U-Tone-It helps clients with flexibility, nutrition and good health


Fitness club U-Tone-It in Rio Communities has a new owner, Rose Gould. She has expanded the business to include her holistic health solutions business, Balance by Rose, and a weight-loss program.

The U-Tone-It exercise machines are ideal for post-surgery rehabilitation, but they benefit anyone who wants to tone and firm their body.

Deborah Fox-News-Bulletin photo: Kitty Decaney, left, is a member of U-Tone-It, a fitness club recently expanded by new owner, Rose Gould, right.

Gould is a licensed health coach and works with clients to develop a “completely personalized road map to health.”

She was trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City, and is certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

She studied more than 100 dietary theories and coaching methods to develop her own approach to integrative health. Her specialty is digestive issues and stress reduction, and she offers a state-of-the-art nutrition program that is easy on the digestive system.

The low lighting, soft music and hypnotic whir of the exercise machines create a peaceful atmosphere.

Each machine specializes on a portion of the body such as legs, hips or trunk, and provides twisting motion to tone the stomach and hips, side-to-side motion for trunk flexibility and blood circulation, stretching to increase abdominal and trunk mobility, and rhythmic, vibrational motions that relax and massage the entire body.

Because of the regime’s low impact, it is perfect for the elderly and people with a heart condition, Gould said.

“I can walk up steps now,” said Wanda Braddock. “Instead of going up one foot, then pull (the other foot) up, I can walk up steps normally.”

Kitty Decaney was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1999, and the disease forced her to use a wheelchair, but she has experienced marked improvements in her condition since she’s been working out at U-Tone-It.

“The more I exercise, the more energy I have,” Decaney said. “It keeps me motivated, too.”

From basic flexibility to a more intense workout, the machines wind down the mind and de-stresses the body, helping to lower and maintain better cortisol levels, Gould said.

A customized vitamins and minerals “cocktail” using Isotonix nutritional blends can also be purchased at U-Tone-It.

Isotonic means it’s the same fluid pressure as your blood and saliva, so the body doesn’t need to digest it, Gould said. They are considered advanced nutraceuticals.

The vitamin powder is mixed with water and taken first thing in the morning before any other liquids or foods because the vitamin cocktail passes straight into the small intestine where the nutrients are absorbed into the bloodstream within five to 10 minutes.

Gould highly recommends the prenatal vitamins for pregnant women with morning sickness, because of the fast absorption rate.

Decaney swears by the vegetable greens powder and tablets, because they help with her MS.

When she made a transition to Medicare, it took a month before she could get her MS medications.

“The only thing that saved me was the greens,” Decaney said. “I pumped more greens the whole month and that’s what kept me stable.”

People who are interested in a DNA analysis can get the kit at U-Tone-It. The DNA test analyzes insulin sensitivity, heart health, bone health and inflammation in the body.

“It looks at 40 different gene snaps that are affected by diet and lifestyle,” said Gould. “We can’t change our DNA, but we can change things in our diet and lifestyle to actually counter what is going on in our genes.”

The first visit to U-Tone-It is free, and a monthly membership is $33 for unlimited visits.

U-Tone-It is open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday, and is located at 480 Rio Communities Blvd., next to Goldie’s Restaurant.

For more information, call 804-1629.

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