Letters to the editor (10/31/12)


Voters need to be aware of redistricting
Redistricting this spring has brought real confusion as to who we can send to the House in Washington.
Formerly, much of Valencia County was in District 1, presently represented by Martin Heinrich. Major changes in the districts have put most of us now in District 2, where we’ll be voting for Evelyn Madrid Erhard or Steve Pearce.
(The exceptions, those who remain in District 1 along with Albuquerque, are Precincts 6, 16, 22, and 28, in the Meadow Lake and El Cerro areas.)
We usually think of District 2 as being in the southern and eastern parts of the state so many of us have not paid it much attention.
And frankly the candidates have not paid much attention to us either — note the lack of signs for Evelyn Erhard or Steve Pearce.
We, in Valencia County, can and should have an impact on this race.   Stay informed.

Debbie Christensen
Los Lunas

Churches shouldn’t be campaigning
I cam out of Mass very offended (and I’m not alone.)
This country’s founders mandated the strict separation between church and state. Also, in exchange for tax-exempt status, absolutely prohibits churches from campaigning for or against a candidate for public office. A church can lose its tax-exempt status for violating this campaign ban.
If the archbishop and the clergy believe you must preach against abortion and gay rights, fine. But I believe you should have a more fair and balanced approach. That is, you should tell our congregation about what the other party has done for social justice, such as Social Security (100 percent of our senior citizens are receiving it), Medicare, Medicaid, programs to help the poor, loans for college students, the GI Bill (which all of us veterans who participated in after World War II) and much more — all Democratic initiatives.
The Republican Party is advocating a large increase in defense spending budgets and to use military might on any conflict in the world. How does that tie into pro-life? No one in the pulpit is talking about that.
And as for keeping with the “laws,” may I remind you that it is legal in this country to be pro-choice; that is for a woman to have a choice about her own body. That has nothing to do with the Democratic Party of President Obama or the Republican Party.
The church needs to get its facts straight on this issue.
I’d prefer keeping politics out of the church and simply advising parishioners to use their God-given conscience when voting. For the record, I am a registered “Independent.”

Sylvestre Sisneros

There are a lot of issues to ponder
The election is almost here and there are two points I wish to make; first to the women voters.
Ladies, if you appreciate your personal choices regarding family size and timing (regardless of number and when), you owe nothing to most religious leaders, popes or politicians, but you do owe plenty to people like Margaret Sanger, who went to jail on numerous occasions fighting hard for your reproductive rights and personal biological decisions granted under law, especially the right to contraceptives.
Without doubt, all those hard won rights are under attack by too many national and state Republicans, who speak loudly and consistently about jobs and the economy, while yet in their Legislatures and state Houses work feverishly for aspirin between the knees contraception and state sponsored vaginal probe rapes, authorized by what could be called the American would-be-Taliban-like, the adamantly pro-choice (our choices for all) elected dark-agers.
There is no other way to say it, regardless of affiliations or world views, you should not vote to return to the good old days of ignorance only biological information, several unwanted, non-chosen pregnancies and the risk of early and severe internal health damage, just to suit the wishes of, and I repeat, the American would-be-Taliban-like.
As well, after having been a small “i” Independent for close to four decades, it is hard to vote for those party members of which I do not have a choice, causing me instead to vote against what I believe is the worst candidate for the nation’s future.
For this election, it has been quite easy, and the reasons are many, including and within those reasons for voting against the Romney ticket is not only Romney/Ryan’s constant shape shifting (or etch-n-sketch) or pandering or consummate and blatant public lying and myth making, the decision was made on Dec. 1, 2006, prior to the 2008 national election, when Romney was the first candidate to sign Grover Norquist’s “No new tax pledge.”
Our Constitution is rather clear in its divisions of responsibility, and one of those is the requirement for those elected to pay the assumed debts of the U.S. government in a timely manner; or as Jefferson said that when a government debt is assumed, there should also be a revenue source arranged and dedicated to pay said principal and interest in a timely manner, and always within the generation making the debt, or not more than 19 years.
Besides that, why would any person sign a pledge to Grover Norquist, whose previous claim to fame was laundering the money stolen by Abramoff from Native American tribes (referred to in their email exchanges as troglodytes)  while taking repeated cuts for himself, and while he  rerouted the booty to Ralph Reed, corrupting the Christian Coalition.
I absolutely do not understand the modern conservative movement’s passion for, and recycling of, the nation’s unapologetic corruptors (see CPAC’s speakers list).
Finally, knowing of the long list of names, almost the entirety of the nationally and locally elected Republican Party members, them having signed the Norquist pledge, leaving the impossibility for  honoring their responsibilities under the several oaths of office, and looking at the growth of the national debt over the past 32 years, then how could any citizen who honors the constitution’s assigned responsibilities to create debts and raise countering revenue sources vote for such persons and still call themselves economically  patriotic Americans? I can’t!
These things are beyond my understanding, making the old cliché about “tax and spend Democrats” idiocy when compared to the total insanity of spending while on steroids and at the same time cutting sources of revenues to pay for the debts and wars for which they themselves repeatedly voted, then pretending it never happened or that someone else is responsible.
Insanity, as a sickness, to the max!

Terry Mehaffey
Los Lunas

Negative ads are not helping anyone
If you have been paying attention to this election, you are aware of the insurmountable bombardment of mailers and TV commercials on Valencia County voters.
The amount of money being spent on this election process is not designed to inform the voter, but to mislead us and try to pull a fast one on us.
The PAC, Reform New Mexico is run by Jay McCleskey and is funded largely by southeastern oil and gas money. The attacks are not true!
For example, one mailer accuses a candidate of voting on legislation when he was not a legislator in Santa Fe at the time.
I urge all voters to get the facts, use common sense, and remember what you know.
Please, see through the misleading garbage and reject it. The candidates that are being slandered are for many of us, lifelong family, friends and neighbors, people who we went to school with, go to church with, invite to graduations, baptisms, weddings and birthday celebrations.
This is an assault on our community. It is downright wrong.
Let’s send a message to the super PAC’s and to the candidates accepting the money from them, this is unacceptable.

Pam Cordova
Rio Communities

Before you attack, check your facts
I read that Mr. Mehaffey is at it again.
Attacking conservatives like me without “fact checking” his facts. It is amazing that his type of critics always attack the opposition while giving their side a pass.
His side definitely needs to be fact checked. There are major distortions on both sides of the aisle on this election year and it is up to the voters to use common sense instead of absorbing propaganda spewed by Mr. Mehaffey.
May God bless us all..

Delbert A Gabaldon
Grapevine, Texas