New chiropractor builds relationships with patients


At Health Quest Chiropractic in Bosque Farms, Dr. Ryan Wolff and his wife, Dr. Niki Wolff, are interested in looking at the bigger picture of health and wellness.

Ungelbah Daniel-Davila-News-Bulletin photo: Dr. Ryan Wolff, a chiropractor at Health Quest Chiropractic in Bosque Farms, says he believes the body is designed to heal and repair itself.

With an emphasis on teaching healthy lifestyle practices, Health Quest has maintained an office in Albuquerque for eight years and decided to expand, opening the Valencia County location in February 2012.

The new office is completely independent of the Albuquerque office, but carries the same name.

Wolff is originally from New Jersey and says he always had an “interest in health.” Originally, he considered pursuing sports medicine, but felt it was too limited.

Through chiropractic medicine, he found he is able to help patients address the “bigger picture,” he said. While obtaining his degree at the Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas, where he graduated in 1999, he met and married his wife.

“I really enjoy what we offer,” says Wolff. “I believe the body’s designed to heal and repair itself, and what we do as chiropractors is help that individual’s body, depending on where their lifestyle is at, achieve that goal of getting the body to function better over time, by getting it to heal and repair itself.”

He says most people come to see him with problems with their back and neck, under the impression that they go to the chiropractor because “there’s something wrong with my spine.”

However, Wolff says he looks at the “bigger picture” of the patient’s overall lifestyle, which allows him to treat more than the issues people might typically think they can go to a chiropractor for.

“We see a number of things,” he says. “We don’t treat allergies directly, but things we do help with people’s allergies. Asthma, acid reflux, we could go on with a lot of more organic type issues, but it’s the lifestyle that chiropractic teaches and that we teach in our office, that we are able to see other health issues other than headaches and lower back pain change.”

A body’s nerve system, says Wolff, “controls everything functioning in the body.” Therefore, if the nerve system is compromised, signals will not get sent properly throughout the body.

“Less nerve supply, less function,” says the doctor. “So, we want to restore that first and foremost.”

Some of the lifestyle issues they address are about getting adjusted on a regular basis, not just when you’re feeling poorly. They also talk about nutrition and what a healthy diet looks like, along with exercise and motion, and finding healthy stress outlets.

The first visit to Health Quest consists of a consultation, in which the doctor talks to the patient to find out what’s going on with their body.

“I’m going to sit and listen,” he says. “Then what we’re going to do is I’m going to take a look at the spine, feel up and down the back, see if the spine’s showing signs of what we call subluxation, and then we’re going to run some tests with state-of-the-art technology that looks at the function of the nerve system.

According to the office’s website, vertebral subluxation is a condition that results when the “spine is shifted away from its normal healthy position and loses its ability to properly move.”

The tests that are run use an insight subluxation station, which looks at nerve to muscle communication, nerve to organ gland blood vessel communication, digital range of motion (of the spine), maps inflammation around the nerve roots as they come out of the spine, and heart rate variability that tells shows how a person’s nerve system as a whole responds to the environment.

The doctor says the practice takes measures to build relationships with their patients so that they are like family, and the layout of the office reinforces that with what Wolff calls an “open concept.”

Since a visit to get an adjustment typically takes about 10 minutes, the doctors work on their patients in one large room where patients can all but walk in and walk out. The goal is to make the visit, “fit into your lifestyle easily,” he says.

To make an appointment, call 869-2273. For more information, visit Health Quest Chiropractic’s website at