Letters to the editor (03/16/13)


(Editor’s note: The following letters were written by some of Gil Sanchez Elementary School fifth-graders about the upcoming Standard Based Assessment tests that students will be taking in the next two weeks.)

Test puts on pressure, but still is important
I would like to tell you my feelings about the New Mexico Standard Based Assessments.
I have talked to some of my classmates about this and most of them, including me, think that “there is too much pressure being put on us” or “it makes me stressed out, and some times I crack under pressure,” or things like “everyone fusses too much about that test, we hear about it all year.”
I still do believe that we need to try hard, or do our best on the test, and that we need to make our teachers and school look good.
I have also heard some of my classmates say that they “like the test because it beats doing school work.”
In conclusion, I think the Standard Based Assessment is just a silly test that you will take until you’re in high school. But it is still important.

Samantha Moss

Try your hardest on the test, it will pay off
Hello, my name is Ariana Trujillo. I am a fifth-grader at Gil Sanchez Elementary. I wanted to talk to you about the New Mexico Standards Based Assessment.
I feel that the SBA test is a little stressful. Sometimes when you don’t know a problem, you get worried, but I think you should just take a deep breath and think back to when you learned the material.
I also think that it is important because that big test that you have been preparing for all year decided whether you are proficient or not.
It also decides if 11th graders will get a high school diploma or just a certificate of completion.
So when you are taking the test, you should try your hardest so you can succeed.

Ariana Trujillo

Nervous about testing, worried about panicking
My name is Cheyanne Wells. I would like to talk about the SBA, and right now I’m very nervous because every time I take the SBA, I’m too nervous and can’t think and I panic.
I really don’t want to worry that much about the SBA because I actually want to think. I really want to stay concentrated and do good.
I think the most important thing about testing is that you feel comfortable and you can do the questions that are asked.

Cheyanne Wells

You can learn from taking the test
As you know, the New Mexico Standards Based Assessment is right around the corner. I feel that taking that test is very important.
I think it is important because students can learn more by taking the test. Also, the SBA test is very important because by the students taking the test, the teacher that gets that student will know better how to teach that student in which ever subject that they may need help in …
How does taking the SBA help the school? How does it help the district?

Marina Sweeney

Parents have made me feel comfortable
My name is Devanie Holley. I think that the SBA is very stressful.
I feel this way because in the third grade, I was really nervous for it (because) it was going to be my very first time taking the SBA.
My parents made me feel confident by telling me I will do wonderful. But now that I’m older and in the fifth grade in Mrs. Jaramillo’s class, I feel better about the SBA and that I will do well, but I still get a little scared and stressed.
I also feel that the New Mexico Standard Based Assessment helps our school look better and give our teachers good recognition for the hard work and great work they do to teach us.

Devanie Holley

Fifth-grader needs help about the state
My name is Grace and I am a fifth-grader from Faith Christian School in Kearney, Neb.
My class is studying the 50 states, and I have chosen New Mexico as my state.
Our assignment is to find out as much about our states as we can and I was wondering if you would help me out.
Would you be willing to send me any information about your state? Some examples would be maps, brochures, souvenirs or anything else that would be helpful.
We will be having a state fair at the end of the year to display all of our information. Thank you.

Mr. Van Winkle’s            fifth-grade class
Faith Christian School
P.O. Box 3048
Kearney, NE, 68848

Older Americans are grateful for donation
The Valencia County Older American Program wants to thank the Belen Elks Lodge No. 2499 for their generous donation of $250.
This year our program is projecting to serve close to 124,000 meals to our seniors in Valencia County. This is an increase of 12,000 meals over last year.
This donation will be used for the purchase of food products to continue to serve nutritious meals to Valencia County senior citizens who are home bound and those that attend our congregate sites.

Jose Campos
Director of Valencia County Older American Program

Down with power plant
Down with the power plant. Write letters to the county commissioners at P.O. Box 1119, Los Lunas, 87103, or call them at 866-2001. Attend meetings and speak out. There is time to stop them.

Jean Valentine