Letters to the editor (01/19/13)


(Editor’s note: Students in Jenny Chavez’s secondary English class at Calvary Chapel Academy in Belen wrote these letters to the editor.)

Valencia County needs customer service
I think that Valencia County needs more stores. I am not a big shopper myself, but when I am shopping, my family is always complaining about the rude workers.
The workers are so rude because they know that they have the cheapest prices around so they treat us like we can only go to their store. Here are some suggestions for some stores: Target, K-Mart, and maybe even a mall so people don’t have to go a long distance to go to the mall.

Joseph Brant
Los Lunas

Belen needs to have organic choices
I am a student at CCA. I think the town of Belen should build a Whole Foods. The only stores we have are Walmart, Lowes, and gas stations.
Within those stores you cannot find much organic healthy foods. The city of Belen has dirt lots all over the place. We can build on them. We should do this because childhood obesity is a problem in the United States.

BrieOnna Gibbs

More wetlands would help duck hunters
My name is Trenton, I’m a local Valencia County duck hunter. I think we need more wetlands in Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District.
The river is too congested. I purpose that we negotiate with farmers in these potential areas to allow wetlands for migrating waterfowl. This will create more locations for hunters and bird watchers.
By creating more wetlands, it will keep everyone safe — bird watchers, hunters and horsemen alike. It will also create a place for native ducks to hatch their ducklings, along with the geese and sandhill crane.

Trenton Powell
Valencia County

Road-kill problem needs to be addressed
I am a seventh-grader at Calvary Chapel Academy. I would like to address the problem of road kill in the county.
There is quite a bit to deal with on our roads. As this presents a potential hazard, I would like to propose a solution. One possibility to dispose of road kill is to simply hire an individual to maintain the roads.
That individual could use the decomposing matter in fertilizer piles to be used in public landscaping. Please place this into consideration.

Aliah L. Elliott
Los Lunas

Valencia County is in need of a hospital
I think that we should have a hospital in Valencia County so that when people get hurt, or have medical conditions, they don’t have to drive so far.
Or when women are in labor or people are hurt or need medical care fast, they don’t have to wait so long for someone to come and help them.
If there was a hospital in Valencia County, people would get medical care fast.

Morgan Perea
Los Lunas

More restaurants, shops and a hospital
I would like to talk to you about the growth of Valencia County. We have a lot of empty space that could be used over on the west side.
I think we should get more restaurants, stores, and maybe a hospital. More restaurants would be good because we would have a better variety to choose from. We need more stores so we don’t have to go to Albuquerque stores and more people would have jobs.
We need hospital so we don’t have to go all the way to Albuquerque so it’s closer in case of a life or death emergency.
While the businesses are developing we could give them a two-year tax break.

Jacob Luna
Los Lunas

Area parks need to have more safety
I have been looking around at the parks. Some of the parks do not have grass or safety pads.
If a kid falls, he or she will get hurt. I know of a park right now that could use some attention — Willie Chavez Park off of River Road.

Dalton Donalson
Valencia County

A soup kitchen, homeless shelter would help
I think Belen needs a soup kitchen and homeless shelter. We see more and more homeless people almost every day, just begging for money and sleeping in public parks.
This makes parents uncomfortable taking their kids to the park.
The shelter should be in downtown Belen, over at the shut down Work Force building across from Pizza Hut.
If we did this, parents would be comfortable taking their kids to the park. Thank you for reading this letter.

Jacob Smith

Bike paths would be a great improvement
My name is Mason Becker. I am a 13 year old who lives in Valencia County.
One of my hobbies is riding bikes, but in my neighborhood, there isn’t much of a place to ride my bike.
So I think Valencia County should install should bike paths around the towns.
I think if there were bike paths, there would be more people that would also want to ride bikes or do other outdoor activities. It would also keep people safer, instead of riding on the side of the highway.

Mason Becker

Area children need to be protected
My name is Naomi, and I am a seventh-grader at CCA.
I think that we need to have more security and more police in the city of Belen, especially at the Belen Middle School and Belen High School.
My friend at Belen Middle School tells me a lot of things that happen there. For example, even though they have inspections with the police, the kids are still finding ways to do drugs in the rest rooms.
We teenagers, kids, young adults are your future; please help protect us! Thank you.

Naomi Stephenson

Bike paths are a safe alternative
My name is Brenden. I am a seventh-grader at Calvary Chapel Academy.
I think that Belen should have some bike trails. I think that Belen should have bike trails because there would be a lot of people who ride bikes off the sidewalk.
If there is a man riding a bike, riding across the street, a person could not be paying attention and run somebody over. After that happens, the bike rider will be driven to the hospital all the way in Albuquerque.
There would be a lot of police there blocking the roads for drivers. I believe that if Belen adds some bike trails, then there would be a lot more happy people.

Brenden Chick

All animals should be protected
I am a seventh-grader at Calvary Chapel Academy, and I like to watch animal rescue shows.
They show people beating, abandoning and neglecting their animals.  My concern is for the animals that are being abused.
My solution for this problem is for the owners to get a license for their animals in order to keep them. If they don’t want the animal, (they can) kindly give it to the animal shelter. Thank you for listening.

Cameron Hogue

Walking on ditches can be dangerous
My name is Abigail McPherson. I’m in the seventh grade, and go to Calvary Chapel Academy.
I like to go on walks. I know many other people who like to do this too. However, many walking paths around my house run by ditches.
My concern is that some children, and even adults, think that because there is no water in ditches they are safe to play in and walk by. That’s not true.
Flash floods occur in New Mexico when it rains and water runs down the mountain. This causes the ditches to rapidly fill and makes the banks slippery. Even if people are not playing in the ditches, they could easily fall in when walking by.
I think it’s too easy for people to fall into these ditches, and something should be done. I think that it would be safer if there were hand rails around the edge of the ditches.
Either that, or there needs to be grates over the top of them. I know that this would provide a safer environment for everyone.
I also think there needs to be more awareness on this subject. Many people do not know that it is not safe to walk by or play in these ditches.

Abigail MacPherson

Trash on the mesa is out of hand
My name is Joel Fajardo and I am in seventh grade. I like to go to the mesa with my dad and my brother to ride ATVs and other fun stuff. We go there a lot when we need to get out and have some fun.
We love to go there, but every time we go, there is always a new pile of trash dumped out there by some person, who, for some reason, doesn’t care about what he or she is doing.
Last time I was there, there had to have been more than six new piles of trash (and we didn’t go very far and I wasn’t even looking that much).
It’s really starting to bug me and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.
I think that they should have some Dumpsters around the county so whatever it is they have to get rid of so bad out there has a safe place to go.
Dumpsters would help because they would have a place to put their trash now, limiting the blowing away of debris and making other places messy.

Joel Fajardo

More businesses are need in LL
My name is Richard. I am a seventh-grader at Calvary Chapel Academy.
One thing I think about is that Los Lunas needs more stores or places to buy things because in Los Lunas, when you run out of stuff, you have to go to Albuquerque.
You have to waste gas to go to Albuquerque from Los Lunas. There is a lot of space that has no use in the village and we should place the buildings there.
It would save gas money if you would build stores in Los Lunas. This is why I think that the city should build more stores.
Also, I think Los Lunas needs a hospital because if you need to go to the hospital fast you have to drive all the way to Albuquerque.

Richard Fabian
Los Lunas

Trash is unsightly and dangerous
My name is Garrett Ross and I attend Calvary Chapel Academy.
I enjoy hunting and I love to shoot my shotgun so my dad and I go to the llano to shoot clay pigeons.
But every time Dad and I go there, it is full of trash. My dad and I are careful to pick up our empty shells and the clay pigeons that we miss or do not break; however, if some are left behind, it doesn’t matter because they are biodegradable.
We also like to ride our horses in the llano, but there is so much trash that we have to be careful or the horses can get injured.
My dad has to swerve to avoid hitting the trash if he doesn’t it might cut the tires on his truck.
When we are walking around, we have to be careful because there is a bunch of broken glass bottles. Also, animals that naturally live there are being killed or injured from investigating the junk that lazy and cheap people leave out there.
Leaving trash out there is disgusting and it makes New Mexico look like it has a bunch of lazy people who dump their junk out where they do not have to pay for it and the whole state of New Mexico looks bad.
I think if we made a law and enforced it to keep people from leaving their trash in the llano and other areas not designed for leaving trash because it would make New Mexico a real Land of Enchantment.

Garrett Ross
Valencia County