Letters to the editor (09/12/12)


Consider the Lord’s Prayer
To all religious denominations:
Please consider the Lord’s Prayer, to which there are no self-help statements to God.
Each petition to God is made asking for His grace and mercy, not for us as individuals, but for us all.
Jesus saves! Satan is defeated!

Rob Paoletti
Los Lunas

24-hour ERs needed more than hospital  
I hope folks really listen to John Hinton’s reasons for saying hospital “is not possible.”
Mr. Hinton emphasized “There are really only two reasons people go to a hospital anymore. You’re either really, really, really sick, and need things like an ICU and ventilators, or you are really, really, really pregnant and about to delivery a baby. Most of the growth is in more of these outpatient type of areas.”
Needs are changing. Of course it would be nice to have a local hospital, provided someday it becomes financially feasible. But a new hospital here does fall in the “nice to have” arena.
There are other reasons to chart a different course to meet our county’s real health care priorities. In emergencies, how fast must one receive medical care to survive and regain good health?
Some suggest treatment within about 15 minutes (or less) is crucial. With that in mind, everyone living in Valencia County should be able to see a doctor or at least an emergency medical tech within 15 minutes.
From my home, near Ann Parish Elementary School, it takes about 30 minutes to reach an emergency room in Albuquerque or my doctor in west Belen.
How about a 24 hour emergency/urgent care facility (or hospital) in Rio Communities? That wouldn’t reduce my travel time … still 30 minutes.
The point I want to make to News Bulletin readers is that our real need is for multiple 24-hour emergency treatment facilities that anyone can reach within 15 minutes or less. Anyone for an on-call helicopter or two?
If not, how about a plan for locating at least two additional 24-hour emergency care facilities on the east side of the Rio Grande.
Maybe one near Las Maravillas would help, 15 minutes north of Rio communities, 15 minutes from Meadow Lake, maybe a little less from Cypress Gardens, El Cerro and even Valencia.
Those from Peralta or Bosque Farms could likely make it to Albuquerque in less time than heading south to Las Maravillas.
Because of the geography of our county, we need multiple 24-hour emergency facilities in at least four to six locations (two or three east and two or three west of the Rio Grande).
Yes, they should be good for primary care sites too.
The point is, to save lives and improve timely access to health care it’s necessary to place “neighborhood” treatment facilities within a short driving distance from the homes throughout the area they intend to serve.
Now that’s a priority.

Paul Burnett
Los Lunas

Belen summer lunch  a success again
On behalf of the Belen Consolidated Schools Summer Lunch Program, we would like to thank New Mexico Tractor Sales, Belen Walmart, Sonic, for their generous donation and helping the program with another successful art contest.
Also, the Belen High School cheerleaders for helping to promote exercise.
Roberta Cordova
Summer Lunch
Nutrition Coordinator

My favorite dog
in town
I was looking for the paper at the handi-mart in the pre-dawn. I happened to glance next door at the junk yard.
I saw my favorite dog stirring, then laying down. I call to him quietly.
I was surprised because yesterday I passed, called to him gently, but did not see him. I thought they started taking him inside.
It got me to thinking. He is a medium-sized, black, shaggy dog. I bought treats for him twice. I acted like the treats were gold. He ate them and I felt good.
He is getting old, just like me. When I used to bicycle, he would run back and forth behind the fence quietly. But when I was on the other side of the street, he would bark loud. He didn’t recognize me then.
I never saw such a well cared for dog. Now, a little bit about his owner. I have never seen or talked to him. The fence around his junk yard is an engineering marvel.
Sturdy chain linked topped by military or prison razor wire, the top leans outward. He doesn’t want any kids getting hurt.
Well, lovely puppy, will I see you all winter?

Martin Frank Kirtley
Los Lunas

Register, vote,  then complain
My 30-something grandson and his wife have never registered.  Therefore, they have never voted.
This just doesn’t sit right with me. So every time I see him, I ask if he has registered yet. His story is he doesn’t even know who is running, and it would be like voting for a chair.
My answer is obvious: “Read a variety of papers and magazines. Watch TV shows with different perspectives. Or, if you’re just ‘too busy,’ ask the opinions of people you trust.”
I don’t care who they vote for, but I feel so strongly that he should vote. I told him this is what I want for a birthday/Christmas present: Register! Vote!
This morning, I found a good reason for learning the use of the computer,  which goes to show that it’s never too late to learn.
He got the first of many emails to follow. I told him that I don’t real want to pest, but this is too important to drop it. Register and vote.
Then he can bitch like the rest of us.

Nancy Faust

Romney doesn’t deserve our vote
In the unlikely event that Mitt Romney ever releases his tax papers, other then the one year that he has shown us, we’d likely find that many, if not all, of his numbers are totally legal and above board.
It’s totally OK according to tax law for him to pay 13.6 percent of his income in taxes (far, far less than most of the working middle class pays), totally legal for him to shelter his considerable income offshore in the Cayman Islands out of sight of the IRS.
Why, when there’s so much talk of debt and deficit, are the laws written this way?
Shouldn’t Congress be thinking of what’s good for the country, when we need to be hiring, not laying off teachers, police and firefighters, when we need to be putting people to work improving our roads and bridges?
But Congress is beholden, not to us citizens, but to those with the fat wallets — Wall Street, the banks and the big corporations. Laws are written to keep them and the wealthy happy.
In fact, these laws are often written by their lobbyists who have easy access to our politicians in Washington.
This is not a Republican or Democratic problem. It is a systemic problem, not easily fixed. Getting money out of politics won’t be easy.
But as we look at the presidential candidates, it is easy to see that Romney and the Republicans won’t be making any moves in that direction.
High on their agenda is to repeal the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform bill, a bill that would begin to regulate Wall Street.
The Republicans don’t like regulation in any form, even when abuses are all too evident. They don’t hide this.
It should be clear to 99 percent of us that Romney won’t be acting in our interests. He does not deserve our vote.

Debbie Christensen
Los Lunas

‘Angels’ lend hand after horrific crash
On Friday Aug.17, on what was a routine trip to Valencia High School to pick up my freshman son from marching band practice, my whole world changed in the blink of an eye.
That’s how long it took for a driver to plow through my vehicle at 90 miles-per-hour.
As my SUV instantly began to spin like a child’s toy, all I could think about was my precious 6-month-old baby boy crashing around in his car seat as the SUV began to roll.
As the truck finally came to a stop on its side, I instantly unbuckled the belt that just saved my life and jumped to the back to save my baby.
As I saw my son dangling in his car seat my heart sank. What just happened?
Panic began to set in as I could not release his seat from the base that remained securely attached to the vehicle. That is when I heard the voice of only one of the men who helped save our lives that afternoon.
I believe he was a football coach from Aztec High School, as this was by far the most traumatic experience of my life, I seem to remember every single detail of the accident.
I remember this man, who I will call Coach, helping me release the car seat from its base. As he tried to get the car seat out we realized it would not fit and I would have to remove my baby from his carrier.
As I released the buckles, I quickly realized my baby was not breathing.
This man quickly calmed me down, as he helped the two of us out of the mess. He helped me get my baby a safe distance from the vehicle.
As I lay my lifeless baby on a salvaged blanket, Coach was there to share in the amazing sound of my babies cry as he began to breath again.
Out in the llano barefooted as my shoes were lost in the impact, I began to look around and realize exactly what happened.
As I looked at the other vehicle, I quickly asked if there were any kids in the car.
I cringed to hear that three kids and their pregnant mother were in the vehicle. My first question was if they were in car seats and was reassured that they were already assessed by the sports trainer for Aztec High School.
Although the scene was horrific, everyone was being treated until paramedics, EMT’s and fire staff arrived.
I was blessed to have the Aztec football staff stand around my baby and I to make shade and comfort us until help arrived.
I will remember the faces of these men always as my angels. I would like to formally thank everyone who was called out to the accident that day, and those who stopped out of the kindness of their hearts.
I believe one of your staff was there to help as well.
I would appreciate any assistance you could offer to help recognize and thank everyone who assisted with the accident.

Victoria Moya

You can, indeed,  steal a field
Regarding the article written in the Aug. 15 edition of the News-Bulletin by Jason W. Brooks, “Football gear gone when truck stolen,” I feel compelled to respond with a few lines of my own.
While I’m saddened by the theft of the equipment which was stolen from the sophomore’s YAFL football team, I must comment on the last paragraph of the article.
Sophomore’s head coach Kevin Peña was quoted as saying, “At least no on can steal their field.”
Mr. Peña, you should be happy your team doesn’t play football at Willie Chavez Stadium in Los Lunas.
Back in the spring of this year, the 50-yard line marker and turf were stolen from the field on which the Los Lunas High School Tiger football team play their games.
What’s next?
I can only guess that’s up to the thieves.

James McLoughlin
Bosque Farms