Letters to the editor (08/08/12)


Catholic stereotypes aren’t useful to church
Don’t call us Republicans.
Don’t call us Democrats.
Don’t call us conservatives.
Don’t call us liberals.
Call us Roman Catholics, the people of life, working to restore our nation to a culture of life.
Liberal Catholics do not produce liberal Catholics, only non-Catholics, who eventually mature right into the grave.

Gilbert Ulivarri Jr.

ObamaCare will be helpful for all of us
The July 18 article on the brain cancer hardships experienced by David Lopez points out why ObamaCare is necessary.
If the Republicans had not delayed and chopped and watered down and restricted the Affordable Care Act legislation, then Lopez would not now be holding local fundraisers to recover from the economic impact of his disease.
At least now, David Lopez can no longer be refused new health insurance based on his pre-existing condition. And let us not forget the hundreds of thousands of others who will likewise benefit as each element of the weakened ObamaCare law kicks in.

G.E. Nordell

Our beliefs are determined in our faith
I’ve been wondering — wondering for a long time. What’s the answer? Is there an answer?
Value judgments and faith statements can’t be evaluated the same way as are statements about physical events. They aren’t true or false.
Statements such as “God loves us,” or “Marriage is a condition existing between two or more human beings,” or “Red is better than blue” are faith or value judgments and it doesn’t make any sense to call them true or false because there is no way to test their truth.
They are what they are. There is no reason to believe or disbelieve a value judgment or faith statement. There are no grounds for asserting such a belief.
Statements about observations about the world or universe or the creatures or things that reside within it are totally different. Those statements are true or they are false and we can verify the answer.
A simple example: Other things being equal to distilled water always freezes at zero degrees centigrade. You can try it for yourself. It  never fails.
There are good reasons to believe the truth or falsity of an empirical statement, one that requires observation of some sensory activity. The grounds for such a belief depend upon two or more operators: the laws of logic, deduction, induction, the laws of probability, and perhaps causality.  All human knowledge relies on these operators and their application to our world.
Oh, yes, one more thing. We need an existential statement. All the good theories in the world die unless they have application in our world.
One or more of the thing being observed — either directly or indirectly — has to exist.
Given our operators and an existential statement everything falls into place.  Physics, astronomy, chemistry, biology — statements in all the sciences that we know or will know or have known become capable of being proven (probably) true or false.
All is right with the world! All of our sciences are utterly reliable.
Now a potential difficulty arises.  If one were to ask for the grounds for believing in the laws of logic, or the laws of probability, or … What could I respond?
As far as I can determine, there aren’t any such grounds for believing in and accepting them. We also accept them as a matter of faith (we don’t even ask the question.)
It appears that we have no beliefs that do not ultimately rely on faith. Or am I somehow asking an illegal question?  If so, how so?

Robert Sanders
Rio Communties

We need new leadership from the top down
Before Wilson, we gratefully received blessings from God.
Now, since Roosevelt, we demand “free” federal handouts euphemistically called “benefits.”
More handouts bring divisions — more unjust taxes to some — more humiliation to others — a very real catch 22.
In reality, politics and religion cannot be separated. Congress, the president and Supreme Court make laws and rulings affected by glaring anti-constitutional bias toward some ideology or philosophy.
We live in post-constitutional times with Marxist ideology forced on us every day. Our way of life has been stolen from us, even as we watched.
Legislation by activist judicial rulings, and activist presidential executive orders are destroying our precious heritage as a nation of due process laws.
Our president, senators, representatives, justices, judges and bureaucrats are unworthy of trust and must be replaced, or impeached, no matter the party or rank, by honest candidates who will abide by their oath of office to defend the Constitution.
Obama would like to become our “honorable leader.” With negation of photo ID, and multiple voter frauds, Obama may have it locked up. Beware, this regime may yet figure a way to disenfranchise all of us. May God forbid.
This point is, we must turn back to the Constitution or be forced into the unknown. Either situation will require planning and resolve to act.
Be warned of our situation and ask our Creator for His deliverance. Never forget that our Creator is always in control. We must acknowledge His sovereignty and trust Him to help us. We are wise when we strive to observe His ways. Holy fools think otherwise.
It is instructive to real Paul’s speech to philosophers in Acts 17:22-31. It is enlightening to reread it several times.
The Federal Reserve, the new Deal, the Great Society and other “progressive” Democratic scams sounded good, but failed because human natures likes to be told “deceits” and costs were not estimated honestly.
Every society in history has bought into or snake oil sales pitch or another and they couldn’t afford the price. Don’t be suckered anymore.
You and your kids can’t afford the promise the utopian politicians and judges force on you, such as autocratic ObamaCare, green energy, autocratic cap and trade and all the myriad dictatorial bureaucratic regulations sapping our economy and trampling our freedom.
Our United States was established as a representative republic. The founders taking due not of biblical principals formed the best human government ever.
We have ignored the Constitution in our search for fairness. Now, the system is under attack by fascist and socialist.
We are very far out of the right path. We are debt about $65 trillion, roughly half a million per household. We will never be able to pay the debt, nor will our kids be able. The only way I see is to give the Tea Party patriots a chance.
I pray that all citizens will have the fortitude to change the present government of soft tyranny and announce that we cannot pay this immense debt. We will endure the chaos rather than volunteer as indentured slaves. We must wake up and realize the real danger of losing our freedoms forever.
This regime prints new money for huge amounts unrelated to economic growth, “to pay” for unfunded “freebies,” which will lead to hyper inflation or money collapse.
It is planning hundreds of new bureaucracies and hiring many thousands of new IRS agents. Taxes will go up, many more individual freedoms will be trampled.
Don’t believe the lies. Vote for freedom. Health care will take care of itself. Vote only for those who will repeal ObamaCare, green energy and cap and trade.
We voters are the government. Our job in November is:
1. Ignore the media
2. Remove the president
3. Remove several senators
4. Make known our demand to elect those who admire the Constitution
5. Make known our demand to impeach those who continue to operate the federal government as the shameless Ponzi scheme it has become.
Please also ponder my website, theoldguy.org. It discusses why we have hope for the future. It is good advice, I think, to obtain a firearm, learn how to use it and get a carry permit.

Dorian Preston
Rio Communities