Bosque Farms councilors to mull over solid waste proposals for village


Bosque Farms councilors are getting an early start in putting out a new request for proposals for a solid waste hauler in the village.

The current eight-year contract with Waste Management is up at the end of July, Mayor Bob Knowlton said.

"By introducing this now, I'm trying to get a jump start on the process so we have time to negotiate for good rates for the residents of Bosque Farms," Knowlton said.

The mayor said he reviewed the RFP from eight years ago, and made a few changes, even looking to the county's recent request for services to add.

"We had fairly simple criteria last time and I think there are a few things we could benefit from," he said.

Knowlton suggested a review committee of himself, Village Clerk/Administrator Gayle Jones and Mayor Pro-tem Councilor Wayne Ake.

The RFP was officially released Jan. 27 and proposals were due Friday, March 8.

Councilor Russ Walkup asked that all councilors be given the opportunity to evaluate the proposals.

Knowlton said that wouldn't be a problem, but did note in the past that getting a timely response from the entire governing body had proven difficult in the past.

"If you feel we can get the proposals scored in time for the March meeting, it's your pleasure on who would score them," he said.

Walkup also said he would like to see some of the evaluation criteria weighted differently — community clean-up at 10 percent of the overall score, recycling at 5 percent and bulk item pick-up at 10.

Councilors Bill Kennedy and Dolly Wallace said they would like to see recycling at 5 percent and community clean-ups at 10 percent.

Knowlton brought up the issue of roll-off containers. The current Waste Management contract has an exclusivity clause, preventing companies and residents from renting roll-offs from anywhere else.

"If you want one in the village, you have go to Waste Management at a premium. The argument is it can keep prices lower," Knowlton said. "But there have been a lot of complaints from people on the boulevard who would like to shop around and get better rates.

"Maybe leave that in and see if some haulers want exclusivity or not. It would have to be considered in the fee schedule."

Wallace said when building was booming in the village, many contractors were disappointed to learn they couldn't work with the companies they wanted.

"I think in that case, it's whoever you are used to working with and should be able to make your own arrangements. The village should stay out of it," Wallace said.

The final RFP asks respondents to indicate whether any exclusivity terms are desired.

Village resident asked the council to reconsider and weight recycling more.

"I think there is a real wish to have that service maybe once a month pick up at the curb," Eastman said. "I encourage you to put that back to 10 percent. I think we would really like to have that."

Another resident, Robin Claxton, pointed out there is a recycling roll-off at the sewer plant that she and many others use regularly.

Jones said the roll-offs belong to and are serviced by Waste Management.

"They have an agreement with 4-H," Jones said. "If we go with other firm, I'm not sure how that would go but we would have curbside."

Village Treasurer Deborah Kelley said she also would like to see the recycling containers kept since they are well used.

Cliff Hibdon, the village's utility director, said he sees people going in and out of the plant parking lot almost daily to bring recyclables.

The RFP was approved on a 4-0 vote.

The final version of the proposal put optional curbside recycling at 10 percent, community clean-up events at 10 percent and bulk item pick-up at 5 percent.

Other factors scores are capacity and capability at 10 percent, past performance worth 10 percent and the fee schedule at 55 percent of the overall score.

It asks for services for both residential and commercial pick up at least once a week. Respondents can propose either manual and mechanized options to pick up and the proposals should list all value added services provided, as well as the rates and number of containers to be provided twice a year for clean-ups in the village.

The proposals will also include optional curb-side recycling, billing and collection methods and whether the billing from a location in the village is possible, as well as senior/low income fees for low volumes of waste and the possibility of reduced fees for non profits and whether any exclusivity terms are desired.

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