Letters to the editor (10/10/12)


The Catholic Church is more than a building
This is in response to Mr. Terry Mehaffey’s August letter, and Mr. Robert Pauletti’s Sept. 8 letter to the editor.
Mr. Paoletti’s private interpretation of Scripture cannot be the guide, teacher or authority of man. 2 Peter 1:20, 21; 2 Peter 3:16.
In the 16th century, Protestantism did away with the authority of the Catholic Church and constituted man his own judge of the Bible and what was the consequence? One Protestant Church 1517 AD …. by 1941, almost 400 different “Bible only” believing churches … by 2012 over 40,000.
History: The word “catholic” is a Greed word which means whole, complete and universal. The word was first applied to the church to which we Catholics belong by St. Ignatius, Bishop of Antioch, who died in the year 107 AD.
Divine authority was given by Jesus to the church he established with St. Peter as the first pope: Matthew 16:16-19; Matthew 18:17,18; Luke 10:16.
We Catholics belong to the only church which has been in the world since the time of Christ. She along teaches all that Christ taught.
She alone gives all the means of salvation and sanctification instituted by Christ: John 6:51-66; John 20:21,22,23; 2 Corin 5:18-20; Mark 16:15,16; Matthew 28:19,20.
In a word, she along is the one true Apostolic 265 succession of 265 popes from St. Peter to Pope Benedict XVI.
The infallible church is the bride of Christ. Private interpretation of Scripture cannot be the guide or teacher of man. 2 Peter 1:20,21; 2 Peter 3:16.
Mr. Paoletti and all Protestants, Where would you find the pillar and foundation of truth? You would say “The Bible of course.”
But your Protestant Bibles would differ from you. The Catholic Bible would also say “the church of the living God.” 1 Timothy 3:15.
Nobody who depends soley upon the Bible can claim to have Christ’s complete truth. Nobody can show the Bible to be of divine origin and inspired of the Holy Spirit unless he or she acknowledges the infallibility of the Catholic Church.
If you allow history to go back past Martin Luther (1517), you will find the gospels are really the family papers of the Catholic Church, and she along possessing the family traditions can interpret what these family papers mean.
God is partial to the Catholic Church, and he is not pleased with the churches which cannot agree among themselves except their opposition to the greatest church of all. For it is certain that God, the Supreme Truth, could not have revealed contradictory teachings. Christ meant his church to be infallible.
The one, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church, founded by Christ was commissioned by Him to teach all nations in His name and she received this commission more than 1,500 centuries before a single Protestant saw the light of day.
God’s Roman Catholic Church “is the government of the whole universe … is a much more wonderful thing than the multiplication of five loaves of bread,” St. Augustine, bishop of Hippo in Africa 354 AD-430 AD.
Mr. Terry Mehaffey, as for the corruption of the Catholic Church in history, it never happened. All popes, bishops, priests, monks, nuns, all men and women, the poor, the rich, the educated and uneducated have always been subject to the laws of virtue.
They have had to fight for it, doing violence to themselves, and resisting the temptations life itself carries with it. Some will fail, some fight their way to the heights of holiness, others will remain fair, average quality.
But the Catholic Church remains ever the same. Why? Because Jesus guaranteed it when he said, “Not even the gates of hell will prevail against my church.” (Notice, he didn’t say churches.)
Mr. Mehaffey, Christ declared that his church would be like a net holding good and bad fish. You cannot argue from bad fish to be a bad net.
You were right, the Catholic Church is my “beloved.” The Catholic Church is Christ’s bride, his beloved.
“Protestantism: Protestants are Catholics gone wrong; That is what is really meant by saying they are Christians,” G.K. Chesterton (1874-1936.)

Gilbert Ulivarri Jr.

Mansion Players didn’t use good judgement
Shame on the Mansion Players of Valencia County for kicking someone when he’s down!
I find it appalling that they would make light of (former) Municipal Judge Jeff Aragon’s resignation from office. Jeff Aragon, as an individual, has devoted his life to helping others.
It is disgraceful that they would malign someone for a quick laugh.

Demetrio Griego

Red states benefit most from the federal dollar
A new list shows New Mexico at No. 1! Of all 50 states, we receive the most federal money per capita in return for the money we send the feds.
For every dollar of federal taxes New Mexico sends to Washington, we get $2.03 back. Pretty good deal.
But here’s what’s really odd, we don’t fit the pattern at all. We’re the only “blue” state in the Top 10.
The other nine states receiving the most federal money are traditionally “red” — Mississippi, Alaska, Louisiana, West Virginia, North Dakota, Alabama, South Dakota, Kentucky and Virginia.
In contrast, the bottom 15 states on the list — the states that pay more to the to the feds than they get back — are all blue.
It’s sort of ironic, isn’t it? Leaders and majorities in the red states spend their time screaming about the horrible, oppressive federal government and its “socialist, Marxist, Muslim, Kenyan” leader.
Yet, it’s the red states that benefit the most from federal programs, particularly those programs that pour money into sub-standard red-state health care and education.
GOP governors Rick Perry of Texas and Bobby Jindal grandstand constantly about rejecting federal control, even seceding from the union. Then nature hits them in the face with fires and floods and they scream and scramble for disaster relief funds.
If there’s any “socialism” in the United States, seems like it’s coming from the deluded, ill-served populations of the red states stuffing their pockets with federal money siphoned from the more realistic, healthier and better educated blue states.

Laura Sanchez
Los Lunas

We must elect those who respect
Most folks I know have some idea about my opinion of the Republican “plan for America;” this note won’t surprise them.
Instead, I believe it’s alright to mention my views to others I can not ordinarily contact, but who are welcome into similar discussions. This newspaper is a source available to me.
Mr. Romney doesn’t know much about school teachers (K-12) who go to work each day for less pay (especially in New Mexico) than that of his staff members … volunteers excepted.
He probably is bowing his neck about his tax returns with the same tenacity as a teacher does regarding income. Is it anyone’s business?
Of course the teacher loses privacy because they’re paid from public funds; hmmmn, maybe, a teacher is a public employee! The candidate apparently doesn’t know he is seeking a “position” as a public employee.
This open letter (to the folks I haven’t met) is not solely about Mr. Romney; it’s about folks thinking beyond what they hear, and to join Valencia County citizens who read for content.
Mitt Romney is no one, particularly in the scheme of past political influences, but his picked VP candidate is, and has been a member of Congress.
(Recently), I listened to an interview with Ryan, and he “sounded” as if he wanted to be helpful, loyal to his ideals, and values. He used words that appealed, and sounded straight forward. His language seemed “to the point” and “genuinely America-first;” delivered in a way I could appreciate.
I decided to research how he  “sounded” in other forums, budget explanations, and as chairman in committee; for instance in print where the sound-bite accumulation was not relative. Whoa!
He wasn’t “running” for anything, and the printed words were different, and from the way he used them I thought he was the owner of a close-held corporation that was losing money.
Superimposed over his previous “plan to save America,” was the sound of a dictatorial boss rather than an elected member of Congress. His words, in print, illustrate how someone in power may want to direct how he wants it done, not how a collective needs it done.
Instead, we seek a powerful persuasive choice, a fair and nonpartisan agreement arrived at for the greater good; greater than any bullying-power by a member of Congress. I don’t want to be directed by anyone without a voice in the matter!
The VP candidate is intelligent, educated, and loyal to his party. None of those are indications he will work for a cooperative and bipartisan plan to resolve the myriad difficulties this nation suffers.
We must elect those understanding how to negotiate, who respect the parties in the negotiation, and will compromise where required. It isn’t in the speeches that citizens will find those attributes, it isn’t in the party affiliation, but it is in effort evidenced.
Leaders must believe in arriving at the best solution for the good of the country regardless of the source, or the authorship. Political loyalty is as a walk in the swamp … appears like solid grass, but will not support the one attempting to get across to dry land. Vote!
But for all of us, inform yourselves in order to select those with the ability to lead for the common good in your country. You’ll get the government you deserve!

F. Guy Glover
Los Lunas