Letters to the editor (12/15/12)


RSVP thanks those who gave their time
The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program staff would like to thank the organizations, churches and the individuals who provided donations and volunteered their time to those in need during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.
Due to the team efforts of Steven Boliver and the Belen High School Staters club, St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store, Greater Belen Chamber of Commerce, the Belen Moose Lodge, the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Multicultural Commission, Belen Elks Lodge, Daylight Electric and Appliance, Knights of Columbus, Romero Funeral Home, Walmart in Los Lunas, Presbyterian Church of Belen, Joe Saiz and family, Lenore and Steve Pena and many others who gave generously to about 300 families and senior citizens in Belen, who were provided with a Thanksgiving basket.
RSVP thanks these organizations, churches and individuals for their cooperation and donations. Your contributions made a difference. You gave from your heart and this made the holidays joyful for the needy and elderly of our community.
RSVP thanks you and we look forward to working with you again in 2013. Have a blessed New Year.

Bertha Flores
RSVP director
Ann McDole
RSVP secretary

Librarians thank voters for their support
“You need libraries, libraries needed you.”
Thank you Valencia County voters for supporting our libraries with 58 voting yes for GO Bond B.
The passage of GO Bond B will bring almost $240,000 to public school, academics and public libraries in Valencia County.
Many people volunteered in promoting GO Bond B in Valencia County, and we offer our heartfelt thanks to Chris Martinez of Bare Bones Graphics, the Los Lunas Board of Education, the Belen Board of Education and all the schools that promoted the bond on their marquees.
The village of Los Lunas and the city of Belen were also helpful in publicizing the benefits of GO Bond B.
Valencia County libraries provide resources for all citizens. Thank you for your support so we will be able to give the best service to you.

Stephanie Eagle
Deborah Graham
Cathy Lindberg
Barbara Lovato
D’Nene Luera
Teresa Martinez
Mark Rosenblum
Cynthia Shetter

KGE Relay Recess was a great success
The American Cancer Society’s Los Lunas Area Relay For Life expanded in 2012 to include the Katherine Gallegos Elementary School community.
The original financial goal was to raise $1,050 in the fight against cancer.  The actual amount raised was over $5,000, with the help of the students, staff, and community at the school.
Seven grade level teams participated in fundraising activities, which began in January. Twelve local survivors participated in the opening ceremonies as well as the survivor lap, where all students and staff lined the outside track at the school to cheer our survivors on.
The purpose of the event was to  promote community service at the school, introduce students and staff to programs that fight for the end to cancer and raise funds to eradicate cancer.
Tina Collister and Karin Trujillo, event co-chairs said, “The Katherine Gallegos Elementary Committee did an outstanding job of working together to make the first annual event so successful.”
Thanks to committee members Bev Stern, Laura Coleman, Deb Powell, Tanya Sanchez, Emily Dykstra, Tanya Padilla, Angie Baca, Genisha Beaty, Shayla Slatunas, Taffy Goold, Sarah Martinez and Margarita Sandoval.
The Katherine Gallegos Elementary Relay Recess was made possible by a host of local sponsors, including  Superior StormWater Services, The Moo Doc, Omega Contractors, Volt Inc., Victory Sports & Graphics, Walmart Distribution Center of Los Lunas, Benny’s II of Los Lunas, Cooper’s Family Restaurant, Pastel Stables, Kenpo Karate, Sonic of Los Lunas, Old Mill, Oregano Gold Coffee, Patricia Baca and the KGE PTO.
The committee would like to thank   Vince Gurule, Dustin Nichols, and Ashley Dykstra of Los Lunas Middle School for providing awesome sound for our event; the Katherine Gallegos Elementary cafeteria staff for providing a nutritious sack lunch for students to enjoy; James Baca, our official photographer; Steven Padilla, volunteer extraordinaire; Girl Scout Troop 10080 for our opening flag ceremony; Shawna Buckner, Sam Morerod, Bev Stern and Teresita Chavez-Vigil for singing the national anthem; and Joanne McCloud, Andy Dirk, Rebecca Tafoya, and Tiffany Tafoya of Zumba Fitness.
If you would like to join us for the second annual Relay Recess at Katherine Gallegos Elementary, scheduled for May 17, 2013, please contact Karin Trujillo at ktrujillo@llschools.net  or Tina Collister at tcollister@llschools.net.

Karin Trujillo
Los Lunas

Questions about RC incorporation
The Rio Communities incorporation committee has now mailed a plea to residents to vote in favor of incorporation in January.
They continue to say that the result would be no increase in property taxes, and I have no doubt that this is true.
They write that the “funds available … are more than adequate to fund our town at this time.” (Emphasis is mine.)
Does that mean for six months, two years or 10 years?
I know from experience that grants don’t last forever.  Would the new city be viable without the grants?
Valley Improvement Association will provide start-up office space at no charge. Forever, or will the city need to build, rent or buy space for a city hall, municipal court, and police station?
Will our new mayor and council serve forever without compensation?
Why did the city of Belen choose not to annex Rio communities? Was it because they would not have been able to fully fund services to the communities?
If a city with all of the infrastructure of Belen can’t cut it with the additional tax revenue, why could we?
So many questions, so few answers. There still isn’t any word about a budget. Only the implied response of “trust us.”
No one really quarrels with the need for more police protection or the desirability of better planning and zoning. But I wonder whether the results could not have been the same or better if the same amount of effort were put into getting the county to do its job well.
A contingent of 25 to 50 residents showing up at every meeting of the county would have gone a long way to solving our problem, wouldn’t it?
So, my personal response will be a “no” vote unless full budget information is forthcoming before the vote.
In the words of the famous customer of Wendy’s, “Where’s the beef?”

Robert Sanders
Rio Communities

UNM-VC is grateful for donations
The UNM-VC Staff Association would like to thank our local businesses for donating gift certificates to our Halloween Costume Contest.
There were a total of 52 students, faculty and staff members who participated.
(We would like to thank): Al’s Hair Design, Amor Flowers, Carlos’ Cantina and Grill, Deb’s Drive and Dine, Donut King, Perfect Look, Rita’s, Rutilio’s, Sonic Drive In, Tractor Supply Co., Henrietta’s and Teriyaki Chicken in Foil.
Their contributions and support ensured that our contest was a complete success.

Kathy Dorcus
President of Staff Association

Asking nicely is the first step
What a revelation! And it only took me 77 years to realize it.
We can have almost anything we need or want, if we just ask for it — nicely. I’ve seen so many examples lately.
We have a small church and Susie has been in charge of the children’s Sunday school with only the help of an older student for a long time.  Someone asked for help for her, and immediately 11 woman signed up.
As is usually the case, we get much more out of it than we give. As a matter of fact, we asked  for help doing lots of things. Bingo! People respond.
In my own life, once I got over the false pride of “ I can do it myself,” I’m much happier.
I don’t drive in Albuquerque anymore (Lucky Albuquerque)! Unfortunately, I still need to go to the big city on occasion.
I ask friends who do drive any and every place, and we make a day out of it — gab back and forth, have something to eat and enjoy each other’s company.
They can drive my car or I can pay for the gas. I know I always feel good about helping somebody else, so I hope they experience the same satisfaction knowing they were useful and able to help.
This year, I asked my adult grandson for both my  birthday and Christmas presents. And I got them! Thank you, Vince.
They’re the gifts that will keep on giving, hopefully the rest of his life. (For the first time, he registered and voted).
Well that worked out so well I ask my children for specific gifts. I wanted the lyrics of some old songs for our senior center for our group that plays and sings at Rio Communities center on Friday mornings. Oh, please make the words large.
For Christmas, I told them what magic tricks I want. And I found out what “magic” I can probably handle by asking my 18 year old, very talented grandson, Chris the Magnificent!
It may work for you. So ask and it will be given unto you. Of course, we have to ask nicely.

Nancy Faust