Letters to the editor (05/02/13)


Garbage tax is unfair
The county commissioners have decided to push through their garbage tax. Everyone will be required to have garbage collection whether they want it or not, plus a new surcharge (tax) for those that already have it.
Welcome to the age of county socialism at its worse. They do this under the guise of providing better service and a cleaner community but that is not the real reason.
What they want is new administration offices and a fancy meeting center for the county and instead of putting it on the ballot and letting the people decide, they are doing an end run around the voters of Valencia County.
The next new non-tax the county should enact is the well water tax so that everyone who has a well in the county can pay for the privilege of pumping water from the ground.
We reap what we sow by electing the same commissioners year after year and expecting different results.

John Fredericks

Pearce defended loopholes
Interesting coverage of Congressman Steve Pearce’s town hall. Of particular interest were his views concerning China, debt, borrowing and taxes.
First is the claim that mainland China is our biggest lender. According to the U.S. Treasury website, at the end of 2012, 58 foreign countries had purchased U.S. bonds and/or treasury notes.
China held $1,151.9 billion worth. Of all foreign purchasers China led with 23 percent. Japan was a close second with $1,058.4 billion. Total amount held by foreign countries was $5,007 billion of our $16,701.2 billion debt. According to this data Mainland China held less than 10 percent of our overall debt.
The debt is huge. How did we get there? One path runs through China and other countries with enormous populations and resulting cheap labor.
As businesses left America for foreign countries,  fewer Americans were employed and fewer Americans paid taxes and social security. Those making the profits from using cheaper labor didn’t pick up the tax shortfall. Instead they were provided more loopholes because they were “job creators.” The Bush/Republican recession taught us how well that worked.
One loophole allowed businesses moving out of America to claim a deduction for those moving expenses. Even Fox News, voice of conservatives, reported that over ten years America would “only” lose an estimated $168 million in taxes.
As you’d expect, those figures don’t count the effects of the lost jobs on the economy; lost taxes and social security collections or the cost of paying unemployment.
I’d prefer our representatives in Washington would count every dollar; fight for every American job and create tax laws that fair and balanced instead defending loopholes for the affluent and corporations.

Rick Brinneman

Cat in the Hat event great
NEA-NM and the Cat in the Hat visited Valencia County schools to celebrate NEA’s Read Across America.
Thanks to the principals, staff and students at Desert View Elementary and Ann Parish Elementary for their enthusiastic welcome of the NEA Cat-a-Van.
A special thanks to NEA-Los Lunas President Mary McGowan for coordinating and hosting the visits, Board President Charles Tabet for his support, and Delta Dental representatives for their wholehearted participating.
I want to congratulate and thank NEA-NM’s 2013 Read Across America Co-chairwoman Becky Rivera and her Belen High School students for their leadership in our celebration of literacy at Dennis Chavez Elementary. They read to younger learners and talked to them about the importance of reading in their lives.
They served as role models to these students and had a wonderful rapport with them as they joined the Cat in the Hat to visit classrooms.
I want to thank DCE teacher Laura Vazquez and the other teachers and staff for coordinating this day-long celebration of literacy, as well as NEA-Belen officers, Belen Board of Education members and school administration for their support.
Special thanks to Presbyterian Epic Enterprise for their donation of books for this event.

Sharon Morgan
President of NEA-New Mexico

Beyond conservative thinking
It is wonderfully illuminating! The RNC clearly offers direction for the Republicans during the next three years.
Is it to join the Democrats, Independents or someone else for a cohesive and viable effort to “take the White House” in 2016? If Americans are to look forward to something progressive out of the GOP leadership, that leadership has a need to stack the arms with which they are presently marching!
A mind-boggling ignorance of the meaning of messages from GOP rank-‘n-file regarding women’s rights, America’s “new” ethnic mix and the civil rights of all citizens under the Constitution, is apparently beyond the scope of Republican conservative thinking.
Women in America own the greater percentage of income flow, Hispanics are not universally at war over illegal immigration and the Americans who desire to have equal rights are under our Constitution, citizens, not outsiders.
Mr. Priebus, the RNC chairman, is just 41 years old; it’s good for the country to have younger people in leadership roles. However, his assessment on the inch-thick report from the recent conflab shows a real naiveté. Of course it’s also possible that his position is compromised by elders in the GOP; will he learn it doesn’t stand-for Great Old People?
Young ideas have been offered, and the problems glued tenaciously to those issues, were placed before those attendees. It would be a terrible waste of time, effort, and money if spent in back-step-thinking that only produces more difficulty, and fewer solutions.
Many of us wishing to see a distinction ‘twixt the Democrats, Tea Parti-ers, Republicans and Independents are perfectly satisfied that there is a real separation.
Democrats are ready to extend the hand of fellowship as our brother and sister citizens see the light.

F. Guy Glover
Los Lunas