Letters to the editor (03/30/13)


Quote was taken out of context in article
This letter is in response to the article “Tomé group doesn’t want dollar stores.”
I do not have anything against people who shop at the dollar stores. I attended the meeting in Tomé and stated my opinion concerning an issue facing my community and family home, as several others did.
My quote was not presented in its full context. What was left out of the printed quote was my comment that stated I have shopped at the dollar store and have noticed some people loitering. I was specifically referencing the crime issue that already exists in our community and the increased amount of people that this store would attract.
I had several articles in my hand while making my statement that specifically addressed criminal activity that has taken place specifically at dollar stores. A few examples:
• KOAT 7, Oct. 24, 2012: “Family Dollar clerk shot during robbery.”
• Albuquerque Journal,  Jan. 21, 2012: “Police Arrest Family Dollar Robbery Suspect”
• Albuquerque Journal, Dec. 21, 2011: “Thousands of Dollars in Cash Taken by Masked Gunmen in Family Dollar Store Robbery”
• News-Bulletin, March 1, 2008: “Police seek help in identifying robber”
I also have a problem when a dollar store is going to be placed a few steps away from your home in a residential area that has so much rich history and culture.
The News-Bulletin did not list the names of other individuals that also made comments, but only listed my name.
I take full responsibility for what I said at the meeting, but cannot be held accountable for what others said. If you read the article in its entirety you will see that.
I am disappointed that the News-Bulletin failed to present my entire comments but only took excerpts of what I said and put them together.
I am proud to call Tomé my home.

Crystal Romero

Daughter was taught  to respect others
This is a response to the recent articles regarding the dollar store in Tomé.
I totally support my daughter, Crystal Romero’s statement; however it was taken out of context and did not justify the entirety of the meeting.
She also stated she has shopped there herself, which I have as well. She openly expressed a personal opinion that was also the general consensus of most of the people at the meeting, which was an emotional charged meeting.
My daughter was referring to the loitering and crime that takes place at dollar stores. Today I am speaking to those people who are criticizing her for speaking out in behalf of her family and community, although they were not at the meeting, did not hear what she said and  have nothing to do with the issue. My daughter has been taught to respect others and does not belittle anyone.
We are not opposed to people who shop at dollar stores. We are opposed to it being built next to our home.
Tomé is a wonderful place to live. We have the view of the historic Tomé Church, Tomé Hill, Manzano Mountains and the Rio Grande.
Why would we want a 9,000 square feet concrete building, with no security, a drainage pond filled mosquitoes a prime factor for West Nile Virus, not to mention the hectic traffic from semi trucks and shoppers?
There already exists a serious traffic issue with travels to UNM-VC and other schools.
For these reasons I am strongly opposed to a dollar store in Tomé.

Karen Romero

Traffic concerns are too great for stores
There are plans to build a dollar-type store on N.M. 47 immediately south of the intersection of Hob Road at the north end of Tomé.
N.M. 47 in that area is only two lanes, and the proposed location is actually in a curve. In addition, a second dollar type store is planned for a location two miles further south on N.M. 47, a little south of Immaculate Conception Church.
The change of zoning required for the first project and the building permit were all done without the input of the residents in the area. No one was even aware of these plans until now, and the ground breaking shovels are poised and ready! Two dollar stores, two miles apart on N.M. 47 in rural Tomé?
Most of the residents of Tomé, Adelino, San Fernandez and the other communities along this green belt, can trace their roots back two or three centuries, maybe more. Their ancestors farmed this area, and many of the present day descendants of these early settlers continue the tradition today. Those of us who came later also enjoy our rural lifestyle.
At a recent meeting at the Tomé  Community Center, it was very apparent that no one wants these businesses in this area. These “box” stores will only detract from our property values.
The customer base in this area does not warrant these stores. They don’t fit in this historic area!
The traffic along N.M. 47 near Hob Road is already very heavy during peak hours. People pulling into and out of the parking lots of these proposed businesses will be putting themselves in danger. These businesses will definitely contribute to the congestion we already have.
I would venture to say that most of you who read this are taken aback and are unaware this is even happening. These stores, with their imported goods, are being shoved down our throats whether we like it or not.
If you live in the affected area, I urge you to contact your county commissioner and let your voice be heard.
Tom Coleman