Letters to the editor (2/13/13)


Don’t be an armchair quarterback — join in
(This letter is regards to the letter) “Hijinks and hopes” in the Valencia County News-Bulletin on Jan. 26.
I agree with Mr. Johnson that the behavior of removing and replacing any election signs is wrong.
All opinions of an issue need to be considered. It is also a poor reflection on the Incorporation (now Municipality) Committee’s  hard work to inform voters. These folks were willing to sit down one on one with anyone and, discuss incorporation with residents.
Concerning Mr. Johnson’s “hopes,” I recommend to him and all other “armchair quarterbacks” that they correlate their hopes with their involvement.
If you continue to limit your participation to “armchair quarterbacking,” you will be disappointed in the results and in yourself. Put some feet on those hopes, march them over to a municipality committee meeting.
You can share those hopes in detail and also share what you are willing to do to bring them to fruition.  Call the RCA office at 861-0090,  email info@riocommunities.org or call 264-3412 or email ggwimc@aol.com for information concerning the municipality committee and subcommittees now forming.

Mary Trefsgar
Rio Commmunities

Commission thanks those for their support
The Belen Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Multicultural Commission has just finished celebrating the 20th year of its candlelight vigil.
It was created by former Mayor Richard Aragon, and has been continually supported by former Mayor Ronnie Torres and present Mayor Rudy Jaramillo.
It is truly a collaborative labor of love of our city. This vigil could not have succeeded without the help and support of the Belen Police Department, Belen Fire Department, Belen Public Library, Belen Risk Management, Belen Parks and Recreation, Belen RSVP and the administration and staff at the city hall each year.
Our thanks  to Belen area schools who not only participate in our essay and poster contests, but have Mediation and Character Counts Programs that help to instill characteristics that foster  respecting and appreciating diversity and dealing with everyday situations in a non-violent manner.
Each year, we have organizations and individuals who gladly participate in the vigil. Special thanks to Ragon Espinoza, Wayne Gallegos, the Belen High School NROTC led by Commander Lacy Mitchell, Pat Baca, Rudy Espinoza, the Belen High School Student Council and Staters Club, Renee Antoinette’s School of Dance, and the Boardwalk Gymnastics who contributed to this year’s vigil.
A special thank you goes to the Valencia County News-Bulletin, who gives us such great news coverage and support.
It was a privilege to recognize the former members of the commission, particularly Geneva Nixon who stepped down from 20 years as the commission’s chairman.
They set the goals and objectives of this commission that has lead us this far. It still is amazing how each year our community comes together with the profound dedication to commit themselves to the life and ideals of Dr. King.
The present commission members, Sherry Akin, Mary Anderson, Loretta Baca, Paul Baca, Serena Douglas, Bertha Flores, Mildred Garley, the Honorable Mayor Rudy Jaramillo, Maggie McDonald, Richard Melzer, Joe Saiz and Terese Ulivarri invite anyone interested in joining the commission to contact the city hall.

Serena Douglas
Belen Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Multicultural Commission

Salvation Army offers their appreciation
The Salvation Army unit at Peralta Memorial United Methodist Church would like to express sincere appreciation to Mr. Adam Bruha, manager at the Walgreen’s store, located at 2500 Main Street in Los Lunas, and also to Ms. Charisse Collins, manager at the Walmart in Los Lunas, for their support of the mission work of the Salvation Army.
Mr. Bruha and Ms. Collins allowed the Salvation Army to schedule volunteers to “ring the bell” at their stores during the Christmas season.   Fortunately, the shoppers at these stores were generous in dropping their donations into the “red kettles” — which are synonymous with the Salvation Army.
Through these donations, the Salvation Army unit will be able to provide the funds needed to purchase food which is distributed weekly through the food pantry at Peralta Memorial UMC.
Thank you to Mr. Bruha, Ms. Collins, and all the people who gave from their hearts.  Please know that your kindness and generosity will benefit others in the Bosque Farms, Peralta and Los Lunas areas.
God Bless!

Wayne Sharp
Salvation Army Coordinator
Peralta Memorial United Methodist Church

LLPD is committed to the village and citizens
For those of us who shop at Walmart on a regular basis, I want to thank the Los Lunas Police Department for their hard work in apprehending the suspects who broke into the store on Christmas morning.
Your hard work makes us all happy we live in the village of Los Lunas where our police officers actually make a difference.
Not only are they diligent in their everyday duties, but they are willing to go above and beyond to make sure that those responsible for crimes are arrested and prosecuted.

Crystal Sanchez
Los Lunas