Letters to the editor (09/08/12)


Reader admires insight of reporter’s review
Kudos to Ungelbah Daniel-Davila on her recent (review) on novelist Vina Delmar.
With interest I read the article on “in-your-face” writing, but the line that hit home the best for me was the summary. “… life in 1959 wasn’t any simpler than it is today, it was just guided by a different set of moral sensibilities and written with more class.”
Truly admired her insight on this!

Lana Fastnacht
Bosque Farms

Establishment of the church in dispute
In response to the Aug. 1 letter to the editor by Gilbert Ulivarri Jr., I first wanted to say that I agree with and appreciate his opinions on religious heresy in the United States. We, as a country, are slowly becoming numb to the need for God and His word in our lives.
But, on his statement that Christ established the Catholic Church, it should be cleared that Christ established the “Church,” not the “Catholic Church.”
The Catholic Church was established by man. The church mentioned in the Bible is in reference to all of those who follow Christ, not a denomination of faith. As Martin Luther writes in the Book of Concord “The Church is the congregation of saints, in which the Gospel is rightly taught and the Sacraments are rightly administered.”
Also, in his closing statement “Don’t trust your soul to “well meaning” Christian Protestant pastors of counterfeits.” I would have to say that your church or pastor doesn’t save your soul, your faith in Christ does.
Also, if you know anything about Christian history, you will have to admit to the atrocities practiced by the Catholic Church during the reformation which was sparked by the 1517 posting of Martin Luther’s Ninety-Five Theses (i.e. having people pay (in currency) for their loved ones release from purgatory, mandating that a member of the church must pay 10 percent to the church as tithes, where in 2 Corinthians 9:7 it’s stated “Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver”, and not allowing bibles to be printed for everyone to read because of the fear that the people would see the wrong in the church.)
My point is, nobody is perfect, not even your church, no matter what denomination. But to say that you should not trust your soul to anyone but the Catholic Church is too far of a stretch.
If your church teaches and preaches from the Bible and believes that Scripture alone has authority to determine doctrine and not the thoughts or feelings of an individual, then you’ve found the right place to worship and to know God better.
Christ’s blood was shed for all men — the true church is found in the gathering of those alive in God (who is life) under the forgiveness of that blood. There is no other life or church.

Robert Paoletti
Los Lunas

Zone change was the wrong decision
On Aug. 15, the Valencia County Commission again disappointed the constituents they serve.
A zone change was approved in Tomé, which will have lasting effects and is solid proof that no matter what evidence one presents, the decisions are made without much consideration of the facts before them.
Here are the facts:
1. Despite more than 100 signatures, including 20 percent signed affidavits needed to force a super majority vote, the commission voted against the people;
2. Conflict of interest issues were brought forward including the fact that the powerful planning and zoning comissioner was directly involved in the business deal, that another county commissioner was … involved in the closing of the deal via Stuart Title, and a relative of a planning and zoning official was the realtor in the deal;
3. Photos depicting auto-shop activities when these activities were denied continued and were ignored;
4. A planning and zoning official allowed these same petitioners to apply for the zone change or any activity at the same site well under the year-long requirement as stated in code enforcement regulation;
5. A county commissioner was not allowed to vote at the Aug. 15 meeting due to the fact that she was not present at the Aug. 8 public meeting where testimony and other evidence was presented, which would have allowed her to review the evidence and hear the testimony. In fact, she should have recused herself completely at the beginning of the case.
Now constituents are forced to use personal funds to retain a lawyer to appeal this decision. How dare this commission force this upon a group of people who followed all of the steps in attempting to oppose an action that cannot be overturned.
How dare this commission for not having the intestinal fortitude to make the decision based on the facts and not some personal animosity they may have toward individuals who have opposed them in the past.
What do these people think when they run for office? They are there to serve their constituents, not to “get back at them” because someone wrote a letter to the editor exposing their bad acts.
Oh, and incidentally, the C-2 zone change increases the value of the property closely tied to that P&Z commissioner.
Overall, this decision was a travesty and those of us who continue to try to reserve the unincorporated areas of the valley as rural and agricultural have again been dealt a serious setback.

Rita M. Padilla-Gutierrez

Library’s summer program was great
I suspect we all have times when we get down about the condition of our society, our country and even our world.
But I am convinced that as long as we have volunteers, we’re going to be alright. As an example the Belen Public Library had a terrific Summer Reading Program for children run by volunteers.
It started on June 5 with registration of more than 100 children. The library director, Deborah Graham, introduced the children to their library. We had music, stories and the kids made name tags.
On June 12, Night Visitors Day, the Toothfairy introduced our guest- dentist Dr. Hixon. The doctor presented an excellent slide show and each child got a free toothbrush. Again, we had music, stories and crafts.
On June 19,  we had guitar music and singing, stories and then divided the children into two groups. The 4-7 year olds did crafts in one room, and the 8-11 did more complicated crafts in another room.
On June 26, we had  Night-Campfire and Cowboys. Cowboy Dale was a real cowboy. He told us what the life of a working cowboy was like- taking care of horses, rounding up cattle, caring for cattle in all kinds of weather, being on your own for days at a time.
And he did this all as a kid of 10 and 11. Cowboy Dale also played and sang great songs. The kids joined in. We divided up for appropriate stories and crafts.
All through the program, there were incentives for reading and doing reading sheets at home. We  had gifts through the sponsorship of from the city of Belen, Belen Public Library, The Friends of the Belen Public Library, Share ‘n Care Pharmacy, Women of St. Phillips, Jazzercise Belen Fitness Center, The Insurance Store, Bernie’s Fabric Shop,Bethlehem Masonic Lodge and others. Thank you all so much.
July 10 was Night Owls-Nocturnal Animals. The bat specialist had the kids spellbound with his presentation (the adults too). We also had owl face painting, music, stories and crafts.
July 17 was Night Adventures — Stars & Space. The guest was Star Gazers. Fascinating! Music, stories and crafts rounded out the day.
July 24 was Night Shivers-Scary Stories. There was a puppet show, a couple of Joe Hayes’ stories, music and crafts.
And then the last day, July 31, we had a pajama party, and it was a party!  There was food, games, face painting, music, stories and awards. Every child got something.
The last thing was tremendouse! We  had a drawing for seven brand new bikes donated by the Masons. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
The whole program was organized and put on by just a handful of volunteers. Kathy and Sue are the able leaders. Don, Dorrie, Nancy, Molly and Donna were the willing workers. I’m sure everybody knows volunteers that work in churches, schools, hospitals, RSVP, Food Pantries, and on and on.
The point is there is hope for society, our country and even the world as long as we keep on volunteering.

Nancy Faust