Letters to the editor (01/02/13)


More information is needed before vote
I am a resident of Rio Communities and have been reading, in the paper, on the progress that the Rio Communities incorporation group claims that they have conducted.
This has raised so many red flags that I had to speak up. This incorporation group has not informed many of the residents in the proposed incorporation area of the so called many meetings that have been held on behalf of the incorporation. I have received only one letter informing me of the date of this incorporation vote along with flowery words on how the incorporation of this area will benefit its residents and this was not received until the middle of December.
Where and when have all of the meetings been held? Why wasn’t the residents of the area notified of each and every one of these meetings?
After reading the article in the News-Bulletin on Wednesday, Dec. 26, there are a few things that need to be said.
The New Mexico Municipal League does not provide figures, do research, provide mapping, provide census numbers, etc., for communities that what to incorporate. They only provide the community with the steps and processes they need to take to incorporate, which was relayed to me by the municipal league.
The estimated Rio Communities municipal budget is another issue that needs to be addressed. Where did they get their figures? Are they coming up with these from the top of their heads?
The only study that has been done was back in 2003 by the Mid-Region Council of Governments, and at that time, it included the industrial area, where Sud-Cheme, Mesa Oil, Solo Cup, etc., were, and the city of Belen decided not to annex Rio Communities due to the fact that the revenues would not be enough to support the … area. The new area does not include this industrial area, so what study are they using?
They also talk about funding sources to help, and yes funding is available, but the funding comes with a price. The newly incorporated area would have to come up with some matching funds. Where are they going to get these matching funds?
They also say that taxes will not go up. Taxes will go up if they are going to support a municipality. That is inevitable.
Their anticipated expenditures do not make any sense either. More research needs to go into the figures that they provided because the figures listed in the paper show that this group indicates it has not done its research.
It all boils down to the fact that the Rio Communities area cannot support itself.
I believe the residents in this community are being misinformed and misled. I encourage all Rio Communities residents to become better informed in order to make a prudent decision of whether or not to incorporate.

Lisa Miller
Rio Communities

It’s time to take over our own destinies
Thank you to Julia Dendinger for the first part of the four-part series on issues around the vote to incorporate the Rio Communities area into a new township.
The article laid out the facts as the incorporation project has uncovered and revealed them to us in public meetings and letters. This group has worked diligently with consultants and experts to make sure this venture is a positive step for our area.
The area designated for the township extends beyond our current Rio Communities and conforms to all state regulations. Last year, when people were invited to form the committee, all members were not resolved that incorporation was the best step for our residents.
Although all questions are not answered at this time, I fully trust the process that has lead to their recommending that we now vote “yes” to incorporate.
When I was president of the Rio Communities Association, I heard numerous complaints about how issues were not addressed appropriately by our Valencia County Commission.
Many of us spent hours and hours speaking before the commission. Although some members heard us, our issues were never adequately resolved.
Although we are by far the most populated area in the unincorporated areas of the county, resources are stretched too thin to adequately serve us. A vote for incorporation will not only impact each of us, but also our neighbors to the north and south will benefit from increased businesses and services in our area.
As we move into a new year, many of us  make resolutions in an effort to create a better life for ourselves and our family in the year ahead. It takes courage and faith to step into that future.
I am inspired with the possibility of creating an exciting future for our area residents with the vote to incorporate. I am looking forward to being part of the development of our new city.
I agree with Mark Gwinn that it will take time to achieve the results we want, but we have to start somewhere. Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result is a formula for disappointment and stagnation. It is time to move ahead.
If you live in the area of the new city, please vote! If you are not sure if that means you, or if you have any questions about incorporation, please contact Mark Gwinn of the Incorporation Project, 264-3412, or rcincorporation2013@gmail.com.
Be informed and vote “yes” for our future. It’s in our hands!

George Moscona
Rio Communities