Letters to the editor (08/01/12)


People like Obamacare for several reasons
I grew up in a tiny town named Ripley.
We had no connection with the legendary, long-running column “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not,” but we liked to think we were good at believing the unbelievable.
Even so, I’m often stunned by the complete lack of reality in today’s politics.
A good example is the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare. If you simply ask U.S. citizens whether they like Obamacare, they’re about equally divided.
Yet, when people are asked about what the act really does — instead of how right-wing propaganda has framed it — they approve of its individual provisions by large majorities. Here’s a handful of provisions most people are thankful for.
They like the way Obamacare improves a severely unequal health care system. Specifically, they like it that parents’ insurance will cover children until they turn 26.
They’re glad insurance companies can no longer charge you premiums for years and then reject you for having a “pre-existing condition” if you get seriously ill.
They approve of ditching cost caps for catastrophic illnesses. They’re glad insurance for women will no longer cost more and will cover contraception.
And they’re happy about eliminating co-payments for preventative screenings.
People also like the way Obamacare is organized. They’re happy they can keep the insurance they have if they’re satisfied.
They really like that they can now change jobs or start their own businesses without losing their health care.
And if they can get away from GOP screams about “government getting between you and your doctor,” they realize that our current system of for-profit insurance companies getting between you and your doctor may be worse.
And they like it that Obamacare slows the growth of health care costs. It’s great that insurance companies must now spend 80-85 percent of our premiums on actual health care instead of “administrative costs” like mind-boggling CEO salaries and slick, expensive, advertising brochures.
People like the idea that they will no longer have to pay higher premiums and higher taxes to cover health care costs for the uninsured.
And in contrast to Mitt Romney’s claim that Obamacare adds trillions to the deficit, the Congressional Budget Office estimates the act will reduce the deficit by $210 billion over the next ten years. (It doesn’t save as much as the single-payer system used by the world’s other industrialized nations, but no law can get past the United States right-wing unless corporations get a cut of the profits.)
Be nice if the GOP controlled House, including N.M. District 2 Rep. Steve Pearce, would do something useful like vote on the jobs and layoff prevention bills they’re sitting on, but no.
They just voted for the 33rd time to repeal Obamacare, empty grandstanding since repeal has no chance of getting by the Senate and a presidential veto.
It’s not that the GOP has a better plan — they have no plan at all. They’re just drumming their heels on the floor and screaming “No!” Believe it or not.

Laura Sanchez
Los Lunas

Tierra Del Sol Golf Camp was a big hit
Once again, Tierra Del Sol Country Club delivered a fun and exciting golf camp this summer for Valencia County youth.
The camp is one of the most economical sports camps offered in our community. Kids attend the general lessons twice a week throughout the month of June.
They are introduced to the equipment and taught the basics of the game. Beyond the physical skills practice, junior golfers study rules of the game; including proper personal conduct for on and off the course.
Course professionals Clinton and Craig Tabet, organize the daily activities. And they work with a host of enthusiastic volunteers from the local golf community, who lend their time and expertise to the youngsters in attendance.
“Thank you!” to these dedicated people, Tierra Del Sol Country Club, and to those community members who gave of their time, money, or services to help make this annual camp the success that it is.

Dustin and Rebecca Cox

Older American is grateful for surprise
I would like to take this opportunity to give a special “thank you” to Jose Campos, the director of the Older American’s Program and to Nan Ziegler of the Business Women of Valencia County, associate members and Leon Reinhart and all who help with our goody bag.
What a great surprise when my meal was delivered and a bag with so many nice things. It felt like Christmas.
Thank you again for everything you do to make life so much easier. It was very much appreciated.

Rose Andrews

The Catholic Church is the one, true church
Since the 1960s, America has become a nation of heretics.
Since the ’60s, religion has not disappeared, but is flourishing in heresy. America has been a haven for religious experimentation.
Examples of some American heresies:
1. “Pray and Grow Rich,” by L. Ron Hubbard; Mary Baker Eddy, Jim and Tammy Faye Baker, Trinity Broadcasting Network, Rev. Ike, etc.
2. Then the more complicated reverends: Rick Warren, James Dobson and Pat Robertson, whose overall heretical message tempts Christianity to become an appendage to Americanism.
3. Other dangerous heresies: The anti-institutional: “I’m spiritual, but not religious,” and the “Prosperity gospel” makes the divine sound like your broker; the theology of the God within make him sound like your shrink.
“To make matters worse, our children are being taught by teachers and professors today that are boxed in the small world of practical atheism.
“Christ most emphatically did not say: ‘Go, therefore, and dialogue what I say with what others say,’” wrote Ross Douthat, a New York Times columnist, the author of “How We Became A Nation of Heretics.”
“Heresy is less the rebellion of reason that the revolt of the flesh,” said St. Francis.
Christ established one church with one set of beliefs. He did not establish numerous churches with contradictory beliefs.
To see which is the true church, we look for the one that has the four marks of the true church: One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic.
We look of the one that has unbroken historical link to the church of the New Testament. (New Testament are the family papers of the Holy Catholic Church.)
The Catholic Church has existed from day one, that it is, in fact, the church established by Christ.
Don’t trust your soul to “well meaning” Christian Protestant pastors or counterfeits. Trust your soul to God, to his church (1 Timothy 3:15), to his sacraments and live.

Gilbert Ulivarri Jr.