Letters to the editor (11/03/12)


Romney flip flops on what he believes in
Which way the ball rolls, kick it here, no kick it there. This is Mitt Romney.
That’s right, the entire campaign has been where ever the ball rolls, he’s for that. Mr. Romney leaned to the extreme right to out run the other Republicans. In his first debate, he did it again: the ball rolled in a different direction to the moderate middle.
Honestly, the Republican Party used to be a very good party, until it got taken over by some very extreme people who would like to see a lot of what makes this country great made into a third world country; privatize schools, fire departments, military, etc.
They found a way to make big money by taking these organization that are government run and dismantling them, selling them off and we, as taxpayers, pick up the tab. Let the little guy pay.
Imagine not begin able to pay for some of these because these now privately-owned government companys are expensive, they have to make their big profits, so they take away from one of the 22 social programs that are in place now to pay the difference. Let’s see them take away food stamps, WIC, Medicare and Medicaid.
Because these people don’t need it, they’re cheating the system. They pop open the champaign bottles, “let’s celebrate our profits.” More tax breaks for the rich because they’re really needing it. Are you serious?
No more labor unions, now don’t forget we got 40 hour work weeks and fair wages because of the union. They’re not perfect, but not bad.
Some states are already doing away with child labor laws that protect children from working. My opinion on this is it’s immoral. I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea.
Now, as much as I want to forget what life was like during the Bush era, I can’t. Everyone of us was affected by what his policies did to the country. History is fantastic because it should always served as lessons to us. A reminder, learn by your mistakes.
Imagine what the United States would have been like if Al Gore was president. Bravo to the Supreme Court’s decision making Bush president. Imagine being kings of the land.
Now think of what Mr. Romney, the no policies candidate, would be like. How sad is that. Remember, it always boils down to how much more money they can make, him and his donors.
Did you know that over 90 percent of the TV and radios are Republican owned? That tells you right there what is meant for you to hear, repeated over and over, so you, the watcher, listener, reader will hear it enough times and finally start believing it. That’s what you call manipulation.
And you know what else, I do pay pay taxes yearly and I don’t mind it one bit if I can live in a decent society. What would our society look like if we did not pay taxes? There are a lot of corporations who don’t pay a cent; they actually get big refunds, these so called job makers. How did they manage to do that?
Well, I will tell you, it’s the simple tax code. That is how they get all the campaign contribution favors paid off.
Since the disastrous Supreme Court ruling on Citizens United, which was passed by a 5-4 decision, again a Republican appointed panel of five judges in favor of this democracy-killing law. For those of you who don’t know what this is, it’s basically unknown donors can contribute as much money as they want to any campaign. We all know that nothing is for free with all those big bucks. There are big favors to fulfill.
Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of respect for the Supreme Court, if they were doing their jobs like they were meant to. For one, It’s a high court of appeals and siding usually with what’s best for the majority. It’s the people’s court, not some favor owning, want to be the kings court, answering to big buck donors.
However, that is all on the Supreme Court for the moment. I have been reading for months the different opinions that come in to the paper all trying to convince you to start thinking of things happening around us the way they see things. We all have a right to our opinions, as you can see by mine.
Some people who write in all the time, you know what they are trying to do. They’re working hard. Before you’re ready to accept what they say as truth, remember some of it is and some far from it. Some highly enjoy their letter writing skills and do it often.
One thing that worked really well years ago was getting the truth from one political side, don’t discount the other side. Get the truth as well from that political side. These days, the truth is hard to find, but not impossible. Then make your decision and vote.
Remember, no matter who you vote for, just vote. We, as a people, were made to think, to use our brain, then decided what is morally best for our country.
Try to decide with your brain. Don’t let religious leaders or over-opinionated talk show hosts decide for you. That’s why they get the big bucks.
At the end, we all have to one day answer for our behavior and our decisions; even our vote and how it affects us all for the good and the bad. Hopefully, we can get back to a nation that has a mutual respect for all who care about the people and the community and most of the all, the children.
I know that you think I am a tree hugger. Well maybe or maybe not. I just feel we should make decisions that are based on the future by learning from our past mistakes, not make them again and move forward in a direction that helps everyone on an even playing field. That’s all.

Juanita Ramirez
Los Lunas

It looks like Obama’s policies have failed
As I looked over Sunday’s Journal, I saw where President Obama has a lead here in New Mexico over Mitt Romney.
I was surprised at how many New Mexicans have embraced President Obama’s liberal agenda. His stand on abortion, same-sex marriage is enough to scare the majority of the American people.
This is the man who ran in 2008 on the promise of “hope and change,” transparency and to unite the American people, and look what happened.
There is no “hope” in sight for the millions of unemployed Americans, and no hope for foreign nations to look up to us as leaders of a strong nation.
One would have to agree with Charles Krauthammer, a syndicated columnist, on his point of view on the Middle East situation. As he stated in his column, the Middle East is ablage, the country is drowning in debt and there is a fiscal cliff looming in the horizon.
As for “change,” President Obama has done a good job of changing how the world perceives the United States, weak and divided.
How on earth can President Obama be running on his failed record, weak economy and his broken promise to fix the economy, his promise to unite the American people? Instead, I believe, he has tried to divide the people by playing the race card, and using class warfare just to win this election.
President Obama is a man of many words, but not a man of his word. It is not fair how his administration is using scare tactics about Social Security and Medicare in order to scare senior citizens who depend on their Social Security and Medicare. It is dirty politics at its worst.
Has anyone ever noticed how the liberal media protects President Obama, and never asks him hard questions about the world situation, the economy, gas prices and the millions of unemployed Americans.
And how about the Benghazi situation in Libya where four Americans were killed. I believe President Obama has had an easy ride for four years.
I realize many people have already made up their minds about who they intend to vote for. I just felt compelled to express my opinion about how I feel about this administration and the direction this nation is going.

Lourdes C. Sanchez
Los Lunas

The value of your vote; make it count
Traveling recently I was struck by the similarity of all cultures, races, ethnicities and economies.
We are all God’s people and our wants and needs, our hopes and fears, cross all geographic, religious and economic boundaries.
We all need food, shelter, affection, affirmation, education, opportunity, affordable health insurance that cares for our children to age 26 and provides coverage in spite of pre-existing conditions.
We all want peace, safety, consumer protection, employment and inspiration.
This is a great, brave nation where work is rewarded, creativity encouraged and duplicity distained.
We expect our government to protect us, provide infrastructure and encouragement through highways, house loans, educational grants and scholarships, which all cost money and for which we should all sacrifice and share that burden with the spirit of cooperation expressed in the saying, “He’s not heavy, he’s my brother,” not with the attitude “I’ve made my own fortune, you make yours.”
Because of government stimulus begun by Bush and increased by President Obama, we escaped a 1930’s depression and our economy is slowly, but surely growing stronger.
Unemployment, while still too high, is steadily diminishing and some new jobs are developing in America. The auto industry survived, banks have paid back their loans and real estate is reviving. Those on Wall Street and in the financial industry who destroyed our trust are slowly being brought to justice.
We are a strong nation made so by a huge mix of ethnicities blended into one proud nationality. The Statue of Liberty proclaims “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses …,” and along with those already here, what a great nation we have made; one that still welcomes those willing to come and work, to strive and survive in spite of the naysayers, the nativists, the neocons, the negative.
Immigrants willingly fill jobs most Americans don’t want; the dairy and farm workers, taxi drivers, gardeners, cooks, waiters and maids —some accented — most multi-lingual, learning English, paying taxes and grateful for the freedom and opportunity found here; their children finding hope in the Dream Act.
Our way of life can only endure when everyone pays their fair share; when millionaires quit dodging taxes, when corporations co-operate, unions negotiate, legislators govern by consensus for the good of all and there is equal pay for equal work regardless of gender; when separation of church and state is valued, people are free to love whom they will and adjust their family size as their emotional and financial capabilities allow; when a preferential option for the poor is exercised and capital punishment is abolished.
This is the American ideal, supported by a loving, non-denominational God who cares for us all. Rise above the emotional buzz words and fear mongering that encourage hate and distract us from the duplicity that flourishes when financial and environmental regulations are reduced and the rich  become richer while our planet and our citizens suffer and become poorer.
Governments are supposed to provide a safety net, such as Social Security, health care and veterans benefits, not intrude into our private lives.
As our founders intended, we are not  a Theocracy.  Separation of spirituality (of whatever belief or non-belief) and state is the law. Morality cannot be mandated, it must be modeled.
Stop the super PACs and the top 1 percent who are trying, through bribery, miss-information and a flurry of negative publicity, to steal this election from the rest of us.
Research the facts yourself and, as a conscientious American citizen, make your one precious vote count.

Patty Guggino
Los Lunas