Letters to the editor (05/26/12)


Companions of Jesus of New Mexico grateful
As members of The Companions of Jesus of New Mexico, we extend our heartfelt gratitude and thanks to the citizens of Valencia County.
On Good Friday, we completed our 13th season of our presentation of “The Death of the Messiah.”
The efforts to produce and present this timeless story would not be possible without the continued support and sponsorship of the many businesses of our county.
The list of unselfish people and companies who deserved recognition is too long to publish, but we thank each of you who are in our 2012 program.
We thank the Valencia County News-Bulletin, who so generously published an article on March 7 announcing our 2012 season, and Belen High School for providing access to their facilities, and to Mr. Steve Boliver and his assistants for their expertise.
Our season began with the sad news of the death of one of our former members, Mrs. Margaret Gallegos, wife of current member, Mr. Robert Gallegos, and ended with the illness of our president, who came down with pneumonia and other cast members fighting cold and flu symptoms, but the resolve of our directors, crew and cast insured the success of the message of this presentation.
Our cast and crew were strenghthened this year by the addition of many new members, not only by adults, but by our young adults and youth as well, and they excelled in the challenges of the roles they accepted.
We are humbled, honored and privileged to call ourselves The Companions of Jesus of New Mexico, and grateful for the support received from each of you who attended one of our presentations.
We look forward to  continued service to the state of New Mexico.

John and Susan Duran
Rio Communities

Radio format change is a great loss for Belen
Another loss for Belen. What a shame.
I was saddened to read about the change from music and the trading post. Another feature, which I personally check every day was the obituaries and the local news report.
We will miss Eldon (Al) Miller, who was there through all the changes. I believe there are so many news options on TV, radio and print.
I wonder who participated in the survey to come to this decision. When Mr. Dewey Moede conducted the survey, did he contact listeners?
In our community, we need local news, death notices and community calendars. The format change, I am sure, will see more of a drop in listeners.
We are not Albuquerque. In Albuquerque, there are many more radio stations. We only have KARS.
If Mr. Moede is interested in strengthen their listenership, why not continue with the former format and include local, New Mexico music. There are many local music groups that would welcome the opportunity to receive airplay.
Mr. Moede states he received positive responses from sponsors with 95 percent of them deciding to stay on board. How many sponsors departed because of the constant format changes?
Belen is not Albuquerque. All the radio stations in Santa Fe, Espanola, Taos and Las Vegas, N.M., feature and maintain the needs of their communities.
I bet your listenership and ratings would increase with a community-based format.

Dolores Padilla

Faust is a great person, teacher
I am writing in response to the letter in the April 18 edition of the Valencia County News-Bulletin.
It was written by Nancy Faust, titled “A good teacher learns from other teachers.”
Nancy kindly sent me a copy of your paper and I thought maybe folks would like to know some background on her. I would like to give you some views on what makes a person great in any capacity.
Nancy and I are first cousins on our mother’s side. Because we both had three brothers and weren’t lucky enough to have a sister, we became as close as any sister can.
We attended the same school, same grade and because our family was very close, spent our summer vacations at the seashore together as well.
Nancy was definitely the leader (at that time) and I can’t tell you how much hot water she got us into. I thoroughly enjoyed every caper and couldn’t wait for her next neat idea.
My brother introduced Nancy to her George after the guys met up in the service. It was love at first sight for them both and, ultimately, a marriage made in heaven, as they say.
Her life took her to New Mexico, while I stayed in the Philadelphia area. We raise our families and had some heartbreak along the way, as most people do. There was the time Nancy and George lost their second child, their first son to SDS. They say that whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
Nancy carried on with her life, and they had three more sons, the youngest of whom was born with serious problems, which kept his parents running from doctors to surgeries for about the next 15 years until the problem was corrected.
They never coddled him or made him feel, in any way, that he was less than anyone else. Today, he is a fine young man, married and a father himself, and a productive member of society.
All of this was occurring while Nancy was attending college to get her teaching degree, and became a great teacher she was.
She kind of lost it for a while when he beloved George passed away, but I knew she wasn’t down for the count and never gave up on her.
Sure enough, she again toughed it out and is now enjoying her retirement and is actively involved in many areas. She loves to write, as do I, and shares some of her letters with me.
Yes, Nancy was certainly a great teacher. She is also a great friend, cousin, sister and mother as well.
A life well spent.

Barbara Munsey
Okeechobee, Fla.

This country needs to be a success
A few (months) ago, we were treated to the most incredible revelation without hearing a single word from any politician.
We saw the real vision of what America and Americans are really about. Millions of Americans buying lottery tickets for the Mega Million Lottery.
Yes, hundreds of millions of Americans spoke.
“We want to be part of the 1 percenters. We want a part of the American Dream. We want success, the good life and we really do not want to remain a part of the 99 percenters, such as the occupiers, the supported, the beggers, the many that live on the Obama plantations.”
Five Americans achieved that dream when they won the lottery. We applauded them, we celebrated with them and wished them the best. You are now what we, as Americans, wish for.
Now, we must understand that winning the lottery is a long shot, that those odds are against us. We have to open our eyes and look at reality. If you are a gifted athlete, singer, inventor or are special in some way, you have a little better chance of success.
But you ask any successful person and they will tell you how much hard work as well as talent it took to reach the top. But the truth is that we all want to reach that goal. We all want the best for us and our children.
We will not! Let be me clear. We will not achieve that goal as occupiers, we will not achieve that goal on unemployment and food stamps. We will not achieve that goal on handouts, as undocumented immigrants, etc.
We will achieve that goal by working hard, being honest, being frugal, investing in our future, giving special attention to details and rules are needed for our future success.
Now we all have to come back to reality of the season. Politics.
Politics is a huge part of our future. Who we choose as leaders and what they vision for our country is very important. So I would urge all of my countrymen and women to be very careful and very selective in who they choose.
Keep an open mind, look very closely at both sides and vote with your mind, not with your outstretched hand.

Livy Montano
Los Lunas