Letters to the editor (02/09/13)


Gun owner supports gun reform measures
I am a gun owner.
I support the Second Amendment.
I also support the following common sense gun reform measures:
• Enact universal background checks
• Close gun show loopholes
• Ban assault-style weapons
• Limit magazine clips to 10 bullets
• Enforce stricter penalties on illegal gun sales
If you agree with any of all of the above, please call Sen. Tom Udall, 346-6791; Sen. Martin Heinrich, 346-6601; and Rep. Steve Pearce, 1-855-473-2723.
If you are also a member of the NRA, remind them that 75 percent of their members support universal background checks.
Power to the people. Please call today. It matters.

Marie Forman

Political sign reflects  on the city of Belen
Reading (a recent issue) of the News-Bulletin gave me a point of reference on an issue I have been grappling with for quite some time.
In fact, a series of calls from friends and concerned citizens prompted me to ask the following questions and/or make comment about these same issues.
To begin, it is obvious that the Greater Belen Chamber of Commerce is involved in many aspects of the economic climate of the city and has acknowledged the individuals who they deem appropriate and worthy of recognition. I suppose that is all right and good as it relates to promoting local business pride and image.
Having said that, however, I’m very concerned about the reverse and possibly unintended image that the city is portraying for, by instance, allowing the “Worst President Ever” sign to continue to be a landmark for the city.
If I was a traveler on the interstate and needed to stop to eat or fill up with gas, I would be very reluctant to stop in a city that had this kind of political sign displayed (especially post-election.)
Regardless of a person’s political affiliation, a landmark like this is not exactly a positive image builder, especially in a city that is already struggling with boarded-up business fronts, lack of sustainable growth and a sense that there is not a plan in place that gives people hope that we will be given greater shopping, restaurants and basic need choices.
Belen is an important and historical place in New Mexico annals and has much to offer. Although I do not live in the city proper, I am an avid supporter of the local business community that is currently available and I prefer that my dollars stay in this community.
I do not like the idea that I have to travel further north to fulfill my needs. Belen city officials and chamber members, please rethink your strategy as we move forward to finding solutions that benefit your consumers and many others who care about the future of Belen.

Rita M. Padilla-Gutierrez

A night on the town calls for safety
A man pointed a big rifle at me. I didn’t know why he singled me out.
I ran in the dark behind the apartments and back to my apartment. I was (worried about) walking past his place again, then I did not let him control me.
I was wondering when he was going to shoot through my window. He carries a thick stick as tall as him through town.
Even the police are afraid of him. It was a night for crime.
Someone smashed a glass door at a gas station that night. I am not afraid.

Martin Frank Kirtley
Los Lunas

Upcoming election is important to land
The Valencia Soil and Water Conservation District, which encompasses almost all of Valencia County plus parts of Cibola, Socorro, Bernalillo, Sandoval, and Torrance counties, is governed by a board of seven supervisors, five of which are elected (for four year terms) and two appointed by the state’s Soil and Water Conservation Commission.
Two of the elected positions (for Districts 3 and 4) are up for election on May 7. In the past, there has been so little interest in this election that incumbents have been re-elected without any alternate candidates on the ballot.
Soil and water districts are tasked with the control and prevention of soil erosion, prevention of sediment and floodwater damage, and, generally, conserving and developing the natural resources of the state, preserving wildlife, and promoting the health, safety, and general welfare of the populace.
There are 47 such districts throughout New Mexico, with soil and water districts in all the states.
Any registered voter who is also a landowner within the boundaries of the district can run for a position on this non-partisan board. Nominations for these positions must be filed in person on Tuesday, March 19, at the Valencia Soil and Water Conservation district office.
Anyone who feels that he/she can contribute to meeting the goals of the district can submit a resume about him or herself, a letter of intent to run for the board which indicates which board position (3 or 4) he or she is running for, and why he/she wants to run for office, to the district office located in the USDA office on Palmilla Road in Los Lunas. For further information, call the district’s office at 865-5807.
The Valencia Soil and Water Conservation District is not associated with the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District.
In a healthy democracy, competition and choice frequently result in the best interests of the public being served.

James Rickey
Los Lunas