Letters to the editor (09/26/12)


The more you make, the less you pay
The statistics came out, April 6, “The Week.”
In 2010 in the United States, there was $288 billion in new income.  While the 99 percent of us saw our income increase by $67 each on average or $268 for a family of four, the 1 percent increased their income 93 percent or about $350,000 for their family of four.  That $350,000 was in addition to $3.2 million income.
If this increase in income were reversed and the 1 percent saw a 7 percent increase in income or $6,700 each, while the 99 percent received the 93 percent increase in income, the 99 percent would have $890 each or $3,560 for a four person family to spend.
When you buy something, you create demand, which creates jobs. Also with $3,560 more in our family’s pockets we’d be paying 30 percent towards taxes.
OK, well, $2,492 would end up in our pockets while $1,068 would help pay down the $10,000 each person now owes due to the two wars.  Those yellow ribbons sure were expensive.
However the 1 percent is only paying less than 14 percent in taxes and instead of spending $268 billion and creating jobs. An awful lot of the 2010 increase in income ends up in Swiss bank accounts.
An election is coming up in November so you can decide.

Ward B. McCartney, III

Family unhappy with television station
This letter is to state my displeasure with TV Station KRQE channel 13 for airing a story about our son Ernie whose remains were discovered after 30 years of not knowing whether he was just missing or worse.
We were contacted (last Tuesday) and asked if we could be interviewed  for the story to be aired the same evening. Rather short notice, wouldn`t you say?
I returned the reporters call and informed her that we did not want the story made public via television and did not wish the story aired. Evidently our wishes made no difference as the story was aired anyway Tuesday night.
Our reason for not wanting the story made public is because we feel that it is strictly a personal matter and airing it would serve no purpose.
Strange that these remains took 30 years to be found when 30 years ago we were told by the Sheriffs Department in Santa Fe that a search would be conducted by air and search parties and dogs. We were never told if whether anything was found.
I have always felt that because our son was suffering from acute depression, that the attitude was “oh well, he was ill anyway.”
But if he had been a hiker from another state or whatever as we see on the news frequently, you better believe the missing or lost person would receive full attention from every agency.
I am in favor of media having rights to print whatever, but I am afraid that to fill air time or to fill the needs for some to hear tragic stories  that the media is on the scene.
What we see on TV or newspapers are stories of violence, killing, child molestation, etc. The world we live is tragic enough.

Ron Salazar Family
Los Lunas

The Catholic Church is made up of all people
“God’s Roman Catholic Church is the government of the whole universe … is a much more wonderful thing than the multiplication of five loaves of bread,” said St. Augustine, Bishop of Hippo in Africa, 354 AD-430 AD
Miracles seem strange only to minds which make no allowance for God. He or she who lives in the presence of God is not surprised to see God act.
It is as easy for God to restore life to a dead man as to preserve the life of a living man.
A moral miracle: Unity of some 1.3 billion people in the Catholic faith. People of different nationalities and varying degrees of intelligence; people who probably disagree on almost every other matter.

Gilbert Ulivarri Jr.

Republicans will say anything for votes
My last letter printed in VCN-B on Aug. 29 generated a telephone call from a local octogenarian Republican who took exception to my statement that “If the Republican Party had anything of value to offer the American voter they would not have to lie and cheat and steal to win elections.”
Among the many false right-wing memes that that person offered was the long-debunked notion that President Obama inititated some conspiracy to keep records of his student loans secret.
That story includes ludicrous details like Obama used a false name, that he applied “as” a foreigner, and so on.
So after the phone conversation ended, I checked that one story out — Republicans never check with reality, very blind faith is sufficient —at snopes.com, with quite satisfying results. (Go to snopes.com and use their search box and the keywords “Obama occidental tourist.”)
The Obama college records hoax began on April Fools Day — that’s correct! In 2009 with a fake Associated Press news item email.
1. The fake AP email failed twice on the surface. First, it did not conform to AP practice, and second, it was written by a person without training in journalism.
2. Organizations mentioned in the email did not and do not exist.
3. Fellow students at Occidental College remember “Barry” Obama very well, and kindly; no record or memory has been located of the spurious pseudonym Barry Soetero.
4. The source of the supposed tuition funding has never had a program for foreign students: American citizenship is required.
So here is the problem for Valencia County residents and readers: These and other lies of local and national Republicans have not been discredited, at least, they are very comfortable in repeating such lies.
These Republican lies float around Valencia County and Albuquerque and New Mexico like hantavirus.
But here is what is now true: All who have read this printed letter can be certain of two things.
1. Anyone who has parroted one or more of these Republican neo-con lies in the past or does so in future is now known by you to be someone who lies without their conscience being bothered one whit.
Republicans do not fact-check, Republicans will not issue corrections for their falsehoods, Republicans will blame you for questioning their blind obedience to the fascist oligarchs and to the Koch Brothers-funded propaganda machine.
2. You can truly never again trust anyone who has repeated the “Obama college records conspiracy” hoax. Never again, whether it be your employer or a neighbor or relative or some overpaid bilge-mouth pundit on the Fox Noise Channel.
When they repeat this lie, you know that  everything that they say is now suspect. And the same is true of the “Obama was born in Africa” hoax and the “Obama never went to Columbia” hoax.
If the Republican Party had anything of value to offer the American voter they would not have to lie and cheat and steal to win elections.

G.E. Nordell

Democrats are  better during wars
Let us take a look at the Republican and tea bagger myth about the Republicans being strong on national defense and terrorism. History does not bear this myth out.
The leading isolationists in the early 20th century were all Republicans; Robert LaFollette, Hiram Johnson, William Borah and of course Gerald Nye.
These men were all against involvement in foreign affairs and that isolationism threatened the security of the United States.
In the 1950s, Eisenhower did not take a firm stand during the Suez Crisis, which left our allies embarrassed. He also did not take any action against the Soviets during the crisis in Hungary.
And of course, Ike sat back while Fidel Castro came to power in Cuba.
When the marine barracks in Beirut were bombed, what did the great Ronald Reagan do? He did not retaliate. He pulled the marines out and the United States was shamed internationally.
Instead of fighting terrorists, Reagan through the Iran-Contra debacle, was willing to deal with them. It was a despicable and treasonable act.
And of course let us not forget 9/11 and the Bush administration’s deer in the headlights response.
In closing, if the country is to be kept safe, we need a Democrat in the office of the presidency.
Wilson won World War I.  FDR and Truman won World War II. Truman stopped the aggression of North Korea.  Kennedy stopped the Soviets during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
And lastly, President Obama dealt decisively with threats to this country from the first day he became president.
He did not hesitate killing the Somali pirates who were threatening U.S. citizens and American shipping and he sent Osama bin Laden to his 72 virgins.
A vote for a Republican is a vote for American foreign and domestic weakness.

Antonio A. Flores
Los Lunas

Affordable Care Act is vital for seniors
Presently there are 316,000 New Mexico Seniors on Medicare who are benefiting from the Affordable Care Act.
This landmark health reform law is helping seniors in New Mexico live healthier and more independent lives.  ACA’s value to seniors cannot be understated.
Such benefits include the following:
1. Vital in helping seniors pay for prescription drugs;
2. Preventative care at no additional cost;
3. Insurance companies face greater scrutiny on rate increases;
4. Improves the quality of long term care;
5. Reduces fraud and waste in Medicare;
6. Medicare and Medicare Advantage is strengthened.
Everyday these benefits are having a positive impact on the lives of seniors’ right here in New Mexico.
Thank you President Obama for caring about our seniors.

Pam Cordova
Rio Communities