Letters to the editor (10/13/12)


Inciting violence against America
I sometimes write letters to the editor with the intention of arousing my people to be proud of our heredity as Hispanics. Some of my letters may have some political flavor, but I try to keep off my political ideas.
This letter deals with an issue that must be addressed and political in nature. I cannot understand why those lame brains in this administration and so many in the media continue this idiotic explanation they have been repeating over and over again that some 14 minute video caused Muslims all over the world to go berserk and burn our embassies, kill our people, burn our flags.
Maybe they were participating in a demonstration of American hatred all over the world.
They are telling every terrorist,  mongrel, lunatics, etc., that all they need to do to hurt America — to incite all kinds of hat demonstrations such as we saw on 9/11 and the following days all over the world — is to make a video, a song, a cartoon repulsive to Moslem sympathizers and here we go.
They are telling the world that we are so helpless, so weak, so inept, so spineless, that we are at the mercy of any individual, hate group, organization, etc., who would want to repeat this over and over.
Heaven help the U.S.A.

Livy Montano
Los Lunas

No church should claim it’s the ‘only’ church
In the first century, AD/CE the promise of the prophets was fulfilled.  Isaiah said, “There shall come forth a shoot from the stump of Jesse, and a branch from his roots shall bear fruit. And the spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and the fear of the Lord.” (Isaiah 11:1-2)
Isaiah wrote these words 750 years before the advent of the subject of his prophecy. This “shoot from the stump of Jesse” was none other than Christ Jesus.
His purpose was fulfilled in his creation of a spiritual kingdom.  In our English New Testaments’, the words “kingdom” and “church” are used in describing the same entity.
It is the church, the “called out,” and the body of Christ. All of these terms are referring to the same body of sanctified people; obedient believers in the one they call Jesus.
After Jesus was resurrected and before He ascended, He gave the disciples instructions in Luke 24:45-49; stay in the city (Jerusalem) until you receive power from on high.
The power those disciples received gave them the ability to proclaim the message of Christ in a way that would allow various and sundry nations to hear the message in their own tongue (Acts 2:8-11).
When that great gospel message was proclaimed, first by the apostle Peter, more than 3,000 souls obeyed the command to repent and be baptized (Acts 2:38). Indeed, on that day, the church (called out) was founded, according to Acts 2:47.
The kingdom/church that was established on that day was a spiritual kingdom (John 18:36-37). The conditions of entrance were established and the ecclesiastical boundaries would be drawn by the Holy Spirit inspired apostles, over the next 40 years.
There were no lavish cathedrals, outlandish, Judaic, priestly garb and there was no pope. All of these were innovations that would come by the hands of heretics in the coming years.
Mr. Ulivarri’s letter on Sept. 19 was accurate in a few ways. Indeed there was one church from the beginning (Eph 4:4-6). It was and is a spiritual people who have died to the world (Romans 6:3-6).
By their very nature, they were and are unassuming and quiet. They are a people not drawn to worldly attention, so they will not have made a huge mark on history by fighting wars, i.e. crusades, or making a big political impact.
They know that this world is not their home, so they live quiet, peaceable lives in accordance with the instructions given in the New Testament (1 Tim 2:2).
Mr. Ulivarri boldly claims that the Catholic Church is the one that Jesus founded. From the pages of the New Testament, clearly that body would more likely be recognized by early Christians as the woman rider of Revelation 17:3-6.
That creation of Constantine, the Catholic Church, was a Johnny-come-lately some 300 years after the establishment of the church of Christ (Rom 16:16).
Pure, unadulterated Christianity is described in the pages of the New Testament and the sincere truth seeker will find that “seed of the kingdom” (Luke 8:5-11) therein. Those words, the New Testament, were well known to Christians long before the Council of Nicea, so the Catholic claim of authorship of the New Testament is erroneous and shameful.
Truth seekers have found the way for 2,000 years without the interference Catholicism.
My intent is not to hurt, but to offer a scriptural alternative to perversions and innovations of man-made organizations and religionists of this strange time.
Primitive Christianity is very much alive. Look for the Church of Christ in your community. We strive to preserve the religion of Christ without going beyond that which was written (1 Cor 4:6, 2 John 9). No sincere seeker of truth is turned away, Matthew 11:28. Come learn at the feet of the Master with us.
“Greet one another with a holy kiss. All the churches of Christ greet you.”  Romans 16:16

Hud Griffith
Rio Communities

Obama is not to blame for everything — almost
Now that the Republican convention is over I can only say that I am sick and tired  of hearing these wannabes, believe that they can heal this country of all its ills, and, the worst are the misguided that fall for their rhetoric.
Yes, Obama promised the same things that the GOP is promising.
More jobs from where? How did we get to where we are?
No, I am not going to blame President Bush, at least not entirely. It wasn’t his fault for 9/11, and that surely set us back.  The events of 9/11, which lead to two wars at the same time, first Afghanistan and then Iraq for whatever reason, which no one seems to be able to justify.
This surely is one of the greatest causes of our huge deficit, a deficit that is not Obama’s fault, nor is the loss of millions of jobs to other countries, which is instrumental in the collapse of our economy.
This led to the lay off of millions of jobs, which is not Obama’s fault. The slow down of manufacturing and construction is another cause of layoffs, and even though a small come back of manufacturing and construction, has taken place the rehiring of laid off workers has not.
Let’s place the blame where it belongs. We know and have heard how huge profits are being withheld by the wealthy owners and wealthier CEOs so jobs that were being held by many are now being done by fewer, hense more unemployment. This is Obama’s fault?
Until recently, I was unaware that poor economies in other countries could affect our own economy. Less money in those places lead to fewer purchases and imports from this country.
It’s a shame, but if you have tried to purchase shoes, furniture, electronics and on and on that are American made, then forget it. Those jobs belong to the Chinese, to older citizens. Remember after WWII all the junk sent here that was “Made in Japan?”
Just like today, but in time that came to an end. Maybe if we remain patient while they get richer and we get poorer, all for the sake of saving a few dollars for poorly made products. So blame us and not Obama
About this health care issue and all the fuss. Can you imagine what it must have been like in the ’30s when our parents and grandparents were told that they would be having money taken from there wages for their retirement when they reached 65.
If you were, at that time, in your 30s, 40s or 50s and would have to wait 35, 25, 15 years before you could see a return of your money, how must they have felt? Where would many of us be today without Social Security?
Before you allow a Ryan make over of Medicare, think it over real good or ask him and other congressmen if their health benefits will also be affected.

Ron Salazar
Los Lunas

It doesn’t matter if you’re gay or not
I would like to address the Republican and (Tea Party)  fear of the gay community.
The research on the percentage of the American population that is gay varies. The liberal number is that 20 percent of all Americans are gay. The conservative number is 10 percent.
Let us take the conservative number and go with that. I want the Republicans and (Tea Party)  to think for a moment about this number.
This means that in your family reunion of 50 people, five family members are gay. This means that in your church congregation of 500 people, 50 are gay. This means that in the small company of 100 employees in which you work, 10 are gay. This means in the school of 1,000 students that your child attends, 100 are gay. You know these people.
They are not some alien concept to you. They are human beings. Do we turn our backs on our family and say they are not family because of whom they chose to love? Do we turn our backs on our fellow parishioners and say they are not worthy of God’s love because it does not suit our idea of faith?
Do we turn our backs on our fellow workers and say they do not deserve to earn a living because they offend us?  Do we say to our kids that we will not educate them because they do not share our values?
In reality, you know and interact with several people who are gay. You may not know who they are because they choose not to tell you; maybe out of being ridiculed by you or maybe just because they believe it to be none of your damn business.
Here is something for you Republicans and (Tea Party) to chew on. This great country of ours probably would not exist if the Founding Fathers did not realize the value of one gay man. That man was Baron Frederick von Steuben.
He trained the men at Valley Forge and is considered the father of the Modern American Army. He taught them discipline and tactics that they would teach others.
This discipline that he instilled in men is what made the Army so successful that it would go on and defeat the greatest empire in the world.
I can already hear the marbles rattling in the (Tea Party)  narrow little minds: How can this be?
Benjamin Franklin heard of von Steuben while he was in France. He was about to be kicked out of France for being gay.
Franklin recognized his abilities and he forwarded this information to George Washington. Washington, who was very practical, did not care about this but recognized von Steuben’s ability as a military genius.
The fact that he was gay did not matter to Washington one iota. He judged him by the content of his character and not by the inclinations of his sexuality.
What a great lesson for the tea baggers who go crazy over the intelligence and wisdom of our Founding Fathers.

Antonio Flores
Los Lunas