Letters to the editor (05/23/12)


Disrespect is dividing the United States
A recent letter to the editor perpetuated the dividing of our community by calling over half of us “fools” and unintentionally or maybe intentionally embracing the very same ideology the writer attributes to our president.
Her extreme-right fear mongering clichés fell well short of a thoughtful or reasonable presentation of her point of view:  “Our country can’t survive another four years,” “A conspiracy to take away our rights,” “(Obama) bringing America to it’s knees,” “Obama will want what is ours,” “War to destroy America.”
Really? Give me a break!
This drone of Rove, Beck, Limbaugh, and Nugent (seriously?) style fear and hate statements hurled at our president was shameless and offensive.
The “multitude of fools” she wrote of, the millions of Democrats, Independents and Republicans who voted for Mr. Obama, are not her enemies. We are her neighbors.
Left leaning folks love America and want the best for our country and its citizens just as much as she does. My wife and I believe this same passionate commitment is driving President Obama through his successful first term and onto a second.
Sure, America is facing many challenges, but citizens and our elected representatives need to buckle down and work to find the reasonable middle ground for effective solutions for all Americans.
With the Tea Party pushing McConnell and Boehner to obstruct from the far right, McCain’s “America First” vision has degenerated into Republicans first and Democrats never.
Half of the country’s citizens are disrespected by a Republican political agenda focused not on what is best for Americans, but what is the best way to insure a failed Obama presidency.  Now that’s what I call dividing the country.
Right-leaning folks get spoon fed all the negative noise of anti-Obama and anti-Democrat Party rhetoric ad nauseam and what transpires?
Instigation — old, angry, white guys on Medicare (government assistance) parading around in colonial garb holding up signs of our President with a bone through his nose.
Intimidation — angry middle aged yuppies strutting around protests strapped with handguns.
Indoctrination — church leaders overstepping their roles by talking politics (not faith) from the pulpit while encouraging an America divided Sunday after Sunday.
The culmination — 71-year-old ladies like Darla feeling confused, afraid, and out of touch with our country’s changing needs and demographics.
Middle America (80 plus percent of our population) do agree on the basic tenants that will create a strong, safe, and health country including bring back jobs from overseas, energy independence, Wall Street accountability, affordable health care, fair taxation, reining in corporate greed, reaffirming women’s rights, immigration reform, addressing both parties over spending, crushing Al-Qaeda, entitlement reform, rebuilding our infrastructure, abandoning overseas nation building with war, affordable college and taking care of our veterans and seniors.
These are issues that have been in the forefront of President Obama’s policy priorities and can’t be considered radical objectives.
These are fair and reasonable issues that any president of this era would choose to address Republican or Democrat.
It just so happens the guy who is our country’s sworn leader is African-American and from a more recent generation.
Sure, it’s a little different than before, but that doesn’t mean the writer needs to be afraid for our future by reaching back to Rick Santorum’s 1961 Mayberry, N.C.
Fifty years later, our country has matured well past Andy Griffith’s antiquated American mind-set.
Instead of falling back on a hyper-religious stance by “praying for our country,” the writer should simply open her mind to being less judgmental (WWJD), less fearful, and take a healthy risk to consider that President Obama is not  an anti-Christ, Communist, Muslim, Socialist foreigner.
Actually, our president is a moderate Democratic leader who personifies a long cherished history in our country of attempting to create policies that do the most good for the greatest number of our citizens.
Long standing governmental policies such as Social Security and Medicare have been very successful over the years and social supports that no doubt Darla currently relies upon and rightly deserves.
Conservative politicians and pundits profess President Obama is “the most dangerous far left liberal ever in the White House,” but this worn out mantra has no credibility because it is a lie.
In actuality, some of the president’s policies are pretty darn conservative including the troop surge in Afghanistan, extending Bush-era tax cuts, increasing defense spending, increasing illegal immigrant deportations, leaving Guantanamo open, increasing oil drilling and exploration, and stepped up drone attacks.
Not exactly a radical lefty agenda.
President Obama is a dynamic and thoughtful leader of a new generation of Americans.
Today’s reality confirms that the time of Darla’s generation of leaders has come and gone.
The pre-baby boom era politicos like McCain, Gingrich, Grassley, Hatch, Kyl and Nelson have had their chance.
Their good old boys network is quickly becoming irrelevant and will soon be extinct.
Our new generation of leaders like Obama, Cantor, Wasserman-Schultz, Ryan, Whitehouse and Rubio will have to manage our country’s affairs together (the president’s 2008 intention) going forward to insure vast numbers of Americans can pursue the health and happiness we all deserve.
After considering Darla’s quote from an obscure Eastern European newspaper columnist, let me quote Vaclav Havel, the Czech Republic’s first democratically elected president who led his country out of the shadows of communism in the early 1990s.
Havel said “Without free, self-respecting, and autonomous citizens, there can be no free and independent nations.
“Without internal peace, that is, peace among citizens and between the citizens and the state, there can be no guarantee of external peace.”

Brett Beutel
Los Lunas

Prom sober events huge success
On behalf of the village of Los Lunas/Valencia County DWI Program and Youth Development Inc. Valencia, we would like to thank all the generous sponsors that helped make our local underage drinking prevention pre- and post-prom, sober celebrations such huge successes.
With three local high schools to support, our programs wouldn’t be able to provide our teens with such wonderful incentive prizes along with post-prom, sober celebrations without support from our community.
We would like to thank the following sponsors/people for support of time, funding, services, and/or donations which assist in our efforts to prevent underage drinking and support our local teens: Belen City Council, LDWI Underage Taskforce including Belen Police Department, Bosque Farms Police Department, Isleta Tribal Police Department, Los Lunas Police Department, Los Lunas Schools, Los Lunas Police Department Cops for Kids.
Storyteller Starlight Cinema, the village of Los Lunas mayor and city council, and the Valencia County and County Commission.
We would also like to thank Diane Silva, Mary Andersen, and Pam Davis (activities directors/events coordinators) for all their hard work and dedication to their students.
Thanks again for helping us in our efforts to make prom a safe and memorable event in Valencia County.
If you and/or your program would like to support us in our efforts towards underage drinking prevention and pre/post, sober prom activities for next year, please feel free to contact the village of Los Lunas/Valencia County DWI Program at 352-7723.

Ginny Adame
Interim DWI Coordinator
Why U.S. attorney general is silent
New fast lanes with fast-entry cards that allow thousands of vehicles into the United States each day with unknown quantities of high-potency drugs concealed and later distributed/sold to citizens. Commerce?
Thousands of U.S. border patrol agents parked along highways, tracking footprints in the dust, but unable to stop a multi-national distribution network of drug commerce from all parts south of the border.
Prices and drug quantities remain the same, despite a recent (U.S. Customs and Border Patrol) report citing an 80 percent drop in detection and confiscations by border patrol agents (in 2011).
Thousands of Mexican citizens, law enforcement and journalists being killed and/or abducted each day (50,000 estimated over the past five years).
Did you hear about the Mother’s Day March (in Mexico) for Justice — mothers are looking for more than 700 missing persons/relatives that are likely victims of the narcotics trade?
It seems that this U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is busy with other issues, like taking legal actions against local law enforcement (in Arizona and elsewhere), investigating certain states who dare to administrate their local immigration laws, or he’s hard-at-work against current immigration controls in place.
Much too busy to notice the 50,000 plus killed in Mexico — with the assist of “Fast and Furious” and bungled gun-missions?
This attorney general is so diligent at pursuing legal actions against U.S. citizens and individuals who he decides to target (taxing gift table ladies), but fails to pursue the sovereign protection of the U.S. country and people, or even the work of narco-traffickers at large right under his own nose.
Yes, there is a good reason Attorney General Eric Holder won’t talk, or share the facts with Congress — or turn over papers that explain the government’s role in thousands of weapons being turned over to criminal organizations in Mexico.
For Eric Holder, “Fast and Furious,” is slow and silent and he won’t talk — it might be incriminating.

Dawn Newman
Rodeo, N.M.