Letters to the editor (05/30/12)


‘Suessical the Musical’ was great performance
Congratulations to the Belen High School Arts Department on the wonderful production of “Suessical the Musical!”
And thanks to the News-Bulletin for featuring an article on the show on the front page so that I was able to gather up some friends to attend the Thursday night performance.
The students and adults involved in this show have so much of which to be proud. The show was wonderfully done. The students put in so much work to display their talents: singing, choreography, memorization of lines, as well as wonderful artistic scenery.
This is the third performance that I have attended at the high school since I’ve moved to Belen almost three years ago. The previous shows were “The Wizard of Oz” and “Arsenic and Old Lace.”
All three shows were so much fun to attend. But I was disappointed for those young people in that the auditorium was not packed to the walls at each performance.
So often we see signs around Belen encouraging our fine student athletes. Our students who are involved in the arts should also feel that same encouragement by having a full audience for their performance.
I hope that in the future that there will be more publicity for these shows so that other townsfolk will be able to make plans to attend and give our support to these talented young adults.
It should also be noted that during the intermission that books were given as door prizes to the younger members of the audience. I believe that many, if not all, were Dr. Seuss books.
The books were donated by several town organizations. What a wonderful idea! Thanks to the organizations who donated.
Once again, congratulations to the Fine Arts Program at Belen High School for such a great show!

Gloria M. Comstock

Experiences with the equestrians
When I was little, I was at my uncle’s house. He had a donkey in a small field.
I got on it and was doing OK. Then, like lightning, he threw me off almost into a barbed wire fence.
You would think I would quit this equestrian business.
Me and my wife went horseback riding on the outskirts of the city of Guadalajara, state of Jalisco, Mexico. My wife got confidently on a horse. I was surprised.
My horse refused to go. I managed another horse, we didn’t go too far.
My wife waved at a lady in a house. Once again, I was surprised. They seemed to know each other.
We rode through a river bed with smoothly rounded rocks in it.
I rode a mule down a very steep hill in Mexico. I didn’t mid at all that my nephew led the mule by a rope on foot.
Me and a friend rode a mule there up a switchback. I saw a boy shoot a slingshot very far and very accurately. We were given boiled beans at a house. Boy, were those beans good.
I rode a very gentle horse around a big field in New Jersey of all places. Me and a lady groomed the horse afterwards.
She let me get on her Arabian horse here in New Mexico. She later said I actually had control of the horse for a bit.
That is all the equestrians I need to ride for a while.

Martin Frank Kirtley
Los Lunas

Feasibility study needs some work
By the time this gets published, I would hope that Belen has had a serious sit-down session with Ameris and told them they have two options: correct all the misinformation and falsehoods in their feasibility study, or return the $49,999 to the taxpayers.
Article I of the agreement between Belen and Ameris states: Belen hereby engages Ameris to undertake and prepare a Feasibility Study to determine the viablity of an acute care hospital on the site located in Belen, Valencia County, New Mexico.”
So far, they have not done that. As of now, no one knows whether the hospital would be viable or not.
The errors in the study are so serious that there simply is insufficient data to make any validated determination.
Belen’s taxpayers should not be victimized by a well-meaning, but incompetent researcher.
Although it is commendable that Belen has stepped forward to take on a hospital project, the effort has proven to be a comedy of bumbling and expensive missteps.
Because non of the county commissioners have lifted a finger to get us a hospital, the citizens have had to at least make the attempt.
Two municipalities so far have begun the “Great Valencia County Hospital Race,” and so far, the Belen faction has yet to leave the starting gate.
Perhaps with a really concentrated effort, Ameris can earn the money it has been paid to actually determine the feasibility of the Christopher Road hospital.
Then the race can get underway for real.

Clarke Metcalf

BHS Band Boosters offer gratitude
The Belen Band Boosters would like to thank all the businesses for their donations for the silent auction during the band’s Spring Concert.
The businesses include, Walgreens, Sonic, Buckland Pharmacy, Rutilios, Walmart.
Hair Innovations, Alicia’s, Amor Flowers, Old Mill and Valencia Animal Clinic.
Also, thank you to all the families who donated.

Amanda Chavez
Karla Chavez
Vice President
Dina Carnall