Letters to the editor (01/16/12)


Random kindness was a welcomed treat
Many, many thanks to the nice young couple who bought our lunch at Henrietta’s Restaurant on Saturday, Dec. 8.
It was a lovely act of “random kindness,” and we were both surprised and pleased that such a nice act would be done.
We both send our best wishes to that couple that they may be blessed in the new year.

Wendell and Lorraine Doty
Rio Communities

When liberals are called out, they lose
There you go again Mr. Mehaffy, attacking what you know nothing about except what you can arouse up in your liberal mind.
Mr. Mehaffy, you try very hard in the letters to the editor to perceive to be the smartest person in the room. With me being a pro-life, pro-Christian value person, I debate and argue people like you all the time.
Your a dime-a-dozen person living in political lala land trying to win over  by insults and innuendos and then pass it on as “facts.”
More too often, when a liberal is against the ropes in an argument nowadays, they yell “racist” or “bigot” when they know they are about to lose.
You, Mr. Mehaffy, bore us with your personal long winded displays of diatribe. Thank you for aligning me with Focus on the Family. That’s an honor I will carry proudly.
It is obvious you voted for that car salesman Obama. Congratulations, you just bought your self a clunker.
May God bless us all.  You too, Mr. Mehaffy.

Del Gabaldon
Grapevine, Texas

Resident thankful to all those who helped
I can’t let 2012 close without thanking some people for their help and service.
In August, I was involved in a wreck in the Rio Communities in which both vehicles were totaled. I would like to thank the Valencia County sheriff’s deputies, and the Rio Communities rescue for their immediate response.
Also I would like to thank Charlie’s Paint and Body for the outstanding repair job in spite of  what one insurance company estimated.

Paul Rockhold
Rio Communities

It’s nice to see families are staying together
(This is regarding) the Valencia County newborns in 2012.
This is the third year that I have enumerated:  1. Kiddos whose mom and dad and them have the same last name (including those with compound last names of mom and dad); 2.  Kiddos whose mom and dad have different last names, and 3. Kiddos whose mom chose to not name dad.
This is the first year where kiddos in category 1 (31) are more than those in categories 2 (19) and 3 (4)!  Statistically, 57 percent vs. 43 percent.
So what?
As a 68 year old who has been involved in men’s prison ministry for 28 years, whose father was an alcoholic and whose mom asked this seventh grader if she should divorce him (she didn’t), who clearly recalls that 1980’s woman activist saying “a woman needs a man like a chimp needs roller skates,” and who has been married more times than I care to tell you — I unequivocally state that the providential first and best family for kiddos (and me) was and is a biological mom and dad.
Yes, horrific abuse and the “hardness of our hearts” leads to divorce and yes, blended families can “make it,” and yes, an adopted child is especially chosen, but Oh! How blessed is the child whose mom and dad clearly claim her or him as theirs from the first and stick it out!
And how thrilled I am to see the turn-around. Lord, please keep it up and help us each to support families and, indeed, those who do not have that privilege and joy.

John A. Shipe
Rio Communities

Liberals have made a difference in America
This is a response to Mr. Dennis Schlessinger’s letter to the editor, dated Dec. 1.
Yes, Mr. Schlessinger, I am preoccupied with the Tea Party because it is dangerous and reckless. For the Tea Party, there is no room for compromise and that fact is holding back important legislation that this country needs to move forward.
It has racist elements to it that are anti-American. It is misogynistic. As we have sadly seen in this past year, it panders to those in society on the right fringe who are dangerous to any free society.
Mr. Schlessinger brought up the Depression of 1920, but he fails to say that the 66th Congress that allowed it to happen was dominated by conservative Republicans.
By this time, President Wilson was incapacitated by a stroke. This conservative Congress was ill suited to deal with post World War I problems that the country and the world would be facing.
Further, Mr. Schlessinger gives a lot of credit to President Harding for dealing with this depression. I have never seen any historian give so much credit and praise to Harding, a president whose administration was notorious for the Teapot Dome Scandal and was responsible for the Return to Normalcy, which allowed business to run amok with no regulation and eventually would lead to the Great Depression a few years later.
Mr. Schlessinger says that Harding’s solution is the same as the Tea Party solution. God, I hope not.
The Harding and Coolidge years were known for no regulation of business, public and personal scandals, oppression of workers, high tariffs, overproduction of goods, failed farm policy, buying on credit, buying on margin, loose morals and a failed foreign policy.
If we follow this Tea Party solution, we will surely end up in another depression that will be worse than the Great Depression that Harding and Coolidge created.
In closing, Mr. Schlessinger uses the word “liberal” as if it is an insult. Let me remind him that the greatest accomplishments of this country have been because of liberal ideas:
The Bill of Rights, land grant colleges, the Homestead Act, the Emancipation Proclamation, the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments, Progressivism, the abolition of child labor, the Sherman and Clayton Anti-Trust acts, the Pure Food and Drug Act, the Federal Reserve Act;
Making the world safe for democracy during World War I, Social Security, the FDIC, the TVA, the Wagner Act, opposing fascism during World War II, the Four Freedoms, the Marshall Plan, the United Nations;
Desegregation of the armed forces, Brown vs. Board of Education, Medicare and Medicaid, the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act, the War on Poverty, and Obamacare, just to name a few.
This country was built upon the idea of liberalism.  Liberalism will always prevail over conservatism because it is a philosophy that encourages us to be the best that we can be; a philosophy that challenges us to think of those in society that conservatism marginalizes; and a philosophy that challenges us all to think of our own prejudices and biases and helps us to overcome them.
Conservatism and the Tea Party only serve avarice, fear and paranoia.
Yes Mr. Schlessinger, I am a liberal.  Thank you sir!

Antonio A. Flores
Los Lunas

Everyone here has been very nice
I’ve been wanting to write this letter for some time now, but haven’t had a chance.
I just want everyone to know how much I appreciate everyone who has been so friendly to me and my family since I moved here last year.
Valencia County is a great place to live.

Denise Smith
Los Lunas