Letters to the editor (06/06/13)


Wellness fair a success
On behalf of the village of Los Lunas mayor, council and village staff, we would like to thank all the vendors that participated in our eighth annual Health and Wellness Fair held Friday, April 12, at Daniel Fernandez Gym.
Thanks to  Acupunture Associates, Amanda Vigil Insurance Agency, Ambercare Hospice, Amerigroup Community Care of New Mexico, Assured Imaging, Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division, Benefits Plus, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of New Mexico Medicaid Blue Salud Department.
Center for Ageless Living, Cheers to Good Health/Yolanda Padilla, Children Youth and Families/Foster and Adoptive Parent Recruiter, Community Wellness Council, Corporate Health Resources/Employee Assistance Program, Delta Dental, 13th Judicial District Attorney’s Office, First Choice Community Healthcare Los Lunas, Health Quest Chiropractic, Hogares Inc. Valencia.
Human Services/Income Support Division, Jazzercise, JMC Fitness and Training, Juvenile Probation,  La Vida, Lions Club, Los Lunas Fire Department, Los Lunas Police Department, Los Lunas Parks and Recreation, Los Lunas Schools, Los Lunas/Valencia County DWI program, Lovelace Community Health Plan, New Mexico Aging and Long Term Services Department.
New Mexico Donor Services, New Mexico Commission for Deaf and Hard of Hearing, New Mexico State University Valencia County Ideas for Cooking and Nutrition program, Partners In Wellness, Presbyterian Health Plan, Radiology Associates of Albuquerque, Relay for Life, Resiliency Corps, Rio Metro Regional Transit District, Sierra Club, Thrive Wellness Center Holistic Health, Mind and Beauty Care
United Blood Services/Blood Mobile, UNM-Valencia Campus Fitness and Wellness Education Center, Valencia Counseling Services, Valencia County Juvenile Justice Board, Valencia County News-Bulletin,  VSP and Youth Development Incorporated Valencia. A very special thank you goes out to Los Lunas Parks and Recreation, Open Space and Maintenance.
Congratulations Valencia County, 19 special men and women who chose to be heroes and donated blood, which saves lives. Finally, we would also like to thank the generous sponsors: the village of Los Lunas, mayor and village council, Walmart DC of Los Lunas, Herbal Life Distributor Yolanda Padilla, Beautifully Buckingham and Goldie’s Diner.
Without your participation, sponsorship and support, this health fair would not have been possible. So again, thank you all for such a huge success! Our community is a healthier, safer place as a result of your agencies and the services that are provided.
It is our hope that you will agree to join us again next year.

Ginny Adame
DWI Coordinator
Village of Los Lunas

They should get same care
After several letters to our federal elected officials, written over an extended period of time, all on the same subject, yet never receiving the courtesy of a reply, I have decided to write to you.
I hope my suggestion will be printed in your newspaper since I suspect that many of my fellow citizens, regardless of their political party, will think about my idea to be a good one.
All active duty military personnel, those wonderful individuals who truly serve our great nation, are given health care in military facilities. Since those in Congress, at least in theory, also serve the nation, I believe that they should receive the exact same health care as those on active military duty.
After all, when it comes to service, the most senior senator truly does no more for our nation than does the raw recruit or the president. All serve, each in their own way, giving of their own talents.
When leaving active duty, our military personnel then rely on the VA for their medical needs. I propose that when they leave Congress, or the White House, our political personnel should have to utilize the VA, same as military personnel.
Not only would it be fair for all concerned, I can bet you my bottom dollar that even the most parsimonious of sitting senators and representatives would suddenly find it in their hearts to properly and adequately fund the VA.
As stated in the opening paragraph, I have sent this suggestion to both senators and my representative. To date, none of them have bothered to reply. Of course, I didn’t put a check in the envelope with the letter, much less one that is five digits or more.
I suspect that had I included a generous “campaign contribution,” I would have received a speedy reply. Ah well, such is life in the land that has the best government that money can buy.

Larry Colson
Rio Communities

It’s time to stop fighting
When will the politics of selecting a hospital site end and construction begin? The fighting amongst political entities never stops.
First it was county commissioners. For several years, I pleaded with them to stop their selfish “build it in my backyard” attitude and find a location in the county best suited to all the county population. But no! Lawsuits went on for years.
Now it looks like the same thing again as selfish town politicians want it built it their towns. Now we are back to the courts with injunctions after injunctions. The losers are the people of Valencia County. Our tax dollars continue to fill some unknown bank account and who knows whose  political  hands are dipping into that?
Is there not an honest elected official, an honest judge who will step up to the plate and tell the towns of Bosque Farms, Los Lunas, Belen and the Valencia County commissioners that if there is one more court action over this medical center/hospital, that all the tax dollars thus collected will be returned to the taxpayers and that a new proposal will have to be voted upon before any new hospital can be planned and taxed.

David Hamann
Los Lunas