Letters to the editor (07/18/12)


Immigration order was wrong choice
In light of the hot topic concerning immigration, I’d like to add my two cents, as if it would matter.
What I mean by that is that it really doesn’t matter what I think. I’m just a lowly American citizen, born here over 62 years ago, and on a daily basis am being stripped of my rights along with the many millions like me.
For me, the issue at hand is not the presence of immigrants, it’s the status of their presence, which, for the most part, is illegal.
Not according to or authorized by law, which is synonymous with criminal, felonious, illegitimate, illicit, lawless, unlawful and wrongful.
Recently, the president over stepped and disgraced the office and trust of the American people with his end around executive decision to enact a law prohibiting deportation which of course was politically motivated, but more importantly wrong.
In doing so, he simply imposed his will as well as the will of the other bleeding hearts and organizations that don’t care what the majority thinks or wants.
There are far more important issues and problems facing our country, and this one is not in any way a top priority.
It’s about, among other things, power and it undermines democracy and the freedoms this country has always fought for and it is dividing us.
With these types of actions, how can we be expected to support and respect the office of the president? When he, for no other reason than political gain, took the opportunity to simply shore up the Hispanic vote as well as exercise power and test the waters.
And I don’t need to be reminded of the statistics concerning the percentage of the Hispanic vote he had in his first election, so I don’t want to hear he has it anyway.
If Hispanics think he’s on their side, they need to think again. He’s on the side of money and power and that’s what will decide the upcoming election because remember, it’s not decided by popular vote, in other words, it’s rigged.
I don’t believe dictators start out being bad guys. If they did, it would be difficult for them to gain support and respect of the people.
I believe in the beginning they truly love their country and want what they think is best for the country, but when things don’t go as planned and they are faced with losing their power and notoriety, they begin to move methodically within an inner circle and systematically take control.
What’s next on his agenda? It scares the hell out of me. What about you?

Gary Gibson

P&Z commission’s decision was wrong
The farming and agricultural communities of Valencia County are again on attack.
The Valencia County Planning and Zoning Commission met on June 27 to consider a critical zone change in the Tomé area. Specifically, a C-1 to C-2 zone change was requested by Bernardo Garcia, et al, in order to open a landscaping business.
The original request was to open a paint and body shop, which was denied by both commissions. Now, we have a situation that required greater scrutiny as the C-2 zone change coincidentally and very conveniently includes a provision for an auto shop. The real danger is the zone change in this rural residential area.
Commission members erred in many ways during this hearing. To begin, Commissioner (Scott) Edeal was allowed to participate in the discussion even though he has a business interest in the case. He later recused himself from the vote only after valid points were made that he do so.
Also, Commissioner (Joan) Artiaga reported that she had done an independent review of the premises while driving by N.M. 47. By this action, she jeopardized the integrity of the process since her comments inordinately favored the applicant and introduced new information to the hearing.
Additionally, legal counsel representing the people who oppose the zone change was not given the same consideration as the applicant’s lawyer.
In terms of professional decorum the part of a commissioner, Commissioner (Mike) McCartney’s barking at opposing audience members was totally inappropriate and should not be tolerated.
Overall, the proceedings of the Planning and Zoning Commission lacked fairness and set a dangerous precedent that again hits directly at the core of the rural residential/agricultural setting that many of us are trying to preserve.

Rita M. Padilla-Gutierrez

(Editor’s note: County zoning ordinances do allow for auto shops in C-2 zones. However, the recommendation for approval of the zone change by the planning and zoning commission included a covenant, enforceable by the county, that would limit the C-2 use of the property to landscaping supplies and nursery activities only. Commissioner Edeal was present during the discussion of the issue, but didn’t contribute to the discussion. )