Belen man arrested for burglary after high-speed chase through city


After leading police on a chase through the streets of Belen, almost hitting two officers and driving into a local park, a suspected burglar is now in custody and charged with a slew of crimes.

Andrew Cadigan, 29, of Belen, is sitting in the Valencia County Detention Center on a $125,000 cash or surety bond. He is charged with burglary, eluding or evading police and aggravated assault on a police officer.

The incident began early Saturday morning when police were dispatched to the 800 block of Desi Loop. Officers were told a homeowner had called in saying he had returned home at about 5 a.m. and noticed a Toyota 4 Runner parked in his garage.

While the officers were in route to the scene, Belen Police Officer Sgt. Jose Natividad noticed a vehicle on Camino del Llano traveling at a high rate of speed and matching the description of the suspect’s truck. Office Clayton Martinez turned around and engaged his emergency lights and siren, attempting to stop the driver.

According to a police report, the driver of the vehicle, later identified as Cadigan, turned north on Main Street, still speeding. The two officers disengaged their emergency equipment, following at a distance.

The driver, according to the report, drove through residential neighborhoods, running stop signs and never slowing down.

During the chase, Cadigan drove down a dead-end street at Chavez and Perezite streets, appearing to police as if he was going to flee. Martinez got out of his unit and drew his gun.

“…. the driver of the vehicle turned around in the drive way of the apartments. As the vehicle exited an apartment driveway, the driver drove his vehicle straight at me, coming within approximately two feet from hitting me,” Martinez wrote in his report. “I ran out of the way of the vehicle to avoid being hit …”

Martinez also wrote the vehicle then drove by Natividad’s unit, almost striking it.

The chase continued through the streets of Belen, and at one point, Cadigan again tried to strike Martinez’s unit while he was going through an intersection at Dalies and Third streets.

The report stated that at one point, the driver of the 4 Runner began throwing items out of the windows, such as a beverage that landing on the officer’s windshield. Toward the end of the chase, as the officers were closing in on Cadigan, the Belen man drove through Anna Becker Park, driving through a fence at the southern end of the park.

At that point, the report states, the vehicle came to a stop and the driver fled, running across Reinken and to Dalies, where Martinez caught up with the suspect.

“At this time, my tazer was removed from the holster, pointed at the suspect and I ordered the suspect to the ground, in which he complied,” the report said.

Cadigan, according to the police report, told officers there was a gun on the driver’s side floor board. When another officer located the gun, he found that it was loaded with a full magazine and one round in the chamber.

Belen Police Sgt. Det. Joe Portio obtained a search warrant for the vehicle, where he found all of the items the victim reported stolen, including two flat screen televisions, numerous tools and other electronic equipment, which the detective estimated to be valued at more than $5,000.

“Is he a serial burglar?” Belen Police Chief Dan Robb said. “No, he’s not that smart. He got caught, didn’t he?”

Robb advises citizens that if they see something suspicious in their neighborhood, such as an unfamiliar car driving slowing down the road, to call the police and ask for extra patrols. He said this type of behavior might indicate that a burglar is looking for patterns in residents’ activity.

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