Letters to the editor (04/04/13)


Rio Communities store is a benefit to city
I have never felt so insulted by a newspaper article as I do by this one. I live in Rio Communities and we do have a Dollar Store.
When I pulled in there to purchase a needed item, I am parking behind Chryslers, Cadillacs, Lexus’, brand new Chevrolets, Toyotas, etc.
I don’t believe that these belong to lowlifes, and the statements made especially by Crystal Romero, were a slap in the face to the good people of our newly-formed city, and of other communities fortunate to have a dollar store.
Ms. Romero states, “You have to look at what kind of people those places cater to. I don’t want a Family Dollar store next door. I’ve seen the type of people who go into these stores — criminals and lowlifes. Criminals target these kinds of stores. There’s no security. They are usually in a rural area with no police response.”
Perhaps that’s why The Broadway Group chose Tomé as a perfect spot to build. They want to have the type of people who will frequent their stores.
I realize that my last statement makes me sound like one of you …, but I hope it helps you, Rita Padilla-Gutierrez, as well as the rest of your group just how rude and snobbish you appear to the rest of the county. I know some of the Tomé residents personally and they are fine people, so I want others to know that it is a small minority of that community that comes across this way.
Being residents in our beautiful city of Rio Communities, we frequently travel on N.M. 47 to Los Lunas or Albuquerque for my many doctor appointments (necessary because we did not get a hospital), shopping, etc.
Just in the last week or so, we have seen two roll-over accidents on N.M. 47 and often see close calls caused by too much speed, people trying to pass on curves, drivers ignoring stop signs and entering the highway from a side road, and various other infractions.
These are all important reasons for widening the highway through our precious greenbelt. By admission of some of your residents: “A woman who lives on Patricio Road said she is worried about the traffic dangers … she twice now has been rear-ended, while on Patricio waiting to turn on N.M. 47.”
I have frequently heard people who live in Tomé comment on how dangerous N.M. 47 is and have observed the danger many times myself. A friend of ours was slammed into by a young driver who turned onto N.M. without stopping at the stop sign.
No one denies that Tomé is a unique area in our county and, with a few exceptions, such as a large junk yard, a quonset building with plastic flying off the top, and a cheap looking pizza trailer, it is a pleasant place to drive through.
However, if safety of your community and those who drive through it is of extreme importance, the widening of N.M. 47, making the area much safer, does not diminish your tradition or the way the community looks.
At the March 20 commission meeting, you, Rita, and the other speakers gave many reasons why increasing the safety is so important. The speakers stressed how they want to preserve this area so that many people can have a community steeped in tradition.
“Many people,” of course means much more than traffic. These “many people” will also want places to buy snacks and get a meal.
When our wonderful community, which by the way, includes a golf course, a country club, beautiful churches, active community group and a great fire department, found out that we were getting a dollar store, we were delighted.
Since it was built, we have had no reason to dislike having it here. We are still very pleased to have the convenience of not having to drive to one of the other stores farther away.
If you think we are lowlifes, we invite you to visit us and we will show you around. You might even like to see our new city hall.
Just call our RCA office at 861-0090 and speak to Mary. She’ll be happy to set up an appointment for you.

Alice Torwirt
Rio Communities

Belittling folks is not right, do better
While I agree with several of the letter writers who have chastised a Tomé  resident for belittling the folks who shop at Dollar Stores, it’s just uncalled for. We really should be asking why do we even have these stores.
Yes, the obvious reason is that most of the crap we buy is made in China, or other countries, and you need an outlet for that crap. However, Sears, The Home Depot, Lowes and Harbor Freight, to name of few, sell crap from China, too.
And the reason all this stuff is made in China is because we, that’s right we, the American people, want it cheaper. It’s the American way. Pride has given way to being cheap.
You can point the finger at corporation CEOs and politicians and whoever else and say they’re the blame for all this crud coming from oversees, but when you’re pointing the finger notice the three more fingers pointing back at you. “We have met the enemy and he is us.”
Let me point out another thing. While I’ve nothing against Family Dollar, Dollar General and Walmart,  I’m one of the 47 percent who’ve shopped there at some point, the fact is these big box retailers are making billions of dollars and spend millions of dollars on PR and marketing firms with the express purpose of making themselves look good in the public eye. It’s called obfuscation.
But on a happier note, I was excited to see the grand opening of yet another fast food joint on the hallowed streets of Belen. Little Caesars was the epicenter of excitement the other day.
Their lot was filled with customers. The earth trembled with music blaring from the store while the entire Belen High School cheerleading squad shook their … signs.
And the score: Belen fast food joints — 18; Hospital — zero.
Wake up Valencia County, you’re life is calling.

Rob Raucci
Rio Communities