Letters to the editor (01/05/13)


Republican party is not good for Americans
The recent New Mexico coyote hunt got lots of national press, which may not be a good thing.
The weekend-long shooting spree killed only 39 coyotes, less than expected.
1. With only 39 coyote pelts collected, maybe the perceived coyote problem is not actually real.
2. Alternate observation: Maybe part of the perceived coyote problem is that the coyotes are smarter than the hunters.
3. It is very unfortunate that nobody has the cojones (and/or the money) to offer a reward for a Republican hunt. The perceived Republican problem is very real.
A big reward for the indictment and conviction of criminal Republicans starts with traitor Karl Rove, who now has added election fraud to his many other crimes.
The cyber patriot team called Anonymous will eventually release the evidence showing that the firewall that they hacked into Rove’s O.R.C.A. election data system prevented his intention to flip the votes in three important counties in Ohio (as was done in 2004).
Knowing what took place in cyberspace that Election Day makes the YouTube footage of Rove’s election night meltdown on the Fox News Channel really hilarious. (But of course, finding an official in Ohio who will actually prosecute is another matter.)
Next on the list are traitor and war profiteer Dick Cheney and lobbyist Grover Norquist. George Dubya will likely never be prosecuted for his treasonous action in approving the release of C.I.A. agent Valerie Plame’s identity (proven in court) nor for his many war crimes.
Add to the list all the Republicans who directly participated in the above-cited crimes and you already have a long list. And then there are even more local and national Republican miscreants, maybe too many.
Good thing that Halliburton designed all those concentration camps to be built by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers — boy, I hope there’s enough room.
The Japanese are an honorable people; they surrendered after World War II and they have kept their word.
The Republican Party has no honor. They continue to lie and cheat and steal in order to win elections, and to subvert the U.S. Constitution. The Republicans and the Oligarchs who own them hold themselves beyond and above the law and they have no intention of surrendering.
Do your homework: Wikipedia has reliable details on the following:
A. the Powell Memorandum of 1971
B. Jude Wanniski’s “Two Santas Theory”
C) P.N.A.C. (Project For A New American Century)
D) The Federalist Society
E) the Citizens United v. F.E.C. court case
4. Calling Republicans coyotes defames canis latrans. All Republicans are fascists and ideologues; a majority of their leaders have committed treason and war crimes and election fraud, not to mention publicly lying to the American people, without guilt or remorse or apology.
If the fascist Republican Party had anything of value to offer the American voter they would not have to lie and cheat and steal to win elections.

G.E. Nordell

Waste Management is not a good fit
This is an open letter to the Valencia County Commission, concerning mandatory trash pickup.
I am certainly in support of mandatory trash pickup, but am adamantly opposed to the commission choosing who we do business with. I for one will not do business with Waste Management — period!
I’m currently in a billing dispute with Waste Management concerning a $35 account reinstatement charge they accessed and refuse to reverse.
My service had never been suspended nor had I ever received any notification of suspension, just a charge on my billing statement.
After many attempts at getting the charge reversed, I was forced to discontinue service and Waste Management will never get the $35.
I’m also opposed to paying them quarterly, quarterly billing is of no benefit to me, it benefits them and allows them to use my money as they see fit.
Waste Management is not a local company; its corporate headquarters is located in Houston, Texas, and I would rather support a local business. How about you commissioners, would you rather support local business or the corporate giant?
No matter what you commissioners decide on this issue, mandatory trash pickup will just end up being a suggestion anyway.
How will the commission enforce it? How will you force us to do business with a company that is not of our choosing?
The answer here is, you won’t.

Gary Gibson

(Editor’s note: The Valencia County Commission voted to enter into a contract with Waste Management last month for solid waste pick up.)

Nickels and dimes add up nicely
Rose and I were having  lunch at the Del Rio Senior Center. And as women often do, we were talking.
I told her about the big wine jug of mostly pennies that the Woman of St. Philip’s filled as a way to raise money for our out-reach program.
For 50 cents, you get to guess how much money is in the jug.  The one closest gets the money and lots of penny wrappers.
I am very curious to know how much  is in it because the Bridge Club who meet at our church, but are not members, counted it and put the results in an envelope and sealed it.
So even if you torture me, I can’t tell. Thank you, Bridge Club.
Rose had a better story.   When she was a kid, more than 60 years ago, she was a waitress.
In those days, they gave you a nickle or a dime as a tip. Rose put her dimes in an old wine jug also.
There came a time when she needed $30 badly. Surely, the jug had $30 in it.
When she dumped it and finished counting, she had $500! Wow!
I immediately went home and put all my dimes in a small jar. After all, I don’t get tips any more, and as they say, I’m a little long in the tooth.

Nancy Faust

Role of churches  is to connect us
In my Catholic school background, the nuns taught me that faith was a gift given freely by God.
I find it shocking that people try to force their religious beliefs on others. It is as though they think that if they have enough evidence, enough proof, enough power, they can force others to have this gift of faith.
I think we often get confused about the power of God as opposed to the churches and religious institutions that try to have a claim on God — limiting Divine power to their rules, to their beliefs, to their rituals and practices.
We live in a country that says that we are free to believe what we choose to believe. Some countries in the world do not share that freedom.
I am afraid that we have fundamentalists here in our United States who would try to force their beliefs on all the citizens of this country.
In the early years the followers of Christ began to form various communities. As we read in the scriptures, there was often disagreement and debate about the best way to follow the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
There was no “church” — no Christian religion, only groups of people striving to follow the inspiration of their teacher and model, Jesus Christ.
As the institutional church began to be formed, in many ways it represented the teachings of Jesus less and less.
Jesus taught us how to have a relationship with his Father. This profound experience can still be available through churches. The role of churches is to connect us with the Divine.
Churches engaging in politics, leading “Crusades,” and trying to dominate and control others seems to misrepresent the Gospel teachings.
I invite us all back to humility and compassion. Who really knows the mind of God? I know I do not.

George Moscona
Rio Communities