Letters to the editor (06/16/12)


Local business knows how to help customers
In these days of high tech, impersonal business practices, it is often difficult to find a business that still provides high quality, friendly, fair priced services.
We believe we have found that kind of customer commitment in Craig Tire, and would like to give them the recognition they deserve.
We have dealt with the Craigs for years and have not been disappointed.  From the moment we arrive there we are greeted by friendly, knowledgeable service people.
We are given fair estimates and high quality service and products that they stand behind.
We never have a long wait and if we need something they don’t carry, they will find it for us. We always drive out feeling our vehicle is safer than when we arrived.
At Craig, they answer their own phones and call us by name-they even give free popcorn while you wait.
It is business like theirs that keep us coming back and helps keep Valencia County alive.
Thank you Craig Tire, it is always a pleasure doing business with you!

Angelo and Judy Baca
Los Lunas

Retiring the American flag with love, dignity
I am writing in regard to the article “Veterans of Foreign Wars” and the accompanying picture on May 26 with the caption “… a group of Boy Scouts get ready to burn a flag for a Flag Day celebration…”
It was easy to see in the photograph that the flag was being treated with love and dignity. When I read the caption however, I couldn’t help but feel that a better word might have been “retire.”
I grew up in the 1960s when burning the flag was a common occurrence and was done to make a statement. It was, and is to this day, disturbing to watch these images on the evening news, so for me the word burn has negative feelings.
Years ago, I had the rare privilege of attending a camp fire program held at the Frank Rand Boy Scout Camp. Part of that evening included a ceremony to retire American flags.
I hadn’t expected the experience and in all of the years that my sons had participated in the Scouting program I had not ever witnessed such a ceremony.
While placing the flag in a fire is part of the ceremony, I will never forget the reverence and spirit that were there as those flags were retired from service with the highest love, dignity and respect.
I love this symbol of our country, and because our family is one that is rich in service to this country it also a symbol of their service and sacrifice.
Thank you, to all of those who see to it that all of those beautiful flags are retired with love they deserve.

Brenda Bowman
Los Lunas

Romney’s bullying is a lesson for all
I do agree that if the media pulled up stuff from when I was a boy, they would find many things about which I am not proud.
The bullying incident from Mitt Romney’s past surely was one such incident.
However, now that it has surfaced, it becomes a “teachable moment” for Romney. I looked for his acknowledgement that stunts such as these might have been common in those times years ago, but that from what we know now, they are truly inappropriate.
I looked for him to use the disclosure to remind people of the bad effects of such behavior and for him to encourage all of us to respect each others differences. That is not what I heard.
He seemed to chalk it up to “boys will be boys” and let it go.
Violence damages us all —those dishing it out and those receiving it. The yelling and hitting that goes on in our families  and neighborhoods creates an environment in which we think bullying and domination is the way to handle things.
We do not “teach  a lesson” by using violent techniques. We teach violence as a way of life, a way to handle things.
Let’s use the disclosure of Mitt Romney’s harassment of a fellow student to teach our children the psychological and emotional consequences of such behavior.
Especially, let us learn to appreciate the unique gifts each of us contribute to the world around us.

George Moscona
Rio Communities

Wounded Warriors  run was a success
On behalf of Jubilee, Los Lunas, an Active Adult Community, and Main Street Muscle & Fitness Center, sponsors of the May 26 “Second Annual Memorial Day Run for Wounded Warrior Project” running and walking event, we would like to thank all the participants and contributors making this a very successful event.
This was a non-profit event with all entry fees and donations going directly to the Wounded Warrior Project.
The success of this event was possible with many Jubilee, Main Street Muscle volunteers, including the assistance of key personnel within the village of Los Lunas, police, fire, parks and recreation departments, who donated all their time at no cost to the village.
Thank you also to the Valencia County News-Bulletin, Huning Ranch HOA Board and Starlight Cinema.
This event had close to 400 participants and raised nearly $15,000.
The Wounded Warrior Project seeks to assist those men and women of our armed forces who have been severely injured during the conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and other locations around the world.
Wounded Warrior Project is there to meet the needs of our wounded heroes, raise awareness and enlist public support.
The third annual event will be held next May 25, 2013.

Jim Schnitzler
Race Coordinator