Letters to the editor (08/15/12)


Rio Communities is in need of incorporation
Regarding Mrs. Torres letter, published in the July 25 edition of the News-Bulletin, I commend Mrs. Torres for having survived the past incorporation attempts.
Where they identical? This one is not.
I know for a fact that Mrs. Torres attended neither of the two community meetings presented by the Rio Communities Association.  If she had, she would have heard nothing about “city lights, city manners and city zoning and city taxes,” which she decries.
Instead she would have heard about self-government, local volunteer elected officials and representatives, local policing and local code enforcement.
She would have heard about memorandums of understanding and memorandums of agreement possible with other municipalities. She would have heard about revenue opportunities available to incorporated towns and cities.
She would have heard that the property tax is controlled by the state and county. Your property taxes will increase! It is simply to cost of government doing business.
Costs to provide government service rise every year for those same services. Incorporation has nothing to do with the property tax rate.  Incorporated towns are funded by the gross receipts tax, the gasoline tax and other revenues and grants.
Mrs. Torres mentioned derelict housing. Derelict housing is caused by the absence of code enforcement.  How many residents of Rio Communities know that Valencia County Code Enforcement does not recognize the covenants of the Rio Communities and will enforce only the county code, which has some, but not all of the protection of the covenants?
Mrs. Torres also mentioned Rio Communities residents not being able to “afford a tax increase.” The New Mexico Water Service Company just proposed an 8 percent increase.
Yet I have not seen a petition to prevent this or a letter to the editor.  Are government services provided to citizens any less important than water service?
As for bonding with Belen, the only part of the Rio Communities that interests Belen is the gross receipts tax opportunities of some of our local businesses.
My point: Do not condemn or confuse this incorporation attempt with past attempts. Inform yourself! Attend the RCA public meeting regarding the incorporation initiative scheduled for 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 21, at the multipurpose center in the Valley Plaza Center.  (The same building that houses the Del Rio Senior Citizens Program.)
Ask questions.  Present ideas. Sign the petition to bring this question to vote. And after you have a firm understanding of the facts, vote!
As one of our past speakers emphasized, “Someone is going to govern the Rio Communities, it might as well be its own citizens!”

Mary Trefsgar
Rio Communities

BHS thanks those with Eagle blow-up
I would like to take this opportunity to express, on behalf of the entire athletic program at Belen High School, our sincerest gratitude for the donation of the Eagle blow-up run-through, which landed at the BHS football field this past week.
News of the Eagle has already circulated among our community, school, and students and there is truly a new sense of pride in the idea that the Eagle will be flying high over a multitude of events at BHS.
It goes without saying that school spirit is alive and well in Belen, most certainly among many of its alumni, such as Robert Chavez and Ernest Armijo, who have chosen to continue to make Belen their home and source of livelihood.
This type of home-grown pride is exactly what we seek and hope for every time our kids take to the fields, courts, track or classrooms.
Furthermore, the continued support demonstrated by Paul Chavez and Ernest at Valley Fence Company, and Robert at Advanced Environmental Solutions, makes us appreciate the recognition they have shown in supporting what they must believe are programs and individuals worthy promoting strong, competitive values and sincere pride in one’s school and/or community.
The Eagle will fly high and will come to represent all that is amazing about the community, schools, students, alumni and programs representing the city of Belen.

Rodney W. Wright
Athletic Coordinator
Belen High School

Post commander offers thanks
What a better way to celebrate our independence than with a parade, good friends, a barbecue and a fireworks display.
The village of Los Lunas provided the parade and fireworks, and I congratulate them on a job well done. Excellent!
Once again, our post led the way and thanks must go out to all those who helped: our Color Guard, who carried the flags; Air Force Col. Daniel Jaramillo, Marine Corps. Ret. Maj. Chet Pino, Navy veteran Frank Gurule, and myself Army veteran James Garley.
Thank you Ryan Rael, our drummer who kept us in step. Thanks also goes to Vietnam Veterans of America Albuquerque Chapter 318 for providing the giant U.S. flag and serving as its Color Guard.
Thanks to the 60 men, women veterans and non-veterans for carrying it 2.5 miles down the parade route. The people of Valencia County love to see the flag and show their respect as they stand and salute it as it goes by.
Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Mike Sosa and the Boy Scouts who provided water to the flag carriers. Thank you Boy Scout Troop 360 for carrying our Armed Forces Banner and helping at our Post home.
After the parade, a good time was had at our annual barbecue and open house. We served more than 200 people.
We could not have put on this event on if it were not for the fine merchants who support our veterans each year.
Thanks to Walmart Distribution Center, Benny’s Restaurant of Bosque Farms, Flowers Bread Store, Leo’s Jerky, Fiesta Tents by Milton Torrez, Jimmy Crawford for his donation, and the News-Bulletin, especially Clara Garcia.
Thank you Rosie Garley for cleaning and decorating inside the post as always, and Ruperto Baldonado for his photo display of Valencia County veterans.
Last, but certainly not least, thanks go out to all our volunteers who helped prepare the food: Jack Aragon, Carol Aragon, Felicia Aragon, David Valenzuela, Cheo Trujillo, Lillie McNabb, Lena Garcia, Theresa Lucero, Margaret Gutierrez, Jordan Moody and Stan Herrera. Great job!
And thanks to the people of Valencia County for your support of all veterans. Let’s do it again next year!

James Garley
Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 9676