Letters to the editor (12/26/12)


You don’t have to search far for answers
We are all searching for the perfect Christmas gift. We spend hours, days and even months looking for that gift.
We spend any amounts of money searching high and low. When we find that perfect gift, we wrap it in pretty paper and ribbons and set it under a beautiful decorated lit up Christmas tree.
We are so full of joy when we see the receiver so pleased with this gift.  But sometime later, this perfect gift that gave someone so much joy for a little while, gets old and is thrown in the trash pile.
But the most perfect everlasting gift came to us more than 2,000 years ago wrapped in rags (swaddling clothes) and put in a creche (a creadle used for animal feed) in a cold cave with only the night stars for light.
This perfect gift which can give us so much joy and will last forever-even eternity. You can still find this perfect gift in all the altars of the Catholic Church.
You do not have to search far, you do not have to spend any money. He is waiting for you to come Home for Christmas; to receive him in the Eucharist.
This perfect gift — Jesus Christ — is given to us from heaven through the blessed hands of our priests, a perfect gift-the body, blood, soul and divinity of our Lord, Jesus Christ.
Given to us at Christ’s Mass at Christmas and every day of the year throughout the world. Come Home for Christmas and receive that perfect gift. Receive the peace and joy that comes with it.
If you are a non-practicing Catholic, make a good confession and receive this perfect gift for Christmas. If you are not a Catholic come and register for RCIA classes to learn more about our beautiful Catholic faith and recieve that perfect gift soon.
God Bless you all and Merry Christmas and may our Lord bless you with His everlasting joy, peace and love.

Mary McCloskey
Los Lunas

The Christmas story
It is a story that has been told and retold for more than 2,000 years. It has been recorded in Scripture and countless other books in every written language and is celebrated by billions of people annually.
Regarding Scripture, it takes all four Gospels to present a complete picture of our Lord. The Gospels clearly indicate that the Jesus they proclaim is God himself.
The birth of Jesus that we are preparing to celebrate is God the creator, offering Himself to his creatures out of pure, unselfish love, and, what have we done with his gift?
“Today, our secular culture attacks not only the meaning and public celebration of his birth, it attacks the very mention of his name. As brazen attacks increase against the Christ child and the church he established, we must remember that attempts to destroy Jesus started not long after his birth with Herod’s massacre of the holy innocents,” said Robert M. Gallagher, publisher of St. Benedict Press, LLC.
For more than 2,000 years, this old world of ours has tried to stamp our the Christ child, the meaning of his life, death and resurrection; and for 2,000 years, every attempt has failed.
Herod could not kill Him as a baby; the grave could not hold Him as a man; and all the might of the Roman Empire could not destroy His message  or the establishment of his Holy Catholic (in Greek: Universal Church) Church.
From the blood of his martyrs, which stained the floor of the ancient coliseum, the Roman Empire itself was converted to Christianity in less than 400 years.
Today, the ruins of that ancient coliseum stands in the shadow of St. Peter’s, where His vicar still resides.
Within our own memories, the Nazis have tried and failed, and the communists have tried and failed. Today, even our own government is trying to suppress His message and force His church to violate its own principles or subject it to unconscionable fines. Our government too shall ultimately fail in its attempt.
Despite scandal and the sins of His own fallen followers, from Peter’s denial to our own; the continued murder of holy innocents through the greed and evil of the abortion industry; these young martyrs are a testimony to the hatred that evil bears for life.
Our secular culture continues to redefine marriage and family.
Truly and tragedy: Our Christian senators and representatives have become leaders of the culture of death. Why do we continue to vote for these relatives of Herod?
The babe of Bethlehem, the gift of eternal life is offered by that one solitary life which began so long ago in a small village of Bethlehem (Belen).
Let’s all boldly proclaim to a desperate world the message of Christ, “Rejoice and be glad for today is born a savior, Christ the Lord.”

Gilbert Ulivarri Jr.

Budget would drive us over the fiscal cliff
An austerity federal budget is dead wrong. We must not pass an austerity budget.
Such a budget would drive us over the “cliff” into another depression which would make 1929 look like a picnic.
It is also wrong to eliminate federal regulations. They prevent the destruction of our livable planet for our children.
As a percentage of Gross Domestic Product, our national debt was over 120 percent in the wake of the Great Depression and WWII. It fell to less than 33 percent prior to President Reagan.
Under Reagan and the first President Bush government debt doubled to more than 66 percent of GDP. With modest tax increases, it declined to 56 percent during Democrat Bill Clinton’s term.
During the second Bush presidency, with a GOP Congress, more tax cuts, unfunded expansion of Medicare, wars that weren’t funded and a unregulated financial collapse, national debt climbed to well over 80 percent of GDP. It is now at 100 percent of GDP.
For our economy to recover jobs, the focus needs to be on a comprehensive plan for economic recovery which tackles both expenditure and revenue.
We must invest in infrastructure, and clean energy and we must repeal or renegotiate the “Free Trade Agreements.”
Furthermore, we should not be the policemen of the world.  We must remove agricultural, fossil fuel, and other corporate subsidies and loopholes.
Health care costs must be reined in by expanding Medicare to age 55 and negotiate lower drug prices.
We must repeal the Bush tax cuts and lower Social Security/Medicare taxes to 12 percent from 15.3 percent but uncap the $111,000 upper limit.
Finally, we must enact a financial transaction tax of 0.5 percent which was very successful in the 1930s.

John Best

Guy in red cape doesn’t get it
I have a great letter for you. Big news. Could be the story of the year. Exclusive, never imagined.
I just heard that our special leader, the man in blue with the red cape, the cool guy who split the Red Sea, who walks on water, the man who took all those great photos in New York and New Jersey and made all those promises and won the election.
I heard he just sent a letter to Rep. Boehner, speaker of the house, begging him to give him (the president) $64 billion with a “B” so he could keep his promises. Oh my gosh!
I have more great news America. According to the Department of Labor’s calculations, if we were all to lose our jobs, then we could have zero percent unemployment.

Livy J. Montano
Los Lunas

Lawmakers are playing games
While the current fiscal cliff wars are going on at Capitol Hill, our service men and women are putting their lives and well-being on the line daily.
Those Capitol Hill politicians are playing games and not putting the American way of life in a good position to be gung-ho for.
Our republic works best when engaged by ethical democracy, certainly not be gridlock.
We have a few words to say. Individuals who hold public office with sincere faith in the public trust given to them by honest elections may be excused from these words.
As for the other individuals, we wonder if they worship the dollar and themselves a bit too much.
Political campaigns are amazing because they are run with sales pitches aimed at hurting opponents. Amazing, too, is the total lack of incumbent politicians who are willing to resign from office because they find themselves talking like the predecessors whom they ran against.
I know of one who did just that, and spent the remainder of his days in blissful simplicity just being popular.
Too many Democrats and Republicans alike believe in making a career of public office. Mahatma Ghandi is one.
It is unfortunate that an empty-headed assassin ended his life before his word was through.
The Washington, D.C., big shots in all three branches of government through the years have molded their positions with salaries and benefits fit for a king. Kings don’t get hurt, really hurt like middle America will be by fiscal cliffs.
What would happen if the Constitution were amended to place a cap on government salaries? Suppose all national public offices had an annual salary of, say, a dollar? Of course there would be bonuses for good performance.
What would happen if all performance standards included one for reminding Wall Street tycoons that Main Street and not they still call the plays?
Is there any home that if this were all true, many incumbent big shots would soon learn that their re-election tactics against anyone and anything are useless?

Charles Wilson
Los Lunas

Family is grateful for all the support
The Lopez family would like to express their sincere thanks to all those who attended the benefit spaghetti dinner, bake sale and silent auction, organized by the Duran family.
I wasn’t able to attend because I did not feel well, but the reports from my family were incredible.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support, prayers, cards, donations, and visits.  I appreciate you thinking of me.

Porfirio “Partner” Lopez