Letters to the editor (11/28/12)


Chamber thanks those who helped out
The Valencia County Chamber of Commerce wishes to express its appreciation to the village of Los Lunas, Graphic Arts Station and the Fill-Up convenience store for the support of the Los Lunas High School football team’s success this year by your contributions to the “Go Tigers!” banner.
The board of the VCCC is honored and grateful to have the opportunity of working together to be a part of making this possible.

Stephanie Flynn
Office Manager
Valencia County Chamber of Commerce

Planned Parenthood offers many services
I read Ms. Lopez’s Oct. 24 letter about Planned Parenthood with interest, but with also a great amount of annoyance.
When a discussion of Planned Parenthood arises, why is the focus always on birth control pills, condoms, and in many situations, abortions?
Don’t the many other services offered by Planned Parenthood deserve discussion?
Ms. Lopez asks why a woman does not go to Planned Parenthood seeing maternity care. Could it be because Planned Parenthood is not a provider of pre-natal care? In regards to ultrasounds, these are within the scope of pre-natal care, an expensive and highly specialized field in which Planned Parenthood does not operate.
While not all Planned Parenthood centers can offer all services, many of the hundreds of centers provide cervical cancer screenings, breast exams, routine pelvic exams, PAP tests, UTI testing and treatment, STD testing and treatment, menopause testing and treatment and other additional services.
In addition, Planned Parenthood also provides services for men. Yes, men! Centers across the country offer prostate cancer screenings, colon cancer screenings, testicular cancer screenings, routine physicals, UTI testing and treatment, STD testing and treatment, ED exams and treatment and vasectomy services.
Why is it the fault of Planned Parenthood that there are so many teen mothers today? Don’t the parents of these teens (both boys and girls) engaging in sexual behavior bear any of the responsibility? Where are the parents when it come to properly educating their children regarding sex, morals, self-respect and respect of others?
Since many parents have abdicated the responsibility of providing their children with proper sex education, maybe we should be thankful there is an organization that steps in to assist where it can.

Laura Sklarski
Los Lunas

Hospital issues will not be resolved soon
Three county commissioners, through the approval of the joint powers agreement with Belen, are either deliberately trying to destroy the proposed Regional Medical Center, or are working on the assumption that there will be two hospitals in the area.
Because of these three, now it has become necessary for each of the facilities to provide us all with what amounts to not one, but five feasibility studies.
Here are the scenarios:
1. Without competitor: Full use of the mill levy;
2. With competitor: Full use of the mill levy;
3. Without competitor: No mill levy;
4. With competitor: No mill levy;
5. With competitor: Share the mill levy.
Until all five of these are completed by each of the facilities, no hospital can begin. In each case, the cost to the taxpayer needs to be thoroughly explained to them.
It is amazing how much damage three individuals can cause. Now, because of their suspiciously hasty vote, all the citizens have to wait, yet again, for an indefinite period until these projections have been presented to the financial entities involved. All of these studies will have to be verified by someone else. This could be costly.
Since Miller Architects already has its design and has already arranged for construction and basic operation revenue, it is important for them to have the patient discharge and revenue estimates for options one and three, the two most likely to actually happen and most likely to be smiled upon by the taxpaying citizens.
If the three commissioners cannot be persuaded to rescind the JPA, it will be necessary for Los Lunas and Belen to sit down together and work out options two, four and five. There is not other way for feasibility to be determined to the satisfaction of the entitites that have to front the money.
In a News-Bulletin article titled, “Cordova: Hospital won’t burden taxpayers,” Mr. Cordova tells us that Belen will have to draft and send out RFPs while they seek offerors.
While he tells us that “offerors have to provide a financing plan for the construction and equipping of the hospital and address whether the issuance of bonds by the city or county will be ‘requested or required by the offeror,’” there is no provision against issuing these bonds.
The taxpayers are not automatically protected (in spite of the title of the article) except by their power to vote any bond issue down.
Meanwhile, the residents will be without a hospital. They are forced to wait for these RFPs to bear fruit, and for all five of the feasibility option reports. Other than option one, there is no assurance whatsoever that any of the others will be successful.
Depending on the level of cooperation between Los Lunas and Belen, it could be years before there is nay groundbreaking. Again, we were all victims of the same three commissioners who have destroyed our hospital in the past, and now seem determined to kill another one and to commit the mill levy to a project that is nowhere near a plan. Why are these people doing this to us?
Mr. Raucci, in a recent letter to the editor, advised us to throw the bums out. That seems to be the most intelligent strategy to finally get us the health care we so desperately need.
For us all to be victimized by three incompetent officials is an outrage. By using their power and impunity to accountability, they have become an oligarchy whose most mysterious quality is their ability to sleep at night without shaking in shame.

Clarke Metcalf

Annual tournament was supported
We would like to thank everyone that helped make our seventh annual Captain Tammy Tournament a success.
One again, the News-Bulletin did a great job publicizing the event ahead of time and covering it.
The Belen High School Athletic Department is great at working with us and the high school gym is a fantastic facility for the tournaments. The high school Naval Jr. ROTC Color Guard team was there to help with the opening ceremonies.
A special thanks to Rev. Jay Armstrong, of the First United Methodist Church for our opening prayer; and Shodan (Black Belt) Molly Chavez, who drove in from Eastern New Mexico University, for her beautiful rendition of the national anthem.
A special thanks for the special treat of the High Desert Pipes and Drums with their traditional bag pipe tune and emotional rendition of “Amazing Grace.”
Our own students and parents are the ones who help the most with all of the work it takes to set up and run a large event.
Our tournament program business sponsors are invaluable in helping to finance the show and keep the scholarship program funded for the future. Many of these businesses are there for us year after year, and we really appreciate them.
A big thank you to Sen. Michael S. Sanchez, Judge James Lawrence and Missy Sánchez, Mark Peter, Suzie Peter and Ranchero Builders Supply, Pavlos and Nicolette Panagopoulos with Investment Centers of Valencia, Main Street Muscle and Fitness Center, Janice Lardner, Delora’s Hair Salon, Romero Funeral Home, LaRee Baca with Pampered Chef, Richard Brower’s Buckland Pharmacy, Belen Moose Family Center Lodge 1680, Chapter 1648, Diana Cole’s Rocky Mountain Casuals, Avonite Surfaces, Adelante’s Bargain Square Thrift Store, Coleman Academy of Irish Dance, Chris Montano with Taqueria & More, Days Inn in Los Lunas, Donut King, Frank’s Septic Pumping, Able and Willies, Bruce Fleming of Business Print Center, True Swords, Pete’s Café, Cross Country Propane Feed and Livestock Supplies, Bob and Terri Young with Sorbco Packaging, Paul and Loretta Baca with Kicks 66/A&W Rootbeer and Ed amd David Erler with Erler’s Martial Arts Supply.
We thank God for His blessings in all things.

Richard and Cindy Long
Belen Goju Ryu Karate

GSE Harvest Fest was a success
On Friday, Oct. 26, Gil Sanchez Elementary held a Harvest Festival for the families of the school. It was a great success and lots of fun was had by all.
I would like to recognize the following businesses for their generous support. It is community minded business partners like the follow that help make our schools extra special:
Delbert Jaramillo Farmers’ Insurance, Wayne Gallegos DJ,  Walmart Belen and Wal-mart Los Lunas, Paul Baca from Young Baca A&W, Del Taco Los Lunas, Walgreens Belen, Walgreens Los Lunas, Wagoner Farms, Wendy’s Los Lunas, Rainbow Bakery Albuquerque, Shamrock Foods Albuquerque, Hobby Lobby Albuquerque, Al’s Mini-Mart Belen, and Denny’s Los Lunas,
Thanks again to these great local businesses!

John Caldarera
Principal, Gil Sanchez Elementary School