Letters to the editor (01/26/13)


Thanks to the Valencia County commissioners
No one has yet to thank our county commissioners for the savings we’ll be receiving once Waste Management starts its county-wide curb waste pick up in April.
I’m a county resident, and have used Waste Management for many years of excellent service. I just paid my bill for April through June 2013. My bill for the three months was $68.12 or $22.70 per month.
Starting in April with the new contract in place, my billing will decrease to a monthly fee of $16.38 ($13.88 to Waste Management and a $2.50 administration fee to the county), a savings of $6.32 per month.
Again, thanks to our county government.

Roger Cernius

How long are we going to wait for action
There was a popular tune in the 1920-40 period (that) my dad played on our living room piano.
Mom sang “semi-pro” in our community (weddings, funerals, festivals, etc.), and she loved to sing a line or two from “Among My Souvenirs” to us kids … thus the memory.
The point (and my apologies to Mother) is more stringently applied to a notion I subscribe to: the U.S. Congress needs to have a refresher course in things remembered, a.k.a. when times were different.
It’s impossible to “sum-up” the tally of poor effort in the fiscal difficulties by grousing about the political parties in Congress! The elected (why that happened is also a mystery) refused to step up and do whatever it takes to meet and resolve the problem without a partisan war.
The House elected Mr. Boehner, again … that’ll “change” things, right?
The most interesting fact is those states needing immediate assistance, because of a natural disaster, were summarily ignored by the same “I ain’t gonna” bunch until after-the-fact.”
How long are the voters (citizens) in the other 41 states going to sit on their hands and dismiss issues as “beyond” their responsibility?
A natural tragedy and the fiscal woes combined, are enough to drive a thinking person crazy. I have written and called the representatives. Have you done the same?
For all our sakes, do your duty, your citizenship may be slipping by the way-side.

F. Guy Glover
Los Lunas

It’s time for all to come together and govern
I voted against incorporation.
But I believe in democracy and the overwhelming support for prompts me to write this letter.
I’m now all in. There is no other way. So I beseech my fellows:
Think about the invigoration of creating something new. All skills, talents, abilities, experiences become important.
The most is a sense of ownership that empowers cooperation for a common good. You have never been closer to shaping your own destiny.
We, the 5,000 people of this new incorporated entity, have an opportunity to re-create this government of the people, by the people, and for the people.
It won’t be any easier than Philly in 1776, but then again, we’ve had 297 years to think it over.

Tom Upton
Rio Communities

Finding out information wasn’t that difficult
You say you live in Rio Communities and knew nothing about the incorporation until you  received a letter about the incorporation?
Mass mailings are very expensive. The incorporation committee raised funds to cover two mass mailings through auctions, dinners, etc. Did you attend any of them?
Are you a member of the Rio Communities Association? If so, do you attend meetings? Do you make an effort to get its newsletters?
Do you read the News-Bulletin? Do you patronize any of the businesses in Rio Communities? Do you read the electronic sign outside the plaza? Do you read any of the posters scattered around Rio Communities?
Your answers must be no to the above questions as information about incorporation has been represented in all of the above venues for months.
Citizens have certain responsibilities to meet in return for the rights they have. To vote for or against an issue carries the responsibility for you to make yourself informed about the issue.
That means that you must actively seek to educate yourself. You cannot simply sit in your home waiting for someone to bring information to your door.
A good citizen is an aware and therefore an informed citizen. What efforts do you make to be a good citizen?

S.A. Campbell

Generosity was a big help this season
On behalf of the Los Lunas Fire Department and the residents of the village of Los Lunas, we would like to thank you for your generous donation.
Your generosity will help distribute 90 food boxes to the village of Los Lunas residents.
We would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Oliver and family for their donations of 111 toys and a bike. We would also like to thank the village of Los Lunas employees, Walmart Distribution Center, Rasband Dairy, Mr. and Mrs. Huning, and New Mexico State Police Sgt. Frank Casuas.
Your continued generosity is greatly appreciated.

Atilano Lito Chavez
Los Lunas Fire Chief

Paris, New Mexico, is a great name
During all the discussion for and against cityhood over here in Rio Communities (which passed 63 percent to 37 percent), I was surprised to discover that the actual name of our new city is farther down the line in the cityhood process.
So I have two points on the matter:
First point is that we should be thinking outside the box or outside the nine dots (whichever metaphor works for you).
Rio Communities is too long, perhaps, and East Belen will never happen.
The best place to deliver your suggestions is at the RCA monthly meetings (see website www.riocommunities.org.)
My second point is my own suggestion. Now I have always wanted to live in Paris, France, but that is probably not going to happen.
Second best is to take the opportunity here and rename this new city across the river from Belen as Paris, New Mexico!
No kidding, this could be great for our image. We can do sister cities with Paris, France, and the 10 other cities named Paris in the United States.
Maybe get an endorsement from Paris Hilton. Build a 40-foot Eiffel Tower where the N.M. 304 meets N.M. 47.
So, please, Valencia County News-Bulletin readers, let’s use our creative talents and submit many suggestions, though topping my own suggestion will indeed be difficult.
For as Audrey Hepburn said, “Paris is always a good idea.”

G.E. Nordell
Rio Communities

Hijinks and hopes
As a homeowner and resident of Rio Communities, I have a problem with something that happened on “Vote To Incorporate Day,” and also several things I hope for after incorporation.
On Election Day, I saw some people remove two “Vote No” signs that were posted, along with the “Vote Yes” signs, at the corner of Hillandale Avenue and Manzano Expressway.
One sign was tossed in the ditch, where it still is, and the other was taken away completely. Even better, the second sign was replaced with more “Vote Yes” signs at the same corner.
I hope this example of dirty tactics is not an indicator of our future. I hope the goal of the group of people, that pushed the “Yes” vote is not just to vote for each other to get one of the new taxpayer funded jobs.
I hope that the “Yes” push was not just a ploy for people to start complaining about the neighbors they never really got along with.
I hope that the victors take into consideration the rights and concerns of the one third of the voters who did not want incorporation.
And I also hope that the “Rio Communities” name stays the same, and is not changed into “Friendly” or some other moniker that may indicate we have turned into the “Over 55 Communities.”

Jim Johnson
Rio Communities

Back up letters with all the facts
I rarely pay much heed to the letters to the editor section, but I found Laura Sanchez’s “Two problems with the letter to the editor” so particularly condescending that I feel that it merits some response.
Mrs. Sanchez first states that a letter to the editor submitted by “a local Tea Party leader” was “mostly astroturf,” since it was “lifted word for word from another source” without acknowledging the source.
My understanding of the phrase “astroturf” relates it to an event sponsored by a large organization made to look like a grassroots project, not to written works.
I believe the word Mrs. Sanchez means to use is plagiarism, which is, simply put, using the work of another author without giving due credit.
The evidence she offers for this charge is that the article was “probably” lifted from a website called Sodahead.
Then, Mrs. Sanchez leans heavily on the irony button when she glibly attempts to refute her target’s claims without citing any sources of her own.
I think this is the crux of what gets to me about many of the editorials I run into these days.
Writers pontificating with that “what you say is drivel, I have the facts” attitude, yet they are unwilling to put any effort to back up their “facts.”
In short, writers like Mrs. Sanchez should be held to the same standard to which they hold the subject of their ire.

Travis Thoms
Bosque Farms