Letters to the editor (10/06/12)


Abandoned property can have a purpose
I live in Peralta and have recently realized that there is a perfectly good (empty) building sitting right down the road from me and not being used.
For a short time it was Country Kitchen. I realize that the economy is bad, but there must be someone out there who has some money and is looking for a good investment.
It is my humble opinion that that former restaurant would make an excellent supper club or night club.  Fine food and cocktails could be served, and there could be different bands, even some jazz groups playing each week or each month.
It would need to have an area for dancing and, of course, it would have to be family friendly.
Or, how about something along the lines of Chuck E. Cheese or Peter Piper Pizza?
Another thought that I have had for some years is for someone to build a miniature golf course somewhere in the area, Peralta, Bosque Farms or Los Lunas.
And my great niece says that there should be a water park out here. And I would bet that at least two of these things would pay for themselves within a year!
Valencia County does not have enough family-oriented recreational areas or any kind of family/kid-friendly dining experience. As I said, I know that the economy is not good, but I believe that, if even one of these things was instituted, it would be a boon for our county, and, in fact, for others as well.
So, come on investors, dig deep and see if you can find it in your hearts — and your pockets — to support something nice and fun for Valencia County!

Linda L. Davis

President Obama gave it his best shot
With all due respect to all those innocent people who perished in the New York 9/11 attack and their families as well as military personnel, civilians and collateral casualties, I feel an obligation, as a veteran and a citizen of these United States, to express the following sentiments.
I, and I’m not alone, am disgusted with Presidents Obama’s decision to use Osama Bin Laden’s assassination as a political pawn in his bid for re-election.
As well, I am bothered by the member of the Special Operations team that carried out the mission who has seen fit to profit from the ordeal, particularly because of his failure to receive approval from the Department of Defense, his employer at the time.  This, however, is fodder for another letter.
Yes, no question that like Saddam Hussein and other terrorists/dictators, Bin Laden had to be brought to justice for the 9/11 attack on our soil and other atrocities he had directed elsewhere as the commander-in-chief of the radical Muslim organization, Al-Qaeda.
And, for that, I congratulate all who were involved in one way or another.
My concern is that America’s purported civility and commitment to the principles of the Geneva Convention are being eroded by politicians who choose to do what President Obama is doing in desperation because he is so set on keeping his job for another four      years at any cost.
He, apparently, subscribes to the belief that desperate situations require desperate actions in order to prevail regardless of the consequences.
It is my opinion that he handled the initial report of Bin Laden’s assassination in an extraordinary fashion, the American way. And, I thought that would be the end of that chapter in current events and that the action would now go into the annals of American history.
I was mistaken. President Obama, just like local politicians, and his desperate and unscrupulous cadre of campaign operatives, in their usual fashion, chose to reignite 9/11 emotions by “bragging” about the accomplishment under his orders as commander-in-chief when the team invaded Pakistan and assassinated an enemy who appeared to be running for a weapon, all this to show the undecided electorate that the president, according to Mr. Bill Clinton, has “a cool exterior but, internally, a burning passion for America,” a point I don’t doubt.
Truth be told, the desperate campaign rhetoric is cunningly being used to direct attention away from the country’s real problems, its economic woes, principally, as well as others
No? Why haven’t we seen a reduction in home foreclosures and a real spanking of the banking industry that was bailed out with tax dollars for their for their role and their deliberate and inexcusable stonewalling of applications for reduction in payments or refinancing?
What happened to streamlining home refinancing for veterans with clean credit reports? Why hasn’t there been a real and concerted effort at adopting sound energy policies other then awarding huge grants to compadres such as Solandra, a failing company President Obama and company saw fit to reward?
Why haven’t we seen a dramatic improvement in our ability to gather and share intelligence? Why do the various intelligence gathering agencies continue to fight for turf and presidential favor?
Why does infighting continue amongst the various military branches instead of cooperating in order to show solidarity? You have a large airplane, I want a larger one!
And, how about introduction of real technological enhancements to secure our borders and, concomitantly, a full-blown and unconditional effort to reform immigration?
It was, politically, much more expedient to deport rather then move to introduce a system that would enable undocumented and other foreigners to seek citizenship through a legal process.
President Obama’s executive decision to adopt a modified version of the Dream Act as the election drew closer in order to woe Latino votes, in particular, was, a slap in my face and, in my eyes, too little, too late.
Regardless of who President Obama, Clinton and others point the finger at for our sour economy, the economy remains, in the minds of a majority of Americans, the key issue.
The system is broken and needs to be fixed. President Obama gave it his best shot.  Let us now give somebody else an opportunity to introduce some new ideas that will, hopefully, produce different and better results.
The man who purports to be all good, a caring and loving human being, a family man with unconditional love for his wife and children is, in my opinion, just another political monster, and color has nothing to do with it, who will say and do or have someone else say and do whatever it takes to get re-elected.
The glory and power of the position are just too strong to give up.
Needless-to-say, I am once again disappointed by the messiah that many of us supported in 2008. All the verbiage was just another scam perpetrated on the American electorate.
Little wonder is it that so many Americans are totally disillusioned by our political system and why many of us, Democrats and Republicans, now consider ourselves Independents!

John Lopez
Bosque Farms

There are no grounds for belief
Mr. Terry Mehaffey has written to explain that “In science, opinions can best be expressed as hypotheses, beliefs expressed as observed results and faith as rational expectations due to repetitions generating the same results.
“Whereas statements like ‘in my opinion and I believe and I have faith’ are roads that lead us into perpetual intellectual circles …”
I think that Mr. Mehaffey’s lexicon should be understood as: True or false refers to a statement that can be tested.
Fact refers to something experienced though the senses. An opinion is a statement to be tested.
Belief expresses my expectation that a statement will be true if tested. Faith refers to a belief held whether or not it can be tested.
I interpret “perpetual intellectual circles” to mean that I have no reason to believe what is being said. In other words, there are no grounds for belief. I agree. That is exactly what is meant by faith.
It appear to me that exactly the same thing is true of the defenses used to justify scientific statements: deduction, induction, probability.
If you ask for the grounds for belief in these methods, you get the answer “because they work.” This is, or course, precisely the same rationale given for non-sensory statements of faith: for example, prayer works. And in both instances this answer is a circular argument (which Mehaffey pointed out indirectly).
So, where are we? If there are no grounds for believing in the methods used to produce scientific statements, must we discard all scientific statements? Can we accept the conclusion that these methods are justified by faith alone?
They, in turn, are the grounds for belief in scientific statements What difference would that make, if any?

Robert Sanders
Rio Communities

No need to leave stranded animals
Apparently not too long ago, some person dumped six beautiful German shepherd husky mix puppies around five or six weeks old at the shelter. Those puppies were running loose.
This person, can you call it human, dropped of those babies not even waiting for the shelter to be open.
Many places now offer neuter and spaying for free or a small fee. Why in the world do you have animals and do not have the sense to look after them? Were is the mother?
Either you have to give the animal up or at least have her spayed. Please do me a favor and look after her.
Maybe the person who did this is able to read  this. I would like to talk to that person and ask him what he is thinking.

Magda M. Rundles
Los Chavez

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