Letters to the editor (12/08/12)


Bullies in mailboxes won’t get his vote
The mystery campaigners inundated us during this election.
The conservative Supreme Court secured their place in our political discourse because it is “issues” based. Malarky.
As a result, these organizations don’t have to tell the public who they are, or how much tax deductible money has been donated. They can hide in the weeds and pour money into attack ads laced with pseudo-factoids to  “discuss” issues.
It’s not a discussion. It’s a form of cowardice. If you have something to say step up, sign your name and enter the debate openly so we can find a solution.
One reason our nation continues to be in trouble is due to these secretly funded personal attack ads. But one high level New Mexico Republican bureaucrat giggled, “It’s not personal, it’s politics.” Really?
The attacks are very personal. The ads are specifically designed to create an extremely negative personal image of a candidate by telling only one jaded side.
Here’s an example: A group calling itself Crossroads GPS blames Martin Heinrich for creating a destructive economic cliff that will hurt the nation and New Mexico. The real picture is the Tea Party in Congress led by Paul Ryan were instrumental in creating the situation because they refused to change any of their positions.
The “compromise” that Ryan also voted for was the economic cliff that they claim will hurt our nation and state. Ironic.
Locally, our mailboxes were trashed with slick ads from Reform New Mexico Now. The mystery people have a Post Office box in Albuquerque. No phone number, web address, or Tweet perch. It was a one way, shove it down our throats, half- truth “conversation.” No thanks.
I don’t like to be bullied. I don’t want to be “reformed” by a secretive  mystery group of anyone. Something tells me they have something else up their sleeves and since they aren’t coming forward with that part I don’t want the rest of it.
For more than 40 years I’ve known two of the people the secret mystery people have been attacking the most. Those folks aren’t perfect. Who is?
But I know who they are, where they are and if I need to discuss one of their positions, I don’t have to dig them out of the weeds, or drive to another state.
There will be other election cycles. In those I plan on voting against the people who brought in these gangs of mystery high dollar hit-people.
It’s not personal … just politics.

Rick Brinneman

Letter writer’s problem is with God, not church
This letter is in regard to the letter written by Sylvestre Sisneros of Veguita on Wednesday, Oct. 31.
From Mr. Sisneros’s letter, it appears that politics has become his religion. I was at that Mass. The priest never mentioned political party, candidate or who to vote for. The priest did not give his opinion.
Father told us the truth about what the Catholic Church teaches concerning abortion, artificial birth control, co-habitation, gay marriage and euthanization.
Father alto mentioned the sinfulness of those as the Catholic Church teaches. He also mentioned the Sacrament of Confession and forgiveness.
On the following Sunday, the priest reiterated the teaching of the Catholic Church by reading the letter that the arch bishop wrote in the above mentioned teachings. Father received a standing ovation from the congregation.
Mr. Sisneros mentions that abortion is legal, but is it moral and just? In the past history of the United States, slavery was legal, but was that moral or just?
Mr. Sisneros mentions God-given conscience. How is that conscience to be formed? By the state or by God?
I fear that Mr. Sisneros has hardened his heart for the teachings of the Catholic faith; therefore his problem is with God and nothing else.

James Padilla

Writer says he is always fact checking
A well-meaning answer to Delbert Gabaldon’s “attack” letter of Oct. 31 and his use of this sentence, “(Mr. Mehaffey is) attacking conservatives like me without ‘fact checking’ his facts.”
Regularly persecuted, self-labeled conservatives like Mr. Gabaldon do not realize how much time I am known to spend on research and “fact checking.” Mr. Gabaldon also “spewed” out this statement, “… and it is up to the voters to use common sense instead of absorbing propaganda spewed by Mr. Mehaffey.”
So, the applicable definition for the word propaganda is: “The spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause, or a person.”
A honest and able “fact checker seeks only truth/fact/reality (that, that is), and the other sort, the dishonest sort, deals in lies and false witness, and the worst of those are the ones who engage so in a public forum (and there are copious examples).
Mr. Gabaldon’s (trust me) personal attack means nothing because it is “spewed” without a single letter or word of evidence, for which he totally failed, not offering a single supporting quote for his finger-wagging accusation.
However, I will offer a very recent example with accurate quotes from a national conservative and evangelical parachurch organization (Focus on the Family) caught red-handed dealing in lies and false witness; and their doing so is/was an attempt to influence disabled minds, closed to fact-checking, and is a current part of the public record recently found on CNN and other news sources.
Focus on the Family mailed out anti-Obama flyers (shown on CNN) that employed a disgraceful and disgusting cropping of a sentence from an Obama speech, intentionally reversing the meaning of Obama’s words. Here quoted are the flyer’s “spewed” false witness, “Whatever we once were, we are no longer a Christian nation.”
Now consider Obama’s full sentence (truth/fact/reality), including the intentionally cropped word “just” and the discarded remainder of the sentence: “Whatever we once were, we are no longer just a Christian nation; we are also a Jewish nation, a Muslim nation, a Buddhist nation, a Hindu nation, and a nation of nonbelievers.”
Obama’s statement absolutely meets the test of truth/fact/reality, whereas the statement made by the flyer meets the bible’s definition of having a close intimacy with old Beelzebub, of intentional lying and false witness.
Mr. Gabaldon should know that the Focus on the Family organization is one of the nation’s most “conservative” by their own labeling, is extremely well financed and fully grammar rule capable, and they often hide their false accusations behind religiosity and phrases of piety, such as, “May God bless us all.”
Regardless and because of being a small “i,” all labels hating independent, such public dishonesty within my thought processes does horrible damage to the self-professed conservative and Christian labels.
Please, if Mr. Gabaldon catches me making a (unintentional) mistake (needing fact checking) or especially, promoting false “propaganda,” and he presents an accurate, full quote(s), and, after confirming, I will respond by apologizing and thanking him for informing me.
However, Mr. Gabaldon’s letter, engaging in unsupported and unfounded accusations, puts him on the same rhetorical foundation as the flyer from the “conservative” institution, Focus on the Family, which stinks to the highest heaven!
The “other side?” What the “h” does that mean? I do not have a side except the search for fact/truth/reality, and I never hide behind expressions of religious piety, hoping to bolster the credibility of my words with the use of verbal enchantments.
In my thought processes, employing such pretentious distractions in the final chapter of any person’s rapidly closing life is a waste of too many heartbeats — correction, in any chapter of life.

Terry Mehaffey
Los Lunas

Tea Party should have a new name
The Tea Party, an off-shoot of the Republican Party, picked up a head of steam (hot air) after the first election of President Barack Obama.
Since then, they have not only embarrassed themselves, but have been detrimental to the entire GOP.
In the recent elections, Republicans lost five Congressional seats as a direct result of the misguided actions of the Tea Party.
A better name for the Tea Party would be the “Sour Grapes Party.” Since 2008, the Tea Party has been chewing on sour grapes because there are still many people in this great country that can’t accept the fact than an African-American is present of these United States.
On a related issue, now that the Republican Party appears to be in shambles, it would be a great opportunity for a third party to become a stronger player on the national scene.
I would certainly like to see Green Party or Independent candidates move forward and become a viable option in the future for the American people.
For now, let’s get behind the president and move forward, stop the whining and either swallow or spit out the sour grapes.

Lorenzo Pino