lunas Police Department utilizes such a service through our partnership with A Child Is Missing, a not-for-profit organization that assists law enforcement agencies across the country in the first few hours a child or an elderly adult is reported missing.
Our partnership has proven to be not only a vital life-saving tool, but a necessary and cost effective resource.
HR.4305 would authorize grants to be made so more law enforcement agencies and communities can benefit from a rapid recovery type system.
CEMAP grants would work in concert with the Amber/Silver/Blue Alerts and other existing child and elderly adult safety programs.
Often, significant time can pass between when a child or elderly adult is first reported as missing and when an Amber or Silver Alert can be issued.
CEMAP grants would help fill this gap and provide a valuable service to countless law enforcement agencies across the country. I encourage you to support H.R.4305.
I am asking for your support by calling or writing your U.S. Representatives in Congress:  Steve Pearce, 202-225-2365, Room 2432 RHOB; Martin Heinrich, 202-225-6316 Room 336 CHOB; or Ben Lujan, 202-225-6190, Room 330 CHOB; U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, DC 20515, asking for their support for the Child and Elderly Missing legislation, and keep some of our most vulnerable populations safe.
Any questions about our partnership with CEMAP, a rapid recovery non-profit, please contact me or Sherry Friedlander, founder and executive director of A Child Is Missing, at 954-763-1288 or Chief Roy Melnick at 505-352-7650.

Chief Roy E. Melnick
Los Lunas Police Department

Teachers, staff helped her make it
I would like to thank the Los Lunas Middle School staff and faculty for all the wonderful things they’ve done for me.
I don’t know where to start! I’ve only been there two years and you have already taught me enough for a lifetime. The best place to start is always the beginning, I guess.
Going into middle school, I was scared. Not knowing how to adapt to the changes that had taken over my life. But then I met my first period teacher, Mrs. Padilla.
She had the biggest smile you’ve ever seen. Thankfully I made it through my first day, with that glowing smile still bright as ever in my mind.
I met so many new people. I was starting to realize that middle school wasn’t horrible and I wasn’t going to get trash canned every day.
The other thing I realized was that people were willing to help you. The teachers and staff especially, you were there day in and day out, whether I wanted to see you or not, there were always teachers and staff backing me up.
As I went through the next two years, I felt the same, did the same things every day. But now, looking back on them, I see that I changed.
Through the grueling work ethic I’ve had pounded into my head, the little laughs and private jokes I get to enjoy every day, and even the shining smiles the secretaries greet every student with, you guys have taught me more about myself, life in general, and the way I want to be.
The sad thing is I only have two little words to offer in return, “Thank you.”
Special thanks to: Mrs. Manessa Padilla, Mrs. Brenda Ferris, Mrs. Tracy Silva,  Mr. Vincent Gurule, Mr. Owen Baca, Mrs. Michelle Gammill, Ms. Amy Goodson,     Mrs. Terri Chavez, Mrs. Heather Ridley, Mrs. Rena Sedillo, Mrs. Mariko McWhorter, and of course Mrs. Victoria Baca, Mrs. Monica Arguello and Mr. Lawrence Sosa.
Thanks helping me to grow in my education as well as a person, I couldn’t have asked for any better.

Marcela Chávez,
8th grader, LLMS

Writer missed the point of Occupy
This letter is in response to Mr. Gabaldon’s May 2 letter on his experiences from attending a couple of Occupy meetings in Texas.
I’m glad to hear that Mr. Gabaldon actually went to some Occupy events, and while I’d agree with some of his criticisms of Occupy, he misses the core point that Occupy is making.
Mr. Gabaldon’s view of Occupy’s message is consistent with Fox News viewers who think that Fox News, and in fact most of the mainstream media, has any connection with real journalism.
Mr. Gabaldon might have met some at Occupy with the views he claims, but to extrapolate from those anecdotal positions to claim that they represent the core issues of importance of the Occupy Movement seems to me to be a deliberate mischaracterization.
Mr. Gabaldon, and most if not all corporate media, focuses on the distractions rather than the core message of Occupy. Corporations are afraid that the core message will gain traction with a majority of Americans.
And, contrary to the fictional reports on the mainstream media, Occupy participants are far more diverse than just youth too lazy to take a bath and get a job.
Occupy has all kinds of people, young and old, including veterans from all wars going back to WWII, as well as policemen, retired and wealthy people, and at least one billionaire.
The real question to consider is whether we want a society in which most of the wealth — and nearly all the power — is concentrated in the hands of a few hundred billionaires (the .00001 percent), while the middle class collapses?
Do most Americans want that? Was that the vision of our nation’s founders?
The question is very relevant because that’s where we’re headed under the leadership of both parties.
If he thinks that’s a healthy society (what was Jesus’s consistent message about the rich?), then there is nothing else to talk about.
However, if he does not think that’s healthy, then we can have a dialog about how to reverse the accelerating trend toward that destructive goal. I think that the future of our country rests on reversing that trend.
Think back to the 1950s, when the top tax rate was 91 percent. Were people dying in the streets in abject poverty because the “job creators” were overtaxed?
Of course not, those years witnessed the broadest prosperity in human history, because consumers with money create jobs, not the super-rich who put money in Swiss bank accounts.
Obama inherited the worst economic mess since the Great Depression, thanks to Bush’s disastrous economic policies (the only president to start major wars while cutting taxes), but Obama has not made or even advocated for the necessary corrections he promised during his campaign.
As to his disdain for “liberals,” Mr. Gabaldon fails to realize that all progress with respect to civil rights has been due to progressives (a term more descriptive than liberal).
Fifty years ago, progressives advocated for an end to the Vietnam War, a war started by a Democrat’s lie (with plenty of Republicans on board as well). And Civil Rights, about the same time, was promoted by progressives.
Fifty years ago, we would have been talking about whether mixed-race marriages were contrary to the Bible’s teaching, something that’s (mostly) accepted today, thanks to progressives. A hundred years ago, women’s rights were promoted by progressives.
So I suggest that our progress is due to “destructive liberalism,” or would Mr. Gabaldon like to turn back the clock to the time when lynching blacks was socially acceptable?
I’d love to hear what Jesus would have to say about that.
As to Apple, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates, protesting them individually would be merely addressing trivial symptoms of the real problem.
And I do not oppose people making big profits — as long as it was done fairly and they pay their fair share. Besides, those people and companies, with all their faults (Chinese slave labor, etc.) produce something of value, something people are willing to pay for.
I’d prefer to attack the root problem, which I think most of Occupy would agree, is the wholesale bribery of our Congress, which then passes laws to benefit the 1 percent at the expense of the 99 percent.
This is evident merely by glancing at the historical trend of wealth ownership by various segments of society.
Again, does Mr. Gabaldon really want to live in a society in which 99 percent of Americans are like the impoverished serfs of the Middle Ages?
In fact, most members of the Tea Party would agree that our system of government in Washington does not work. In fact, they would probably agree that the root of the problem is money in politics.
Wouldn’t it make sense for the two groups to come together to address this fundamental problem? But too many of the Tea Party get misled by corporate media putting out a propagandized and fictional account of what Occupy is fundamentally about.
The strategy of the 1 percent is to keep the illusion of conflict going to prevent us (both Occupy and the Tea Party) from unanimously demanding change.
I would invite everybody to go to the www.occupyloslunas.info web page and view the video on the right side. The video is a talk by Lawrence Lessig concerning how money affects everything.
And while Mr. Gabaldon and I both oppose many of Obama policies, I oppose Obama’s policies because most are continuations of Bush’s morally and intellectually bankrupt policies.
I always find it humorous when people say Bush was a great president and they hate Obama, when in fact, it’s often difficult to tell the difference due to the similarity of their corporatist and militaristic policies, as well as their support of Wall Street at the expense of Main Street.
So again, come out and join us on Sunday at River Park in Los Lunas at 10 a.m., Main St. and the Rio Grande on the east side, so we can continue the conversation about the survival of our country.

Paul Kinzelman

Boy Scout garage sale a success
My name is Justin. My Boy Scout troop (Troop 360) recently had our annual garage sale to raise money for our summer camp.
Summer camp is a time for us to learn new skills and earn merit badges.
Merit badges are awards we earn completing certain requirements revolving around one subject; for example, bird study, personal management, and reptiles and amphibians.
I would like to thank all those who supported us and bought from us. The money we earned was a big help.
It is a shame that some people stole some of our more expensive items. That was discouraging. I hope we get an even better turnout next year.

Justin Eldridge
Bosque Farms

Local Boy Scouts assist library
The Belen Public Library would like to thank members of Boy Scout Troop 111 and Boy Scout Troop 105 for their assistance in sorting and packing a gift of more than 3,000 books from Alicia Rosenbaum.
Hal Cox transported the items from Gallup to Belen, where they needed to be sorted and repacked. Many of these books will be added to the library’s collection and others will be sold through the Friends of the Library to help support library programs.
Troop 111 members participating were  Assistant Scoutmaster Michael  DeMmon and Laura DeMmon, Diago DeMmon, Antonio DeMmon, Stash Ankiewicz, Jesse Ankiewicz, Justin Filfred and Pablo King.
Troop 105 members not only helped with sorting and packaging books, but also with the installation of new metal shelving in the library’s main reading room. The shelving was donated to Belen Public Library by the University of New Mexico’s Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center, as they no longer needed it. Thank you Scouts for jobs well done!

Deborah Graham
Belen Library Director