Letters to the editor (10/17/12)


Los Lunas VFW thanks many who helped
The Los Lunas Veterans of Foreign Wars Daniel D Fernandez, Post 9676 Commander James Garley says “Thank You” to the community for its participation in the post’s recent raffle fundraiser.
On Sunday, Sept. 2, the Los Lunas VFW Post held its annual fundraiser raffle drawing and open house.
The event was attended by many post members and community sponsors and supporters. The annual event was held at the post home, located next to Daniel D. Fernandez Park in Los Lunas. This post of about 100 veterans will continue serving our community through outreach programs which include assistance to veterans and their families, the Voice of Democracy and Patriot Pen scholarship programs for area students and many other community volunteerism programs.
We realize that we are living in difficult financial times and that is why we are so grateful to all our sponsors and supporters.
Thank you to the following merchants and individuals for your generous support and donations:
First place:   one finished cement slab, valued at $2,500, donated by Christian Garcia of CG’s Concrete Inc. and Duke City Redimix;
Second place:  50-inch plasma TV, donated by Brad Francis Chevrolet/Ford;
Third place:  40 yards of carpet, installed donated by Pete’s Carpet and Appliance;
Fourth place:  Dell lap top computer, donated by Dolores Lovato Hair Masters and Jack Lovato’s Tax Service;
Fifth place:  Six-month membership, donated by Gene Sais of Main Street Muscle & Fitness Center, and handmade Jewelry by Catalina Griego.
I would like to thank the following businesses for their gift certificate donations: Bonnie Montoya of Le Bon Gifts, Ana Eva Hirschfeld of Unique Boutique, Lori Ann Ortega of Inner Beauty Hair Studio & Massage, Frances Medrano of El Paso West Hampton Inn in El Paso, two-nights stay; Ribs Hickory Smoked Bar-B-Q,  Ambercare and Staples of Los Lunas.
Thank you to fundraiser chairman Jack Lovato and co-chairman Daniel Jaramillo and to all those who sold tickets and those of you who bought, thanks again-great job!

Commander James Garley
VFW Daniel D. Fernandez Post 9676
Los Lunas

Election is about who will be best for country
I am really torn this year about some of my decisions 2012. Actually I am disappointed in both major parties.
If the issues were strictly economic, I believe the present administration could do the best job. They have tried to put people back to work and I see work being done all over.
Your paper just covered the new health center in Los Lunas, funded by the new health care act and stimulous, and it is beautiful. It was so needed.
I do believe the very high income bracket needs to pay their fair share of our hard times. The seniors, disabled and children have given up enough.
Social Security had not had a COLA in years up until this year. I believe if Congress had cooperated, we would be even further down the road to recovery. They drug their feet because they wanted the Democrats to fail.
Now to some other issues: our health care. The new laws may not be perfect, but I think they were needed to rein in the cost of health care and to cover people slipping through the cracks. They may need some revision, but let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water.
A country, as great as ours, and it is great, should be able to care for its sick and helpless. That is not an unnecessary expense.
And on this subject, what the Republicans want to do to women’s health care is unconscionable. If someone doesn’t believe in birth control, they don’t have to use it. We fought that battle years ago.
And what is humorous about taking care of our environment? It is our moral duty.
Now, on the other hand, I wish the Democrats would stay on higher moral ground. I don’t know that we need to accept anything just to get votes.
What doesn’t the Democrats understand about illegal? The illegal immigrant problem should have been addressed years ago, and would have been, but it benefits employers. I think an employer hiring an illegal immigrant is as guilty as the immigrant; which results in the illegal being taken advantage of, which is not very humane is it?
Now we really do have a problem because we have a generation of innocent people here. This is not racially biased as I feel the same about any person in this country illegally. I don’t care what their ethnicity. They do not deserve to be rewarded in any way for breaking our laws. Any other lawbreaker has to face the consequences of his actions.
We do not need anymore gun laws. The laws we have permit us to prosecute anyone using a gun in a crime. Punish the criminal not the gun owners. We have the right to bear arms in this country for many different good reasons.
I believe anyone who is a citizen and not a felon, or not prohibited by law, should be allowed to vote and their vote should be counted. Both parties are playing fast and loose with this. The Republicans want to give every new registration the third degree, while the Democrats want to register everyone they see.
So who do I vote for? I’m going to loose on some front no matter which way I vote. And I consider myself knowledgeable on the issues.
In a lot of ways, I could be a Republican if they lived up to their rhetoric. But actions speak louder than words and I believe the Democrats have acted in our best interests.

Charlene L. Moore
Los Lunas

Hospital in need with new fast food
First, I’d like to congratulate the village of Los Lunas for taking the bull by the horns and making way for a hospital to be built in our fair county.
And I’d like to congratulate Belen as well for allowing another fast food restaurant to infest it’s confines.
But it’s all good, because you see folks in order to keep a hospital profitable you need one simple ingredient — sick people.
Now, along with the upcoming Little Caesar’s pizza (and I use the term pizza loosely) Belen will have a total of 18 fast food joints just along Main Street alone which will continue provide the cheerful hospital in Los Lunas with plenty of sick people for a long, long time.
That’s if the hospital in Los Lunas gets built. I know the Little Caesar’s will be built because the Valencia County Commissioners have nothing to do with it.
We need to get these commissioners out of office, at least the ones who continue to screw with our money.
Mr. Gentry’s comments from the News-Bulletin article of Sept. 23 are spot on.
The commissioners put the kibosh on a hospital contract two weeks away from the documents being signed and now, with a hospital on the fast track in Los Lunas, they enter into a JPA with Belen for a hospital there.
And to boot, Valencia County just had to transfer $1.5 million from their investments to pay their bills. What is wrong with this digital picture?
Commissioners, I want some of the Kool-Aid you’re drinking.
Citizens of Valencia County, it’s time to come out of your coma and get these bums out of office before they run the county into the ground.
Actually I think we’re already below sea level on that fact.
In the meantime I’ve come up with a new slogan for Valencia County: The little county where time stands still and it’s always 1850.

Rob Raucci
Rio Communities

Don’t let your kids be school drop-outs
In Valencia County, 33 percent of high school students drop out of high school.
These individuals will be far more likely than graduates to:
• Earn 30 percent less in annual salary;
• Spend their lives periodically unemployed;
• Rely on government health care;
• Use other public services such as food stamps or housing assistance;
• Commit crime;
• Cycle in and out of the prison system;
• Become teen parents;
• See their own children drop out of high school; and
• Die at an earlier age.
The estimated additional lifetime income in New Mexico if all high school drop outs had graduated with their class in 2011: $1,289,000,000
Yet, we wonder why our county residents suffer from low average incomes while blaming “corporate America”  for a shrinking middle class.
We wonder why our county jail is full and we have to export prisoners to San Miguel County, thinking that we just need more funds to build more jail cells.
Should we be surprised when the county fails to attract new business investment when we continue to offer a less educated workforce and less than attractive schools for the children of their employees.
I am convinced that every parent who currently has kids in K-3 will insist that their kids will never be one of those statistics who commit “financial and academisuicide” and fail to complete high school.
Yet, if you look at county third-grade test results, it is painfully obvious that for many of our third graders, the die has already been cast.
More than 40 percent are not proficient in reading, while 20 percent are nowhere near proficiency.
As you can see, without drastic and immediate reform measures in our public schools the graduating class drop-out rate of 2021 along with low income levels, high crime rates, high jail population, and bloated government hand outs can only look worse than they are today.

Dennis Schlessinger
Los Lunas